Places of interest for children

The market town of Engelhartstetten makes a special effort to ensure that the individual towns and villages offer a wide range of services that are friendly to children, young people and families. In addition to various childcare facilities and well-equipped kindergartens, this also includes good schooling.

In addition to modern playgrounds, sports facilities and numerous leisure activities for children and young people, the regional clubs also invite visitors to various activities and events, thus rounding off the community’s offerings.

But not only the leisure possibilities are in the foreground, but also the well-being of the children and families. Information about educational offers, help and support in case of family difficulties, but also care possibilities can be found in the following sections.

The market community of Engelhartstetten is currently in the process of implementing the projects that were developed as part of the certification process for the family-friendly community. More information on this can be found directly under the heading family-friendly community.


Lower Austria State Kindergarten Management: Sabrina STURMUferstraße 42292 StopfenreuthTelefon: 02214/ 2437 Email: [email protected] Opening hours: MO-FR from 7.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m. Training time from 07.30 a.m. – 11.30 a.m.


NÖ LandeskindergartenLeitung: Waltraud STRODLOrtsstraße 652292 LoimersdorfTelefon: 02214/ 3520 Email: [email protected] Opening hours: MO-FR from 7.00 – 17.00 hoursEducation time from 07.30 – 11.30 hours

KINDERGARTEN – general information, support and costs

Registration deadline: always last Monday in January or by telephone agreement

The time from 07:00 to 13:00 o’clock is free of charge, for the care time from 13:00 to 17:00 o’clock a monthly contribution is to be paid:up to 40 hours: 50 €to 60 hours: 70 €over 60 hours: 80 €.

A grant for the cost contribution until 17:00 can be applied for at the Office of the Lower Austrian Provincial Government, Kindergarten Department. In addition, all contributions can be tax-deductible within the scope of the employee assessment or income tax return.

Offer lunch:NÖ Landesklinikum Hainburg a. d. Donau (special meal possible after presentation of a medical certificate!) Costs: 3.47 € per lunch

Bus: 20 € per month

Contribution to employment material: 113 € per year

There is NO KINDERGARTEN OPERATION during the statutory holidays – except during the summer holidays: during the first 3 weeks (July) and during the last 3 weeks (August) there is regular operation in the kindergartens.

DAY CARE INSTITUTIONS (SMALL CHILD GROUP) – General information, supervision and costs

Since autumn 2015, the Loimersdorf kindergarten has also been offering a day care facility (toddler group) where children from the age of one are cared for. Management: Melanie Gürth

ATTENTION – NEW: From mid-October 2019, the Stopfenreuth Kindergarten will also be offering a group of toddlers!

Registration possible at any timeCare for 1 day per week: 16,95 €Care for 2 days per week: 33,90 €Care for 3 days per week: 56,50 €

Supervision per month: 226 €

Offer lunch: NÖ Landesklinikum Hainburg a.d. Donau (special meal possible after presentation of a medical certificate) Costs: 3,47 € per lunch

Contribution to employment material: 113 € per year

All prices quoted include statutory value-added tax.

Funding for the cost contributions for the care of small children can be applied for at the Office of the Lower Austrian Provincial Government, Kindergarten

The online application must be accompanied by the following documents:

  • proofs of income
  • Birth certificates of the children
  • Confirmation of working hours and registration with the GKK for part-time employees
  • alimentation confirmations
  • in the case of children under two and a half years of age, proof of receipt of the childcare allowance
  • Proof of other receipts, proof of funding from other bodies
  • Fully completed care confirmation from the day care centre – the day care centre or the day care parents

The period of care must be specified monthly.

In addition, all contributions can be deducted for tax purposes as part of the employee assessment or income tax return.


The school afternoon care in the Engelhartstetten elementary school is organised and supervised by NÖ Volkshilfe. In good cooperation with the communities, NÖ Volkshilfe operates more than 70 child and school child care facilities. The educational concept is focused on nutrition, exercise and relaxation.

Volkshilfe staff appreciate the direct contact with parents – but we are happy to answer any questions you may have about afternoon care.

Details about the childcare offers of the VH NÖ at

CONTACT: Petra FehnenbergerTel. 0676/87 002 6320 2292 Engelhartstetten, Untere Hauptstraße 16 Opening hours: 11.30 to 17.00 hrs Age of children: 6 to 10 years


ELTER CONSULTATIONEvery first Thursday of the month at 08:15amNext dates: 5 Sep, 3 Oct, 7 Nov, 5 Dec 2019Place: Engelhartstetten Municipal Office – Ground Floor Community CentreObere Haupstraße 2, 2292 Engelhartstetten

NÖ VOLKSHILFE-CENTER Branch office GänserndorfBahnstraße 51, 2230 GänserndorfPhone: 0676/8676 2230 Email: [email protected] Web :

NÖ FAMILIENHOTLINE(Family Pass, Family Support of Lower Austria) 02742/9005-1-9005

JUGENDAMT of the district administration Gänserndorf Schönkirchner Straße 1, 2230 GänserndorfTel. 02282/90 25-24510 Email : [email protected] Web:

Information, advice and assistance with family law problems, as well as:

  • social and family problems or crisis situations in families
  • in matters of maintenance and determination of paternity
  • neglect, abuse and sexual abuse of children and young people
  • Aptitude test of foster parents
  • Approval of day-care centres, day-care facilities
  • Advice on adoption wishes and anonymous births


FAMILY AID of Caritas Vienna & Lower Austria Family aid in Vienna and Lower Austria offers help for families in emergencies and crisis situations. A family helper comes directly to your family, cares for and supports them in the familiar environment of the children.

All information can be found directly on the Caritas homepage at

FRAUENFORUM GänserndorfCounselling Centre & Course Centre for Unemployed Women and Family Affairs, Women’s Service Centre

Hans-Kudlichgasse 11/1/1, 2230 Gänserndorf Phone 02282 / 2638 Email : [email protected] Web :

VEREIN ANANASVerein for the promotion of the educating power of families and support of children, young people and families in crisis situations.

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