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Here you will find children’s room planners with which you can plan and set up children’s rooms or teenagers’ rooms online.

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Cuddly cave and playground: design and plan your individual children’s room

A children’s room is not just the room where your little treasures spend the night. A children’s room is a retreat, cuddly cave, playground, place for homework and much more in one.


When furnishing the children’s room, it is therefore a question of taking into account the wishes and individuality of the child and creating a place of pure wellbeing. All of this should be considered when planning a children’s room.
Now the question arises: where is the best place to start? Should it be a cozy carpet in the children’s room or do you tend to laminate or maybe even cork? Should the walls be painted neutrally or would you prefer to use the classic boy and girl colors? Which furniture has to be bought new and how do you get along with possibly existing furniture? And the most important thing: does your child like the new kingdom afterwards??!
To this and even more To clarify questions in advance, you have the opportunity to plan the new children’s room online, free of charge, from the flooring to the interior. With the help of the easy-to-use 3D planner, you and your offspring can design your dream room together and quickly see online whether your ideas coincide with those of your child – and whether everything that you both thought would fit together well , In this way, you will save your nerves and you will be spared tedious discussions on the day of furnishing. Your child has something to look forward to and something to be proud of. After all, it actively supported you during the planning phase and expressed its wishes. And your back will be happy, since it will only be loaded with the bare essentials and difficult moving of furniture will simply be eliminated thanks to the intelligent and simple online planning.
So plan your new children’s room with the help of our online planner and discover how relaxed furnishing can be.


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