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The 9 best children’s playhouses at a glance.

Whether cowboy fort or luxury villa: Every child would like to have their own house. And while you used to have to tear down the home-made house made of chairs, blankets and boxes, today there are ready-made playhouses that can remain standing.

The best playhouses even have a built-in slide or a real doorbell: fun is guaranteed. Insider tip: Playhouses made of plastic are convincing in their practical test due to their light weight and stable construction, but a wooden playhouse is more beautiful and healthier. Choose the perfect playhouse from our table and look forward to your children’s laughter.

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Playhouse comparison
Illustration * Compare winner
Price-performance winner
Model * Garden pirate stilt house Tom BRAST play house 1004127002 Steiner Shopping Playhouse Summer Park roba play house Smoby Friends house Smoby Neo Floralie house Feber Frozen Playhouse Anna & Elsa Smoby Pretty house joyPac XXL play house
at Amazon *
1 reviews 9 reviews 77 ratings 62 reviews 23 reviews 4 reviews 3 reviews 39 reviews
Recommended age from 3 years from 3 years from 3 years from 3 years from 3 years from 3 years from 2 years from 2 years from 3 years
Dimensions (H x W x D) The dimensions given only refer to the dimensions of the house. The stilts were not included in the stilt houses. 150 x 205 x 164 cm 267.2 x 106 x 191.7 cm 175 x 145 x 130 cm 95 x 83 x128 cm 172 x 212 x 157 cm 148 x 185 x 109 cm 124 x 108 x 85 cm 127 x 98 x 110 cm 80 x 110 x 120 cm
application outside outside outside indoors outside outside outside inside outside inside indoors
material Wood Wood Wood Wood plastic plastic plastic plastic craft carton
With window / s
With veranda
  • Wood quality high quality
  • Instructions easy to understand
  • Interior spacious
  • very weatherproof
  • stable
  • made of environmentally friendly materials
  • very weatherproof
  • stable
  • Interior spacious
  • Wood quality high quality
  • also as a storage room for toys in winter
  • stable
  • many play options (post office, shop, theater, bank etc.)
  • stable
  • spacious interior – standing height also suitable for older children
  • picnic table & -benches can be installed inside or outside
  • with real doorbell (2 x AAA batteries required)
  • simple construction
  • spacious interior
  • including grill and sink
  • with real doorbell (2 x AAA batteries required)
  • Easy to set up
  • stable
  • optimal height
  • Easy to set up (possible without tools)
  • stable
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • for painting and decorating
Questions and answers about the product Questions and answers about garden pirate stilt house Tom Questions and answers about BRAST play house 1004127002 Questions and answers about Steiner Shopping Spielhaus Summer Park Questions and answers about roba play house Questions and answers about Smoby Friends Haus Questions and answers about Smoby Neo Floralie House Questions and answers about Feber Frozen-Spielhaus Anna & Elsa Questions and answers about Smoby Pretty Haus Questions and answers about joyPac XXL play house
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Playhouses Buyer’s Guide:
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  • If a children’s playhouse is made of wood, the solid construction makes it well suited for use in a large garden. Plastic playhouses can be used both indoors and outdoors. However, due to their design and smaller size, they are more aimed at younger children.
  • If your child is between two and ten years old, it is worth buying a play house. If the children are older, wooden playhouses on the ground floor can also be used as garden houses for storing garden tools.
  • A cardboard play house can be painted and decorated by children. They are very popular because they train the children’s creativity in particular. This variant is also a great tip for upcoming children’s birthday parties.

Garden play equipment such as a sandpit, tree house, teepee tent for children or a climbing frame promote the play instinct and creativity of the children. Here they can exhaust themselves physically, while climbing, crawling, running or jumping, or develop mentally when re-enacting everyday situations.

Of course, all of this is not only possible outside in the garden or on the playground, no, there are also many different ways to get creative indoors and to playfully approach different situations. So playing in the children’s room with a doll’s pram is also some fun. Many parents believe that a great children’s toy is the so-called play house. A miniature version of the grown-up home that reveals lots of play opportunities for children inside and outside and offers them a quiet retreat.

We will of course answer the question of which is the best playhouse for your child in our buying advice on the playhouse comparison 2019/2020. Further information about the selected playhouse comparison winner and the other models can also be found quickly in the comparison table above. So nothing stands in the way of a relaxed purchase.

1. What is a play house?

You can imagine a playhouse, like the models from the playhouse comparison 2019/2020, as a smaller edition of a normal single-family house. Regardless of whether the installation location is for the playhouse garden or children’s room, you will probably be surprised at a closer look at the product selection to see how many different versions there are.

There is the play house with a slide, with an attached sandpit or also individually designed as a castle or castle, which particularly invite you to slip into other roles. The Spielhaus Smoby items as well as the various models by Roba and Feber are well known and popular.

Here we have summarized the advantages and disadvantages of this product for you in a playhouse comparison:

  • fuel the children’s imaginations
  • many different games possible
  • undisturbed retreat
  • also as a garden playhouse / children’s garden house for outdoors
  • usually more expensive

2. What types of playhouses are there??

Playhouses for children come in a wide variety of designs. Some models look like a normal house, another children’s play house can also be equipped with a slide or it is a play house with a sandpit and others, thanks to the extensive equipment, suggest a complete playground. We have summarized the different types and categories of playhouses in a playhouse comparison.

