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Game description:
Eat or be eaten – that’s what this popular and free multiplayer game with the strange-looking name, which can be used either in the browser or as an app.
After the name and area selection, the player controls a small, round, colored cell over a checkered field with the aim of gaining in size. This succeeds by eating smaller cells. But many other players in the area pursue this goal. If the own cell is fed by a larger counterparty, the round ends. Viruses are an additional threat. If you touch these balls with jagged edges, your own cell will explode into up to 8 small individual parts, which can only be reunited after a certain amount of time.
On a highscore list, here called Leaderboard, the player can read off his success.

Educational Assessment:
Easy to understand, clear and popular
The control is very simple: with the mouse in the browser or the finger on mobile devices, the player gives his cell directional instructions. The movements are limited to the field. Due to the simple and clear design and the simple rule “small eats big”, the process can be recorded after a short time and successfully implemented. And thanks to the mobile implementation can "" be used as a time-bridging in many situations. Be it at the bus stop, in the train or in the waiting room. To be still in an exciting competition with others, was named by our game testers as a reason for the immense success. In Europe alone, more than 30,000 users are currently active at the same time (as of 10 July 2015).

Basically, the gameplay can be divided into 3 phases. To start the own cell is very small. Here it is necessary to plaster the many cell pellets lying around and to stay away from other players in a quick reaction and with foresight. This succeeds initially by the low mass and the correspondingly high speed. In the second phase, the player also becomes a hunter of other players. In order to master this, a tactic is needed, because as a larger and heavier bullet, smaller opponents are otherwise caught only by their inattentiveness. In order not to rely entirely on colleague chance, the game testers developed tactics by deliberately dividing or voluntarily shedding mass in a particular direction, e.g. Attracting opponents or helping friendly teammates. In a random hit on a virus, a tester found that it is larger and far-reaching opponents broken into pieces. He inherited the resulting mass and flew away happily. Finding such tricks, applying them repeatedly and sharing with friends was very appealing to everyone.
Finally, if your own cell is very large, the player no longer needs to fear the other players. However, the big ball loses speed, which is why tactics had to be refined here as well. Only then is it possible to climb the top of the leaderboard (highscore list).

time aspects
Parents should know that most rounds of play are short-lived. However, the game can not be paused nor the progress saved. Especially the successful rounds can extend over a longer period of time. Once immortalized on the Leaderboard among the top 10 places, the offspring will probably no longer be convinced without a word about a spontaneous game interruption.

Together it’s the most fun
In addition to the traditional mode, there is also the opportunity to compete as a team against two other parties. Supporting each other here, sharing their own mass with each other in a forward-looking manner, and finally acting as an alliance turned out to be very exciting in the test. Although the game does not offer a chat option, there was still some ambition when it was repeatedly fed by the same opponents.
In addition, the game still offers the opportunity to play together with friends in a separate network.

The free, well-designed and easy-to-understand 2D online game was described by the teenagers as an “ideal break filler”. In the dynamic process you quickly become hunter to hunted and vice versa, which in spite of short rounds of play again and again provided excitement and variety. In addition to tactics and responsiveness also decides the famous little luck and a good internet connection, whether you eat or be eaten. From 6 years the title is easy to play. However, younger children in particular can quickly become frustrated if their own cell is always incorporated directly by others. As with many other games, the older the child, the sooner success can be achieved.

Note about the app:
The app does not offer the possibility of team play compared to the browser version. And displayed ads between rounds can only be deactivated through InApp purchases.

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