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01/11/19: At the Feieratg the practice is closed – the replacement takes over the colleagues in the ZZN in a 24-hour service. We say thank you!

06/11/19: The practice remains between 11 and 13 o’clock wg. closed the creation of new team photos.

11/8/19. The practice opens at 9 o’clock wg. a team meeting.

On 21 and 22.11. you have to adjust to noise. We are installing a new x-ray system that will now produce our images on a digital basis. With the now also completed conversion of all computers to Windows 10, we have within a very short time the X-rays in the room and on the screen, and can use them with you for diagnostics.

October 2019

According to a survey of 2,000 people, 47% of all Germans already use the PZR. You can find out more in the DZW article under this link ….

On 04.10. the practice remains wg. Renovation work closed. On both days collegially the practice takes over Augardt, overlord & Colleagues, Benderstr.72, Tel 0211 – 288487 our representation in pain and emergency. Please call ahead of time. We ask for your understanding!

For copyright reasons, we have to remove the images of the practice team in the next week, since we no longer use the services of TV waiting room. New photos are unfortunately only available in November – in the meantime we will try to come up with alternatives.

9.10 .: From doctena – a rating protocol – Dr. Ing. Reißmann received an award. We’re glad!

10.10 .: The room remodeling in room 4 is completed, even if in the last few days still some small “teething troubles” have appeared.

15./16.10 .: During the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, Dr. Reißmann the emergency service in ZZN. So you can be in pain-&Emergency contact there confidently.

September 2019

From the 01.09.19 colleague Torkaman supports us in the dental work. We look forward to a pleasant cooperation.

And if you do not plan anything after the summer vacation and Dr. Reissmann would like to experience in a different context, then we have from the 22.9. a recommendation for you: the InyoRyu Karate Club offers from the 22.9.19 Together with the VHS Dusseldorf an interesting trial opportunities to make a picture of the Far Eastern martial arts. You can register here for an introductory course in karate. 10 times on Tuesdays from 20:15 clock in the dojo of the InyoRyu Karate Association. Here you can register with the VHS. Please bring normal sports equipment. Training is done in the dojo with bare feet.

KARATE COURSE in BILK; 10 x tuesdays, 20.15-21.45 o’clock, UNDERBILK, Gem. Elementary school, Kronprinzenstr. 107.

16.9.19: Canada: Dentists recognize oral cancer

The prognosis of oral and jaw cancer is still poor. Advances in treatment have only minimally improved survival rates. If, on the other hand, the cancer is detected at an early stage, the survival rate is around 80 percent over five years. From Canada comes the news that dentists in Ontario have detected more cases of oral cancer and its precursors than ever before. A team from the Department of Dentistry of the University of Toronto examined 63,438 biopsies performed between 2005 and 2015. There was a sharp increase in the total number of carcinomas and dysplasias diagnosed by dentists. A total of 828 cases of oral cancer between 2005 and 2015 and 2,679 premalignant lesions were diagnosed. Over the years, however, the percentage of oral cancer diagnoses rose significantly. In 2005, when only 56 cases of cancer and 99 cases of oral epithelial dysplasia were detected by biopsy, by 2015 the number had doubled to 103, with dysplasias actually tripling and reaching 374 diagnoses in 2015. The authors lead the increase u.a. back to comprehensive training and education programs. While advanced oral cancers are relatively easy to detect, early stages and premalignant lesions could easily be overlooked without special training.
Source: red / FVDZ online 12-09-19

from 25.9. until 02.10.19 In practice it can be noisy as we will have the floor and a treatment chair replaced in room 4. That’s what the “new” room should look like

On 27.9. and 04.10. the practice remains wg. Renovation work closed. On both days collegially the practice takes over Augardt, overlord & Colleagues, Benderstr.72, Tel 0211 – 288487 our representation in pain and emergency. Please call ahead of time. We ask for your understanding!

August 2019

The Praxisinfo is out to all subscribers.

07/08/19: On October 10th and 11th, 2019, interested people can study dental medicine at the University of Witten / Herdecke. The application deadline is 31 August 2019. For more information, see the link on the DZW page ….

08/10/19: If dental problems occur during the night from Saturday to Sunday, you can go to the central dental emergency service – Dr. med. Reißmann has night duty there.

08/23/19: Fortunately, antibiotic use in humans is slowly decreasing. More information in the docCheck article under this link ….

July 2019

The Juli Praxisinfo is out to all subscribers.

