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  • Filling therapy with plastic
  • Example of composite filling on an upper canine tooth
  • Example of composite filling on a lower posterior tooth

Filling therapy with plastic

Composite fillings, also commonly referred to as plastic fillings, are fillings made of a tooth-coloured, plastic material that harden chemically or by UV light after being inserted into the cavity. They are used for restorations in the visible area of incisors and canines, but the use of high-quality “composite” has also become routine and established in the posterior region. Composite fillings can be used to create very esthetic restorations, as a suitable material is available for every tooth shade. Nowadays, the materials are becoming more and more high-quality and therefore also better in durability. However, since the material value is significantly higher than that of amalgam (composite materials are very expensive) and the time required to place a composite filling is much greater, the patient has to bear part of the costs himself. How high these costs are depends on the size of the required filling.

The processing protocol for a composite filling must be strictly observed. The materials should be processed in a dry environment, which requires the use of rubber dams. In addition, only small portions of the material may be placed in the tooth and these must be cured individually. This is the only way to avoid tensions in the material and thus premature leaks.

Example of composite filling on an upper canine tooth

In this first example, a caries on an upper canine had to be removed. On the other side of the same tooth you can see an existing older plastic filling. The examination of the final situation allows a direct comparison between old and new.

Initial situation: One sees the caries as a dark shadow shimmering through in between: The caries is removed, the tooth is prepared for a filling Final result: the finished filling is finished.

Example of composite filling on a lower posterior tooth

In this example, an existing fissure seal developed a leak and a caries developed out of it.

Initial situation: Grey fissure sealing and enamel are shimmering under the fissure seal – The caries is clearly visible After the caries was removed, the filling was built up piece by piece and the tooth was reconstructed cleanly and in detail.

Nowadays, even medium-sized defects can be treated cleanly and with a good long-term prognosis if used correctly. However, from a certain defect size onwards, laboratory-fabricated restorations (inlays, partial crowns, crowns) should be recommended for stability reasons.

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