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This year it was time for Olli to celebrate a child’s birthday with his little friends for the first time. So we split it up so that we had family, closest friends and neighbors to visit shortly after his birthday, and in mid-August the celebration took place with his daycare friends. We had to postpone that a bit because of the summer holidays and the closed daycare center at that time. The likelihood that most of them would be on vacation was just too great, so we waited for school to start.

It is of course not the 1st birthday that we celebrate, but planning something just for children and keeping everyone happy for a few hours is something else, we as parents now definitely had to find out. For the "old hands" who have already celebrated a number of children’s birthdays, this post is probably nothing new, but maybe I can give a few tips to someone who is also planning the 1st celebration for his child with other children.


I actually keep a wish list all the time. Every time he expresses a wish that I find appropriate for the age and not too expensive, the wish is noted. It becomes a big party like Christmas or birthday and smaller celebrations like Santa Claus or Easter. This is practical and you have gift ideas at hand. I even do that for myself.

Set date and motto

The date should be determined and checked in advance, whether e.g. B. is currently vacation or vacation time, because it would be a shame if the guests could not be there on the day. I have set the date for our little celebration 1.5 months in advance so that we parents don’t schedule anything else for this day.

Depending on whether the child is on a certain motto, this can also be determined in order to make everything a bit more consistent and coherent. In our case, it wasn’t like Olli was pounding on a particular topic, so I simply decided what was happening.

Guests and invitation cards

The number of guests should not be made dependent on age, so according to the motto the dwarf will be 5, so we invite 5 children. That will eventually degenerate. I told him he could invite 3 children and together we talked about the guests. We distributed the invitation cards for the 3 guests about 1 month in advance in the kindergarten so that the parents of the children had enough time to plan the celebration.

Of course, you can also get very creative with the invitation cards and tinker with the child according to the motto. We are all 3 not handicraft kings, so there were simply bought cards that already contained text.

I also recommend to mark the start and the end of the celebration exactly on the map. A few hours are enough, especially for smaller children. In our case, I limited the celebration for the afternoon to 4 hours and we as parents really counted down the time until the children were picked up again. I was glad again that I decided against the job of the educator. To keep 4 guys busy for 4 hours, to settle disputes, to do justice to everyone, to cheer them up when something isn’t going right for them. This is often a challenge for the dwarf child.

Birthday party expires

One should have a rough process in mind that not everything can be planned meticulously, it is clear that this simply does not work for children. What is the most fun for the children should be carefully considered beforehand. Free play, predetermined games such as egg walking and sack hopping and trying out all vehicles from Olli’s "fleet" were well received here. At the end we made a detour to the playground and played hide and seek.

A treasure hunt is certainly a great idea for older children, but at least the birthday child should be able to read it so that it is really fun.

gift bags

I am totally in favor of gift bags at the birthday party. In the past, there was always a little attention for the birthdays that I was invited to. So this is nothing new and not a spilled trend. I think it’s nice to prepare a few things and sweets and give them as a reward at the end of the games.

As a tip at the end, make sure you do, that you as parents organizing the celebration together, it is really too much for one alone, otherwise definitely ask for help.

So much for my collected tips for children’s birthday. I’m curious to see how it will be next year, as there are only 11 months left.


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