01.07.19: Doctors, dentists and IT experts agree: telematics infrastructure is not safe
The medical associations MEDI GENO and the Free Medical Association as well as the Free Association of German Dentists (FVDZ) warned of dangerous security gaps in the telematics infrastructure (TI) last Thursday at a joint press conference in Berlin. In addition to the representatives of the medical and dental profession, two IT experts and a lawyer also sounded the alarm that the patient data was massively threatened by forced networking and centralized storage. A major criticism is the lack of testing of the system. Werner Baumgärtner, chairman of MEDI GENO, stated that security tests for the connection of the practices to the TI are forbidden by law. Security researcher Hartmut Pohl stated that there is a high risk potential for centralized data storage: “We have 100 million authorized access points in the health sector, and centralized data storage makes hacker attacks easy.” What happens to patient data can be seen in the USA, “where a patient file is illegally used a sum of between $ 500 and $ 1,000 is traded. ” Silke Lüder, Deputy Chairwoman of the Free Medical Association, said that the Digital Policy of Minister of Health Jens Spahn is raising the level of medical confidentiality: “For me, this is a digital rape if I am forced to save my patients’ data in this way.” FVDZ Federal Council Member Bertram Steiner emphasized that dentists are fundamentally open to digital developments. But they have to be meaningful. “We know where digitalization benefits the patient and where it only unnecessarily devours money.” The medical associations are now planning to sue both the Kassenärztlichen associations for the reduction in fees as well as for faulty installations.
mf , FVDZ online 02.07.19

17.07.19: Whether in normal sports or competitive sports – oral hygiene is important – more in the article of Dental Tribune ….

18.7.19: With delay we can present this year’s water test all lines. Safe – as in all the years before. The individual results can be found in the attached pdf file. Water test 24-5-19

June 2019

After a successful exam, Ms. Jovanovic leaves us to change her career. We wish her all the best and also colleague Stuckenberg moves on for further education. With both we lose popular employees.

5.6 .: the electronic patient record as Mr. Spahn’s all-purpose weapon to improve the healthcare industry. Be skeptical, as this article from the Free Association of German Dentists suggests:

EPO: Data protection apparently secondary
It is rarely considered, but has long been legal: Even in the hospital, only the respective physicians may access the patient data. Now, with the accelerated introduction of electronic patient records (ePA), this principle seems to be systematically and deliberately disregarded. According to representatives of Gematik, in view of the short deadlines, it is necessary to cut corners and have decided to first introduce the patient file and later to allow selective access rights. That is, when a patient grants access to a doctor, “all or nothing” applies. For example, if a patient wants to give information to her dentist from the file, he or she can also see the data of the gynecologist. “It is a basic promise of the electronic patient record that insured persons can decide for themselves whom they want to provide which data,” explains health spokeswoman for the Greens, Maria Klein-Schmeink. So the acceptance is put at risk. Spahn bears the responsibility for his “exclusively politically motivated deadline”. The political spokeswoman for the FDP, Christine Aschenberg-Dugnus, complained: “The fact that the government is presenting a semi-finished product is another loss of confidence in digitization.” Patients have a right to a safe patient record. The Federal Ministry of Health, meanwhile, confirmed that there will be no possibility for patients to individually adjust their electronic file in such a way that, depending on the doctor, only part of the information can be viewed. That’s what you‘re working on, said a spokesman. (The Ministry of Health might have to get a few tips from Estonia, where all this has worked for years. Dr. R.)
Source: änd, jh, FVDZ online 29.5.19

Our recommendation: Let Mr. Spahn feel that as a patient and voter you are not amused about such a policy.

Ministry of Health Jens Spahn

Mailing address: Friedrichstrasse 108, 10117 Berlin

6.8 .: Practical information for June has been sent.

6.14 .: Colleague Reißmann as a diving instructor? More about that under the link …..

6.20 .: The practice is wg. closed on the holiday. The Friday – as a bridge day – but is normally open.

28.06. – 11.07 .: Student trainees are on the road again with us – so do not be surprised if you meet strange faces.

May 2019

May 01: The practice is wg. closed on the holiday. In case of pain and emergency, please contact the Central Dental Emergency Service, Florasr. 38

12.05 .: European Day of Periodontology: “#LoveYourGum – Love your gums”

May 12th is not only Mother‘s Day, but also European Day of Periodontology. With a Germany-wide campaign, the German Society for Periodontology e.V. (DG PARO) clarifies the common disease periodontal disease and the special importance of oral health for expectant mothers. Under the motto “#LoveYourGum – Love your gums”, the campaign aims to sensitize pregnant women and to the early diagnosis and treatment of periodontal diseases before and during pregnancy. More on the website of DG PARO (
Source: DG Paro

On Friday – 17.05.19 – the practice is closed because of an internal training. In case of pain and emergency please contact the colleagues of the practice Augardt, Benderstr. 72, Tel 0211-288487. Please call before! Thank you for your understanding!

