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Poker in Las Vegas

In Las Vegas four poker variants are mainly played: Texas Hold’em, Hi-Lo Split, Seven Card Stud and Omaha. Texas Hold’em is the most popular poker game besides Seven Card Stud and is most often played in poker tournaments, including the World Series of Poker, the annual Las Vegas World Poker Championship.

Bellagio Las Vegas

The poker room has its own, but easy-to-view, high-limit section, which is often populated by poker celebrities. Here you can run good Jennifer Harman or Phil Ivey in the arms. The room itself has atmosphere and is always very busy, no matter what time of day or night. The players are above average. Highly recommended is the time from 1:00 clock at night, with a bit of luck you come to a table with a few drunken millionaire son, who like to spend money. You should not play here if you’ve never sat at a poker table before.

Binion’s Gambling Hall

Where it all started … The Binion’s Horseshoe was the scene of the World Series of Poker from 1970 to 2005. With the victory of Chris Moneymaker, who earned $ 2,500,000 here in 2003 with $ 40 bet, the poker avalanche was triggered.
The poker section is housed in its own area. There are a few raised tables, of which the remaining space is easy to miss. Here are many locals with really good nerves. If you want to play Bluff, Semi Bluff and Counter Strategies, and above all you can, you are in good hands here.
An absolute highlight is the back glass poker table, on which really all have signed, who have rank and name in the poker scene. The atmosphere is a bit darker and more sinister than in the glossy casinos – yet it all has its charm.

Caesar’s Palace

The poker room is not in the casino, but rather in the entertainment and disco area. This has a decisive disadvantage: Here you will not find any patronage. If you are looking for bad players, you have to search a long time and probably waste your time.

The registration is extremely friendly and accommodating. The cocktail service left nothing to be desired. Here you automatically get a small red napkin for your drink. Very very attentive.

The player quality is excellent. Here you can test his knowledge of human nature really well, since not only the strength of the blade, but also the playing style of the opponent, as well as the development of the board is played. Here you have the chance to earn a lot of money if you blow up a bluff. But you can also lose a lot of money if you are wrong with his knowledge of human nature.

Conclusion: Only suitable for advanced players, or those who would like to be and have the necessary cash.

There is, similar to the Bellagio, its own high stake area, which is a bit higher, but is well visible. If the pros here honor, they are good to watch.

Hotel Excalibur

The poker room is integrated in the casino and offers a variety of average to bad players. Here you can go to gain experience as a rookie, or refresh your bankroll when you’ve lost at the hotter places in Bellagio, Caesars Palace or Venetian. The players are good to play and scare well with a few standard maneuvers or lure them out of reserve. It’s fun to play poker and everyone is friendly and cheerful, with a bit of luck even drunk, making it even easier to make some money. The preferred time should be at 1:00 am at night until the morning hours.

Hotel MGM Grand

The poker section is located right at the entrance, next to the Rainforest Café. The ambience seems a bit sterile, but really trendy, equipped with high tech tables. Here you can check in and out with your MGM Playersclub card directly at the table. The reception knows immediately which player is sitting at which table.
The players are good and do not shy away from higher bets. The game culture is absolutely fine. From every seat you have a view of a flatscreen, on which mostly sports are running.

Hotel Mirage

19 tables, no smoking
At 11am and 7pm each day, there will be a No Limit Texas Hold’em tournament.

The Mirage Poker Room is right next to the Sports Books section. It can get a bit loud at major sporting events, otherwise it’s relatively quiet.

Hotel Orleans

The casino is a bit off the strip and a bit older. If you love good poker and want to have cheap rooms, here is an excellent value for money.
The poker room is very spacious and was one of the big positive surprises. Here are some players that you can read so well that sometimes you might despair. Tourists will be less likely to be found here, but many locals and pros from the 2nd and 3rd row.
We had the fortune and the honor to sit at one table with 4 WSOP participants one night and you can say what you want: poker is a game of chance, but through game strategy, board and pressure situations and psychological elements you can minimize the luck factor extremely.
The night with these gentlemen was long and extremely educational. I was already tired at 2:00 in the morning, but did not want to go to bed and we kept it up until 5:00. I was extremely lucky once and was able to leave the table with about $ 130 plus. Normally, I would have had to make losses here, these players were much stronger than me. An excellent place to learn and develop.

Hotel Rio Las Vegas

For God’s sake … a single disappointment. The room is squeezed into any corner of the casino. The dealers were outrageous, the chips and playing cards dirty. The flair of the WSOP was never felt anywhere. Here we have just endured 1 hour.

Hotel Treasure Island

8 tables, no smoking

Small but nice. The poker room is located off the casino area in the shopping mall, which ends at the parking deck. Since there are only a few tables, it comes at the weekend to longer waiting times. Whoever gets a seat here, is in good hands. The players are okay, but at most slightly above average. The cocktail service deserves an extra oomph. If you play for 4 hours or more, you will receive an express admission to the TI buffet (also excellent), as well as a discount of a few dollars.

Hotel Venetian

39 tables, no smoking

The poker room in the Venetian is well equipped. The quality of the players is very good and it is fun to compete with advanced players. Here we met Phil Hellmuth, Sam Farha, Jamie Gold and Mike “Mouth” Matusow, as well as Phil Laak ……. Unfortunately, he did not have his flame Jennifer Tilly with him :-(

Wynn Hotel

26 tables, no smoking

Money seems to have played no role in setting up the poker room. When Wynn you realize that from the outset poker was placed great value. The area is a bit isolated from the jingling casino operation, but good to find. If you feel like finding players who can raise or top raise even with a $ 1-2 no limit, you’ll enjoy it.
Here it is recommended to choose one or two players with a large wallet and study their game inconspicuously in detail. If you have an idea of ​​their way of playing you should try to separate them and play them. Here really great profits, with manageable risk. The players here have a lot of money and are also willing to play with cards that are not quite as good. But be careful where there are fish, there are sharks too, so beware. With a little practiced eye you can make good distinctions here too …. and one more thing is important: sharks do not bite sharks … .. so if you try to play and play as a player, then you have a good chance of thrusting yourself into a herd of swarms and getting fed up over time.

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