Planning a trip around the world • checklist • step by step (update 2019)

Plan a world trip

Checklist: step by step

Plan Around the World •
Our checklist for your world trip!

The decision to travel the world has been made, of course many questions are now waiting for you: How and where do I start planning? What do I have to think about??

The complete World Travel Planning Series We created during our own planning and recorded all important steps, gathered and researched information. In the meantime, more detailed contributions to the individual topics have emerged, in which we give you answers to the most important questions for planning an individual trip around the world, for example:

The world trip planning is updated regularly!

Most of the tips and information we use ourselves regularly for our trips. You will also find some more formal and complex topics (Employment Office & Co.) too official statements of responsible bodies in the respective contribution.

01. Plan your world trip

Of course, before planning a trip around the world, the foundation must first be laid: the decision must be made. That we really want it. And the doubts à la money and risk? We accepted them first.

Our world trip schedule gives you tips and information on when to start planning your worlds true. When which planning steps make sense and what everything belongs to it!

How to plan the cost of a trip around the world if you do not have a fixed route? How much do you have to calculate for a trip around the world? Which costs are due to one? And: how do you get to the thing ran?

Save for your world trip! Here are a few tips on how to save on your world trip and how to make and maintain your own savings plan!

The decision has been made and we are serious! Only … how long should the world tour go? And should you cancel the job? Or a sabbatical souvenir? And traveling around the world studying or studying?

The job is terminated – and now? Do I have to register as unemployed at the employment office? Even if I go on a world tour? And what about the world trip? We asked the Federal Employment Agency for official statements for the blog post.

Do I have to unsubscribe from a trip around the world from Germany? When does it make no sense? And what are the pros -& Disadvantages of a deregistration from Germany? Our information.

What do I do with my apartment on a trip around the world? Sublet or Cancel? What do I have to clarify with my landlord? All information can be found here!

automobile & World trip • What options do I have for my car during a world trip? Sell, rent, unsubscribe? What should I pay attention to here?

This is how you calculate, plan and save properly!

You do not know how you should save for a world trip? How do you calculate the cost of such a trip? And you see that you stay in the budget? Then the template is here for you! We use them ourselves for each of our travels: the world tour and all travels afterwards!

Overview and information about the most important vaccinations for a trip around the world! Including information and tips on diseases, effects and protective measures against malaria & dengue.

Why did we book a one-way ticket for the world trip and not an RTW ticket? What transportation options are there as well? And: A guide – how to find cheap flights!

The world tour route: Can I go on a world trip without having a route? How do I travel with my visa? What are the entry requirements? All tips and information here!

(Update 07/19) Comparison of the best health insurance for international travel and long-term travel! Which is the best choice? Do I need a health insurance for my trip? What do I have to know? What about the statutory health insurance?

It goes one last time in the world travel planning for insurance: the liability insurance. Do you even need a liability insurance for the trip around the world? We did some research!

Of course, we also have to come up with money on the world tour. Of course, this is easiest with a credit card. We compared the best credit card providers for travelers and world travelers:

Now it’s up to the paperwork: Which contracts should I cancel? Which documents do I need on the way? And what do I do with the post? Our information & Tips!

International driver’s license on world trip! What is an international driver‘s license? In which countries do you need it and where can you get it? All information for your world trip at a glance

Before you go on a trip around the world, you should still clarify what you pack so everything in the backpack. We’ve thought about our packing list and are pretty happy with our world trip gear!

02. Our cost for 1 year world trip

Here you will find a detailed overview of our complete costs of the 1-year world tour! Per country and broken down by subcategory, food, transport, activities and more. Maybe it will help you with the planning and calculation of your own world tour!

03. Frequently asked questions about world travel planning

One of the biggest and most important questions when planning a world trip! Our 1-year trip around the world has cost just under € 13,000 per person. As we have pretty much calculated in advance our costs, although we had no route and how our medical costs are composed, you can read in the following posts:

Can I do a world trip indiv >

Yes, definitely! You do not need to use an agency or “World Travel Advice Center” to plan a trip around the world. The complete planning of your trip around the world you can take in your own hands and make your trip as individual as you want.

Of course, it is easier to plan a trip around the world with an agency such as STA. You are much relieved of the organization but in the end you will also be taking a lot of flexibility, spontaneity and adventure.

For us it was the best decision to plan the whole world trip ourselves and we would do it again and again! Besides, we deliberately did not want to have a fixed route for our trip!

When should I start planning the world tour??

We had about one year to plan our trip around the world and think that this was a very good time to plan a trip relaxed next to job or studies. Of course it would also be done in less time.

If you would like to be vaccinated for your world’s heresy and you do not have any travel vaccinations yet, we would advise you at least 6 months lead time for your planning, as some drugs have to be injected several times and the inoculations need a little lead time.

Do I have to plan a route for my trip around the world??