April 2019

April 7: Praxisinfo is sent.

During the Easter holidays, our opening hours are limited. On Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays we are open from 9 am to 5 pm (12:30 am to 1 pm is lunch break). Wednesdays and Fridays we are open only from 9 – 14 clock.

19/20/04: On the night of Good Friday to Holy Saturday, dr. Reißmann Dienst in the ZZN, Florastr. 38.

26.4 .: Every second toothpaste falls through during the test of the magazine Ökotest. For details, please refer to the following link (Articles and test results).

March 2019

Due to illness, updating the homepage is a bit of a hiccup – I apologize for that.

12.03 .: Praxisinfos for March are out.

14.03 .: The practice is closed between 11am and 2pm because we have new photos of our team made to bring you up to date with our staff.

15.03 .: limited service, because we are at the IDS (International Dental Show) in Cologne.

22.3.19: Spring is already looking through our practice windows ……

23.03 .: Saturday service for ordered patients.

February 2019

from the 05.02 .: And if you do not want to do something against tooth decay, but also something for your fitness and your power of thought, offers the InyoRyu karate club together with the VHS Dusseldorf from 05.02.18 an interesting trial opportunities to get a picture of the to make Far Eastern martial arts. You can register here for an introductory course in karate. 10 times on Tuesdays from 20:15 clock in the dojo of the InyoRyu Karate Association. Here you can register with the VHS. Please bring normal sports equipment. Training is done in the dojo with bare feet.

KARATE COURSE in BILK; 10 x tuesdays, 20.15-21.45 o’clock, UNDERBILK, Gem. Elementary school, Kronprinzenstr. 107.

06.02 .: Practice info for February is sent.

2.9. Practice is open on Saturdays.

12.02 .: Also this year Dr. Reißmann has been awarded the Focus. The practice is proud of it!

28.02 .: Due to old women the practice is only open until 15 o’clock. Augardt pain and emergency patients, for whom we are representing today, we ask you to call beforehand to avoid waiting times.

January 2019

We wish all our visitors and patients a good, healthy and beautiful 2019!

03.01 .: the January Praxisinfo is out.

07.01 .: our normal practice opening times are up-to-date again, as the treatment team is now complete again.

20.01 .: the January Praxisinfo is sent.

December 2018

02.12: Ups – my stamp in the bonus booklet is still missing. If you, too, are struck by this feeling, you can still contact our assistant dentist Lukas Stuckenberg (the young man between the>

Make an appointment (also online!). We other dentists are unfortunately “tight” for this year.

07.12 .: our christmas info is out. Here for you wg. the opening times also as a pdf-file. Practice Info 12

24.12. – 31.12 .: pain and emergency service at Christmas time. Our practice remains from 22. – 26.12.18 and from 31.12. 18 – 01.01.19 closed. On the 27th and 28th of December and on the 2nd of January we will be open again. In the second week of January our shifts begin, because then all our doctors are back on board.

When we have closed, you can in pain and emergency to the Central Dental Emergency Service (= ZZN, known by the broadcast advertising at Antenne Dusseldorf) on the Florastr. 38 at the Protestant Hospital. The colleagues are from 24.12. until 01.01.19 24 hours (.) in pain and emergency there for you.

Many thanks for this sacrificial service for the Dusseldorf people we say here from us!

29.12 .: Dr. med. Reißmann takes over the dental emergency service in the ZZN from 6 pm until Sunday morning 6 am.

November 2018

11.3. + 17.11 .: Our new Saturday consultation is open. For working people we are now also from 10 – 15 o’clock in the practice. Be treated but you can only by appointment. Pain treatment is not possible (accidents are excluded!); For this you must continue to visit the ZZN. Of course, appointments can be arranged in practice and via Doctolib.

08./09.11 .: The practice is legally forced to join the telematics. A, as we find, completely useless and dangerous process (s.u.). Especially since the only previous “benefit” is to verify your identity on behalf of the health insurance companies.
All other promised benefits are still in the stars – except the additional administrative burden and costs (not only the cost of about 4000 €, but also monthly maintenance costs of 80 €). The connection worked – contrary to all fears – smoothly. For a big praise to the Telekom.

This of course fits the message from Heise Security that the started with much hype patient record of private and public health insurance, now already serious safety deficiencies. More about this under the article link

9.11 .: “Patients should only use the latest cards.

