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Playground Usedom – which one is really nice?
Where is a nice playground on Usedom? – we will give you an answer here. On our family vacation in Germany on Usedom we have the well-known places explored the Baltic Sea island and also visited playgrounds. We found the playground on the beach in Trassenheide to be particularly cool, probably the largest playground on the island with the Pirate Island and the special indoor playground in Peenemünde. This is not really a playground, but rather an experimental playground. Unique and playable in any weather on the Baltic Sea with children. Here are our insider tips for playgrounds on Usedom.

Indoor playground Usedom: Phaenomenta

Playground for experiments: Phaenomenta
Let’s start with the most extraordinary “playground”, which is something between a destination, an experimental field and a playground. A family outing on Usedom took us to Peenemünde on the northern tip of the island. There is a lot to see here, including the Phaenomenta Museum. Although it is actually not a real museum. This is where physics comes to life. Everything can be tried out and touched. Of the 250 experiments we have done today, only a fraction. The exhibition area is really very large.

We try e.g. how to lift a trabi with just one hand, or how a pendulum is deflected by magnets. It is also exciting how styrofoam balls behave when they are sounded through a loudspeaker. And we also really like the ball with the flashes inside, which we can steer in different directions with our fingers. And why is our mom suddenly only available with a head but without a body?

The 10-minute laser show, which can be seen on the hour, is also impressive. There is also a climbing wall and a “play equipment” for astronauts that can be experienced by staff at fixed times. Our boys would have loved to stay there much longer and experiment and play all day. For somewhat older children from about 7 years) definitely worth seeing!

Usedom playground: Pirate Island

Playground Trassenheide – the pirate island
Children romp on 13,000 square meters in the middle of Trassenheide on the "Pirate Island". This is a huge playground that belongs to a hotel, but is free of charge for all families – even if you don’t live in the family hotel. Our two boys liked the real pirate ship best, where even water can be shot from the cannons below deck. Next to it is a raft, a lookout tower, its own water playground and other play equipment. You can find an overview of the pirate island of Usedom directly on the website here.

… the large cannons are below deck – from which water can splash!

We used the visit to go to dinner at the rich buffet. You don’t have to, but it was wonderful! The evening buffet is available from 5 p.m. In the morning you can also come to the breakfast buffet as an external guest. We could enjoy the sunset from the terrace and one of the play ships is visible from here. Most of the Pirate Island Playground Usedom is on the other side of the hotel, which we didn’t find at first.

Usedom playground: Trassenhe >

Usedom playground in Trassenheide: Directly at the main access to the beach at the pier

Adventure playground in Usedom
At the main entrance to the beach in Trassenheide there is a playground on the beach on the left. There are floor trampolines, swings, a play tower, a table tennis table, climbing opportunities and the like. Next to it is the sculpture park. So that you can find your way there quickly:

Usedom playground: Heringsdorf playground

Nice playground in Heringsdorf
On our bike tour to the pier on Usedom, we came across other great playgrounds. If you go from Bansin to Heringsdorf along the lake promenade or ride a bike, you will come straight to the most beautiful playground in Heringsdorf. It is on the lake promenade. The large pirate ship stands behind a hedge, next to it a climbing castle. It is very nice here for children.

Usedom playground: Ahlbeck playground

Which playground in Ahlbeck is worth it?
We drove even further from this playground to the next playground. The most famous playground in Ahlbeck is also on the beach promenade, to the right of the famous pier. A pirate ship is also here to play. We found the ship in Heringsdorf to be nicer.

On the way from the Ahlbeck pier towards sand sculptures, however, comes another another playground, near the mini golf course. It is not quite as big, but looks friendlier than at the pier. Here you will find this playground near the beach.

And then I also discovered the course with the low rope garden on the lake promenade. This is a good offer for older children. To be found between the two pier Ahlbeck and Heringsdorf, closer to the Heringsdorf side.

Usedom playground – Zinnowitz playground

The playground in the Baltic Sea resort of Zinnowitz
Not a play ship, but a diving bell – you can find that at the Zinnowitz playground on Usedom. It is to the left of the pier, also on the beach promenade. A few meters away from the hustle and bustle. You can use most of the play equipment for free. Small vehicles that stand next to the climbing frame and the slide are subject to a fee.
Thanks at this point to the tourism association Usedom for the on-site support and the Hotel Seeklause for the meal invitation. Without this we would not have been able to show you this post and the destinations. The tourism association also shows more playgrounds and other ideas on its website. In the few days on Usedom, it was not possible to try more playgrounds. We always combined a visit to one of the Usedom playgrounds with a trip to the beach or to the famous pier. Here you can find our insider tips:


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