You do not have to plan a fixed route for your trip around the world if you just want to drift and you have no problem with applying for or extending visas while traveling.

You should plan your route a bit if you plan to travel to countries like China or Russia, where applying for a visa can take a long time and may only be possible from Germany.

I would like to travel around the world, but I do not want to give up everything at home?

Many associate a world trip with a complete cut in their lives. At home cancel everything and give up and out on world tour!

However, this is not necessary at all if you do not want it! You can keep and sublet your apartment, log off and park your car, ask at work for a sabbatical, and more.

More detailed tips and information on the individual topics can be found here in the respective article:

Find like-minded people!

Our Geh Mal Travel – World Travel Community on Facebook is the place to go if you are looking for like-minded people and want to share your world trip planning, world trip or general travel topics!

04. world trip video FAQ series

05. Our world trip review

Anyway, everyone defines “the whole world” for themselves … this means more: “A long journey into all the places you would like to experience once” &# 128578;

The whole world does not even have to be. Once all the countries of Scandinavia in a row would be great &# 128578;
Greetings from Hamburg

Hello you two.
First of all, I want to say that I love your site!
Everything very professional and detailed. I think your humor is also great. &# 128512;
I play for a very long time with the thought of one day to start a world tour. I’m 23 now and I’m still in my second year of training so it’s financially difficult to save something. I am happy if I can travel at least once a year for 2 weeks. But I want more.. &# 128512;
I’m such a person who has to think 100x before he dare and constantly worry about the future and “what if. “Poses. So a bit over-cautious, anxious and always planning that everything just goes smoothly … but of course not always skin. &# 128512;
But with the blog, you gave me some encouragement, so I really believe I’ll take that step in a few years.
So here are some questions for you. &# 128578;
How long did it take you to get enough of each other??
How did you live in the “austerity phase” and what did you do without??
There were also times or days on the trip, where everything went wrong and you did not know how to proceed?
How can I fill my travel fund during the trip??
And you were not afraid, what will be after the trip? Say new work, e.g. etc.
Thank you and best regards! &# 128578;
Keep it up!

Hey Maria!
Thank Viielen for the nice comment! And the most important thing you have already done:
1. to understand what you want
2. to have observed oneself and to know what hinders one internally. To “acknowledge” that is the first step to work and let it fall, so our experience &# 128578;
When I went on a trip around the world, I was 28, Daniel was 26, so above all I was able to set aside money already in my salaried employment and could draw from it. I’ve never spent a lot of money: I’ve rarely bought new clothes, bought shoes just once in two years, I’ve never had much eating out and so on, so I’ve already saved a lot without knowing what I would use it for , And then the idea of ​​the world trip was. &# 128578;
We will publish this or next month a post, which deals with the topic: Save before and during the trip around the world and we hope to be able to answer a lot!
Important: Do not fret about not being able to put aside much: every penny is worth it. You could on birthdays / Christmas / etc. say openly that you would like to have no gifts, but instead savings for the trip. Online there are some jobs that you could maybe do a few hours a week (research work and Co.). As I said, we’ll get some tips out soon! &# 128578;
Moments on the journey, where everything went wrong … hm … the thing is: it’s all a question of perspective. Sounds like clichés now, but it is.
For some, everything goes awry if they miss a bus and do not know when the next one will leave and land in a place they have never heard of and do not speak the language. We had. For us it is an adventure and we love to spontaneously make plan B! &# 128512;
Therefore, from the perspective of some others, we have certainly experienced situations where everything went wrong, but we did not feel it that way. &# 128578;
If we were worried about after the trip?
No. Once you throw yourself into the unknown, then you know that you’re getting it on you. In addition: We did not lose any qualifications during the trip! So we sent it to us and it’s the best EVER OUT: We’re a full-time travel blogger. &# 128578;
In the end, we only have one thing to say: Wag it. &# 128578;
Make sure you will not regret.
All the best,
Ania &# 128578;

Hi you two,
I’ve been following you ever since you uploaded videos on Youtube and have already got some tips from your site. I think your posts are great!
I’m planning this year, Work & Travel in New Zealand and have a question that generally concerns travel.
What do you eat when you prepare your own food while traveling? Do you have tips for simple and cheap food that lasts as long as possible?
(Especially I would be interested in the breakfast, because the bread is not edible everywhere …)
I thank you in advance
best regards

Hey Maryam!
Thank you so much for the feedback! &# 128578;
To your question about the food: We always eat oatmeal with banana for breakfast! &# 128578; And if we do something for lunch or something, then with rice, pasta, pesto, vegetables, coconut milk, etc. – we usually try a bit around with the things that are there! But mostly we eat out, especially in Asia, where it is even cheaper than cooking &# 128578;
One way or another: Viiiiiiel fun in New Zealand! This is going to be awesome! &# 128578;

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