Plastic surgery – beauty surgery: etiologies, methods, risks, costs

Plastic surgery - beauty surgery: etiologies, methods, risks, costs

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and Aesthetic Dermatology

A naturally fresh, good look – that’s what we all wish for. Cosmetic surgery as well as dermatology is one way to fulfill this desire. At the same time, the interventions are not a panacea, but a very sensitive and complex topic that requires a responsible approach. To meet this demand, first-class plastic surgeons and aesthetic dermatologists in Germany and Switzerland have joined forces. The aim of this specialization within the medical quality alliance PREMIUM KLINIKEN & PRAXEN is to jointly and actively promote a natural ideal of beauty – by the highest standards of quality and seriousness

Nearly four million people in Germany have thought at least once in their life to undergo plastic surgery. In the meantime, about 100,000 Germans are actually operated by a specialist – with an upward trend. In 2015 alone, the number of aesthetic plastic surgery increased by nine percent. Once again, so many people go to a specialist for less invasive procedures to inject botulinum toxin into their diseased wrinkles or fill it up with autologous fat and fillers.

The clients come from all professional groups and from all social strata. Over 80 percent of them are female. Women most often want a luscious cleavage, a slimmer silhouette, tight eyelids, a shapely nose or a firm stomach. And more and more women are interested in intimate surgery.

More and more men are turning to an aesthetic surgeon; In 2015, every eighth client on the operating table was male. Men can remove their enlarged breasts, suck off fat or tighten the upper eyelids. The hair transplantation is becoming increasingly popular in the strong sex.

Bigger beauty operation or
uncomplicated Botox therapy

Perfect results from a medical and aesthetic point of view, patients receive when they are in the hands of experienced and renowned specialists. The Plastic Surgeons and Aesthetic Dermatologists of PREMIUM CLINICS & PRAXEN guarantees a comprehensive education and a professional intervention with excellent pre- and aftercare. They are also the ones who are constantly developing themselves – in surgical methods of plastic-aesthetic surgery as well as in non-operative methods such as the aesthetic dermatologists such as thread lift against sagging and double chin or Coolsculpting, which removes unpleasant flabby with cold.

All PREMIUM specialists presented here stand for this professionalism. They are specialized physicians who, after completing their medical studies, have devoted themselves to a six-year specialist training as a “specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery” and can look back on a large number of successful interventions.

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Latest methods

surgery & dermatology

When the hair roots change: New transplant method works gently and extremely precisely

Singer Elton John had extremely thinning hair, football star Wayne Rooney had a starting partial balding and Dortmund coach Jürgen Klopp advanced receding hairline. A professional hair root transplant has helped all three – and the celebrities have also publicly known about the procedure. Such role models, but more innovative techniques and best predictions of success now encourage more and more people affected by hair loss to undergo intervention by specialists. By the way, this does not only apply to men: women with light hair can also be helped, as well as people with scars after surgery or burns.

Medical Needling – the gentle way against wrinkles and scars

Only those who feel comfortable in their skin radiate self-confidence and satisfaction. Wrinkles in the face and décolleté, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation and scars can stand in the way of this well-being. Dr. Andreas Heckmann from Hanover presents a promising, cost-effective method that gently and naturally results in a fresher and younger skin appearance without a scalpel: medical needling.

Eyelid correction with a holistic approach

Crows’ feet or laugh lines, bags under the eyes or dark circles, drooping eyelids and slippery eyelids – the problem has many names, but the cause is always the same. When the skin loses its elasticity and the excess skin hangs, when the connective tissue shrinks and the fatty tissue increases, the aging process in the eye region can no longer be denied. It is mainly genetic conditions – but also a pronounced facial expression or the preference for sunbathing – that cause these appearances. The result is a tired and tired look that becomes apparent with every eye contact. “Eyelid surgery or eyelid surgery removes this deficiency reliably and sustainably”, advises the specialist Dr. med. Savas Uckunkaya, chief physician of the practice clinic for plastic-aesthetic surgery in the Haubrichforum in Cologne: “The procedure is usually straightforward, it usually does not take much longer than an hour, and the effect is extremely sustainable.”

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