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About Travelroads

Whether on a road trip, on historical trails, a city tour or outdoors in nature – since February 2014, the travel blog Travelroads has been all about individual travel around the world in addition to the full-time job. My favorite is the USA – the country to which I have lost my heart.

Travel Roads is aimed at travelers who like to be on their own and active on the go.

  • alone, in pairs or in a group
  • Road trip or city trip
  • Hostel, B&B, Motel / Hotel or Airbnb
  • by plane, rental car, train or bus
  • exploring historical places
  • or outdoor activities in nature

I like to travel in different ways and like to try new things. When I am not in the US / Canada, I like to explore my German home country and take short trips within Europe. In addition, I am open to new exciting travel destinations worldwide. For example, in October 2017, I was traveling on an individual journey through Jordan.

Through my travels I report in the form of authentic and personal travel reports with many professional photos, tips and information. I would like to help my readers plan the next trip, or inspire them and encourage them to try other ways as well.

Especially for traveling in North America, I would like to show that you can also go beyond the classic road trip for two, alone as a woman and not necessarily only with the rental car has to explore.

Photographing in the Utah desert

numbers & Facts / Numbers and facts

Current numbers / current numbers:

  • Sessions / visits: 7,762
  • Unique visitors: 5,870
  • Page views: 13,525
  • Time per visit / average time on site: 2 m 14 s
  • Pageviews per visit: 1.38
  • Facebook: 919 + Fans – Reach / audience September 2019: 6,000+
  • Twitter: 1,344+ followers
  • Instagram: 1365+ followers
  • Pinterest: 18,100+ viewers per month
  • Bloglovin: 114+ followers
  • RSS feed: 153 followers
  • Blog posts per month / blog posts per month: approx. 1-4

My readers are between 25-34 years old, interested in traveling, the US, outdoor and historical places. 77% of the visitors come from Germany, 7% from the USA and 5% from Switzerland & Austria.

cooperation opportunities

Press / Bloggerreisen or support on individual research trips

I report on it during and after the journey in detail on my blog and on my social media channels (Instagram (stories), Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest).

Corporate content for your blog or website

product testing

I like to test your products and write about them (accommodation, activities, tours, car rental, travel equipment …).

Sponsored Articles / Advertorials

I am open for sponsored articles and advertorials. The posts must match me and the content on the blog and are written by myself. In addition, they are marked as advertisements and provided with NoFollow links.

Previous successful cooperations with:

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