Practical vision of zmk: our vision, our values, our philosophy

Practical vision of zmk: our vision, our values, our philosophy

ZMK proud: our practice vision is online!

Basic understanding and vision, values ​​and philosophy: Our dental care center ZMK GmbH sees itself as responsible – for our patients as well as for our employees. That’s why we have ours practice vision released, after which our entire ZMK team lives and works.

Our basic understanding

The Dental Care Center ZMK GmbH with their locations ZMVZ ZMK Bad Wilhelmshöhe, ZMVZ ZMK Sandershausen, ZMK laboratory and ZMK mobile stands for:

• Prevention
Pediatric Dentistry
Aesthetic dentistry
periodontics and implantology
• State-of-the-art prosthetics
• TMJ and functional therapy
• Orthodontics
• The mobile dentistry, mainly in the field of geriatric dentistry

Our practice vision

We claim that behind everything we contribute ZMK create and deliver, a higher sense stands. By giving our work a higher meaning, we hope to experience the work not just as work.

We see ourselves as responsible.
Responsible for medical care in the region and beyond as an employer for many employees and their families.
Our responsibility therefore also includes continuous development: based on our company ZMK, on ​​our cooperation and on each and every one of us at every age. Through joint lifelong learning we want to contribute to the enjoyment of employment at ZMK and be solidly positioned for future generations as well.

We see ourselves as a health brand ZMK – from people to people.

Our values

What guides us – what we mean by that.

competence. We always keep our expertise up-to-date with science and let our patients share in the advances in medicine.
Appreciation. Dealing with fellow human beings (employees and patients) is characterized by respect for each other. From the people to the people: a place of action at eye level.
innovation. We attach great importance to the further development of ZMK and our solid care for the benefit of the patients.


our philosophy

Our team has the self-image:

• to diagnose as best as possible
• optimally inform and educate (patient Education) – and sufficient for us Time to take
• fully convey the truth about the state of health
• always following the principle:Prevention is better than aftercare!”
• to not overpower anyone
always the best for ours patients to obtain
always with every patient and every care for the highest possible quality of treatment to work
• always to emphasize the patient’s desire and to value him
• Do not compromise on scientific knowledge

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