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Monopoly is a board game classic as he loves it lives. With a group of up to 4 people, you can flaunt your trading skills in this legendary game. In this brutal struggle for belongings you always have to be on your guard and should not blindly rely on your teammates. Because these can pull the money out of your pocket in no time!
Start a round of Monopoly and try your luck as a real estate tycoon. Choose your token and start the fast-paced round of Monopoly with all the negotiations and intrigues that come with it.

game play

Monopoly is all about one thing: money! Money is everything in this game. Each of the players starts with some capital, $ 1500 to be exact, and tries to get as much money as possible over the course of the game. And almost as in real life, the fastest way to make money in Monopoly is to invest it successfully. So buy a property for your start-up capital and collect rent every time one of the other players drives onto the field. Because the playing field is the basis for all the chaos in Monopoly!

The playing field

The real estate, the prison, the power plants, train stations and the event fields are located on the outer edge of the playing field. All of these fields have a specific meaning and impact on the game. There are four large fields in the four corners of the field. The prison, a police station that sends you to prison, a field where you can park for free, and the Start of the round, the "GO" field. All players start on this rock with their representative tokens. Each player takes turns throwing two normal dice. The player who rolled the die may continue with the token shown on the field with his token. Depending on which field he lands on, he can either draw a card, buy a property, pay rent or do many other things.

real estate

Most of the fields on the game board are real estate. Houses, train stations, power plants or similar that you can buy as a player if you have enough money. Each property has a purchase price and an initial rental price. The purchase price is the price you have to pay as a player to be able to call this property your own. The rental price, on the other hand, is the price that passing players have to pay when they land on your field. This rental price can be increased significantly by expanding the property through houses or hotels.

The prison

The prison is one of the four corners and serves to safely inhibit players if they break the rules. If you drive your token to the police field opposite the prison, you will automatically be sent to the prison. However, there are also event cards that can send you to prison. So be careful and rely on your luck not to have to drive to the police field. Because if you are locked in jail, you have to stay out for a few rounds and you cannot collect rent from your teammates.

control fields

Of course, the state also wants to get its share of all the money-making. Therefore, there are 2 fields on the game board, on which players have to pay a certain amount out of their own pockets to the state.

The bench

The bank in Monopoly has a similar function to the bank in the real one Life. You can borrow money from them if things get tight. But like in real life, this loan is interest-bearing and limited in time. The real fun of the game is that the bank is also run by a player. So once your stingy stepmother takes control of the bank, you can prepare yourself for something in Monopoly!


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