Playhouse type fitness
A stilts house is always a good alternative to a common tree house. It is intended for use in the garden and for mounting on stilts. The different stilts differ in their platform height and the size of the interior. Accessories include a swing or playhouse slide. Often a ladder is included. The models are recommended from the age of about three years. They are very durable and they are still often and happily used by older children.
climbing tower
If you are looking for a play house with a slide, buying a play tower is usually also suitable. This can also be used with additional accessories e.g. expand to a play tower with a swing. Due to their slim dimensions, these play equipment is particularly recommended for use in small gardens.
Themed playhouse With a themed playhouse, children can slip into different roles. You can play pirate in a ship, feel like a knight or princess in a knight’s castle or castle. The subjects of fire fighters or police officers are also popular. It is nice here that different ages can play together. This variant is often also available as a play tent.

3. Criteria for buying a play house: you have to pay attention to this

Playhouse test – games at the Stiftung Warentest

So far, Stiftung Warentest has had its own playhouse test with the associated freestyle of a playhouse comparison winner >Family games test by Stiftung Warentest from issue 11/2004 something suitable.

As with the choice of the best slide or best children’s swing, some points should also be included in the purchase decision when buying a playhouse, so that the selected personal playhouse comparison winner corresponds to both you and your child’s wishes. What you should pay attention to when looking for the best playhouse, we explain here in the playhouse comparison.

3.1. The age recommendation

Regardless of whether you prefer a Smoby playhouse or a Chicco playhouse, always pay attention to the age of the respective manufacturer. The models usually cover an age range of two to ten years. When buying, make sure that a playhouse for children from the age of two can be significantly smaller than one for older children. Larger children usually have too little space in small playhouses or can no longer stand upright. Security is also usually higher for houses for smaller children.

3.2. The material

Plastic and wood are the two materials most commonly found in this type of play equipment. If a play house contains plastic, it is more suitable for smaller children. This is because the plastic is usually painted very brightly and also has rounded corners, which guarantees greater security when playing. If a playhouse contains wood, it is aimed at children from the age of three. Wooden children’s playhouses are generally larger and more solid and are often built on stilts at a greater height. Make absolutely sure that the wood is an untreated wood. Our recommendation is: If a playhouse is made of plastic, then it can be used well in confined spaces. Its light weight makes it easy to transport. If a wooden playhouse is your favorite, then you should own a larger garden with a level surface. Of course, you can use both types outdoors, as well as wood plastic are weather resistant. However, you should first apply a wood preservative to the wood.

Tip: If the main material in a playhouse is cardboard, children can easily design or paint it themselves. A cardboard play house is also a great idea for one birthday party.

3.3. Equipment

Most playhouses offer the possibility of an expansion or already have extensive playhouse accessories. This includes shutters, window sills, a children’s slide or a wooden swing on a swing frame.

3.4. The costs

Of course, as with any other product, the costs play a significant role in the purchase decision. If you want to buy an inexpensive play house, then it is best to choose a plastic children’s house. For this you pay about 150 euros. If a children’s playhouse has wood as the main material, it costs around 250 euros. A game device with stilts is the most expensive variant and can also cost 400 euros and more.

4. Manufacturers and brands

There are many manufacturers who have perfected building the play house. We will name the most important ones here in a playhouse comparison:

5. Questions and answers about playhouses

As with other toys, a child’s house also has a few questions before and after the purchase. We’ll answer a few of them here.

5.1. How do I build a play house?

Would you like to build a playhouse yourself? Then a look at the following video is recommended:

5.2. How to set up the play house?

Like the rest of the children’s toys, a children’s play house should be made with love. To personalize it, you can attach window boxes to the windows and provide the interior with a play kitchen and a table. Shelves on the walls are suitable for storing playhouse accessories or other play equipment. A carpet gives a cozy and homely feeling. If the child wants to sleep in his toy, do not forget to set up a cozy corner with cuddly toys. However, it is always very important to include the child in the planning and to take special requests into account.

5.3. Playhouse: how long to use?

An indoor and outdoor playhouse is usually used up to the age of six. At the latest from the age of nine, most models become too narrow. Of course there are clear differences between the models. A tower house with a children’s slide or swing is mostly used for romping and climbing longer than a plastic model. The play house garden use can, however, be extended if you store your tools such as lawn mowers, high-pressure cleaners etc. there. Then the game quickly becomes a garden shed. The devices can also be used for a long time as accommodation for older children and their friends.

5.4. How high can a playhouse be in the garden??

How high the children’s playhouse may be can best be found in the respective development plan for the property and look at the regulations for the ancillary systems. This includes stilt houses from a certain size. If the stilt house has the same effect as the building, it also requires a distance of three meters from the neighboring property. But be careful: A general answer cannot be given to the question, since the regulations depend on the design of the children’s playhouse and the type of environment. Be sure to talk to your neighbor about your plans, otherwise you may soon have the construction supervisory authority at your door.


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