Playground equipment for the garden

Play equipment for children a separate playground in the garden that is probably every child’s dream. Outdoor playground equipment playground equipment for the garden. Play equipment for the garden spiel und gartende is your online shop for high quality wooden play equipment made in germany.
play equipment for the garden

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Children’s play equipment in yard and garden

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Playground equipment for the garden. Urbn toys outdoor play equipment swing frame with different types of swings great for children’s playgrounds with a swing swing and normal swing. Play equipment for the garden brings joy and variety what you absolutely need note must type size and material cornerstones in search of the optimal play equipment as soon as the first rays of sunshine through the clouds flash it offers to expand the home garden with garden play equipment. At the same time, his motor skills improve and your child learns to move skillfully and systematically. Our play equipment for the garden will delight children’s hearts in hotels, restaurants, schools, kindergartens and more.

Garden play equipment for children inform yourself gather ideas on our portal around play equipment for the home garden. Exercise fresh air and lots of fun with play equipment in your home garden. These play equipment for the garden are suitable for children between 3 and 12 years with a weight between 5 and 50 kg. Many children have increasing joy in outdoor activities.

Play equipment for the garden optimally support your child in living out his natural urge to move and his curiosity. Children’s play equipment of the highest quality Play equipment for your garden should not be missing if you have children. Offer your children the opportunity to let off steam and play in the fresh air with the tested children’s play equipment from Gartenhaus GmbH. And it doesn’t matter what age it is from different sandboxes size and from small playhouses to climbing walls there is everything a child’s heart desires.

Our swing frames climbing towers and co. Large selection of personal advice, free return shipping on account. They are also ideal for customers from trade or the public sector. The permissible total weight is max.

Especially since we are not just your point of contact for the home garden. With us you will find one large selection on beautiful play towers, playhouses, slides, rock climbing and gymnastics, sandboxes, spring seesaws and the associated accessories for your garden. For the construction we recommend 1x 200 x 10 cm and 4x 200 x 8 cm logs.


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