Pollutants: good result for children’s sandals



With the warm season, the sandal sauna is also open. Since these are mainly worn barefoot, it is particularly important that the shoes are free of harmful substances. The Association for Consumer Information (VKI) examined 14 pairs of children’s shoes from different manufacturers – with consistently good results. There was only one outlier: one pair was so heavily loaded that it should not have been sold.

A total of 14 pairs of sandals, ballerinas, slippers and sneakers in sizes 23 to 31 were examined by the VKI. The cheapest product in the test cost 19.95 euros (Bambulini children’s shoe, bought from Jello), the most expensive shoe came to 74.95 euros (Camper for Kids children’s sandal, bought from Humanic).

The shoes were on the laboratory pollutants Chromium VI, banned azo dyes and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) were investigated. There was also a search for PVC (polyvinyl chloride) in the plastic parts of the shoes. In addition, it was checked whether the colored upper material rubs off.

Seven pairs of shoes "very good"

The quality Message in advance: All pairs were free of banned azo dyes. With "Very good" cut off the models Camper for Kids (Peu children’s shoe), Miho Ikado (children’s sandal) and Superfit (Almond combi nubuck / textile). The children’s shoes from Elefanten (model Rainy), GEA GGG (type S2m Neptun), Pepino (nubuck / flag, nautic / red) and Primigi Lina (Nabuk Morbido / Lampon) also arrived "Very good", have the disadvantage, however, that they rub off.

In the soles of other models – Bellybutton (Ballerina model), Old Soles (Sista Flat Navy model), Richter (Velor Lollypop model), Bambulini (children’s shoe model), GEOX (B Balu ‘BB Nubuck + Wax.Lea model) and Camper for Kids (children’s sandal TWS) – PAH could be detected, but in such small amounts that everyone was below the maximum. Here, however, the VKI testers want the manufacturers to make improvements, because the non-stressed shoes showed that it can also be done without PAHs.

Branded product from Clarks failed

The price says nothing about the quality of the shoes. Of all the toxic chrome VI, which is classified by the EU as a health hazard, the maximum value was exceeded by a pair of shoes in a higher price range (64.95 euros): the Rio Dance Inf model by the well-known British brand manufacturer Clarks. Because of the high chromium VI content, it would not have been commercially available allowed to.

PVC was only found in the Miho Ikado model, but the substance itself does not pose a direct health hazard, but was only checked because of the environmental impact.


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