Outdated health cards are causing delays and problems with online data reconciliation in practices. The Federal Ministry of Health has now asked the health insurance companies to inform their insured persons: they should only use the latest card. The KBV (Kassenärztliche Bundesvereinigung) expressly welcomes the initiative of the ministry. “It is high time that the health insurances provide the insured persons with the latest cards – and these are also used,” said Drs. Thomas Kriedel, board member of the KBV.

As far as a section of the DZW Article 42/2018. You will ask yourself, what does that have to do with me? Since we will receive our compulsory connection to the telematics from next week (s.o.) From then on, we CAN NOT read obsolete maps anymore. This was still possible with the old devices – the new devices will not accept these old cards anymore. Even a replacement procedure (written certificate from the health insurance that you are insured there) is no longer possible.
If you come with an old card in the practice, so we can not treat you then unfortunately. There are then only two options for you: Ask the KK, if a new insurance card is present (possibly already sent, but not plugged?) Or treat yourself as a private patient and to have the bill reimbursed by your health insurance / insurance.

09.11 .: Sold as latest development from America – a computer sensor that measures periodontitis markers (see article from the Dental Tribune). We have been offering such marker systems here in practice for more than 3 years (Oralyser) and we do not need sensors or computers, just a little bit of your spook and 10 minutes of time.

13.11 .: Big Cinema: Freddie Mercury’s teeth

The film “Bohemian Rhapsody” about the career of the band Queen is very successful in the German cinemas, especially the Freddie Mercury actor Rami Malek shines in his role. Even visually, there is hardly any difference to the original. This is partly due to the work of Christian Lyons. The Briton designs with his company “Fangs FX” for decadesteeth and prostheses for numerous film and television productions. Also in “Bohemian Rhapsody” Lyons is responsible for Mercury’s characteristic teeth, including the unmistakable Vorbiss. To find the perfect model for Rami Malek, five different sets of different sizes were made, one of which was perfect. It’s a child of magic!
Source: New York Times, FVDZ online 23.11.18

27.11 .: Ups – my stamp in the bonus booklet is still missing. If you, too, are struck by this feeling, then you can make an appointment with our assistant dentist, Mr. Stuckenberg. We other dentists are unfortunately “tight” for this year.

30.11 .: The practice remains wg. an internal training closed (telematics infrastructure, installation of the latest security software and continuation of quality management). Our agency practice Dr. med. Augardt on the Benderstr. 72, phone 288487 – call ahead.


01.10 .: The practice information is out.

02.- 03.10.18: Colleague Reißmann was diligent and not only visited the congress program at the congress of the German Society of Laser Dentistry, but also completed the newly designed laser protection course on the 2 days.

According to the EU bureaucrats, the old certificate was no longer sufficient, so a new course had to be attended with a final examination. In the future you will be in safe hands with our laser treatment. DGL Certificate Oct. 2018 Laser Safety Officer

08.10 .: Unfortunately, the oral care is worse for many people in need of care, as in people without care needs. Often because there is little information about it. This changes with the guide “Oral Care – Practical Tips for the Everyday Care”. Use the link and inform yourself as needed.

19.10 .: The Dentists Association has once again written to the statutory health insurance and asked if and if so what grants are granted. More information in the press release under this link. And here you can download the list as a pdf-file directly.

20.10 .: Our new Saturday consultation is open. For working people we are now also from 10 – 15 o’clock in the practice. You can only be treated after prior appointment. Pain treatment is not possible (accidents are excluded!); For this you must continue to visit the ZZN. Of course, appointments can be arranged in practice and via Doctolib.


01/09/18: Increase of additional contributions: Health insurance companies often provide inadequate information. The Federal Insurance Office (BVA) reminds in its annual report that some health insurance companies inform their insured rather reluctantly and inadequately about changes of the cash-specific additional contributions. Insured or competing health insurance companies have “regularly brought problems in connection with the information of the insured persons about the collection or increase of the additional contribution rates to the Federal Insurance Office” in the last year. According to the current legal situation, health insurance companies have to provide a separate letter when introducing or increasing the additional cash contribution. If the additional contribution rate exceeds the average additional contribution rate, the health insurance company must point out a special termination right. Examinations of the information letters showed that only in some cases did the information letter correspond to the legal situation completely. The BVA criticized that some health insurance companies linked the information letter with advertising, so that the insured did not make use of their special right of termination.
Source: Ärzteblatt, FVDZ online

09/11/18: Physician Monitor 2018: Physicians complain of bureaucracy burden. Doctors spend 7.4 hours per week on administrative work and seven hours on psychotherapists. Thus, the bureaucracy burden in the practices is consistently high. This is confirmed by current figures from the Physician’s Monitor 2018, which the Kassenärztliche Bundesvereinigung (KBV) has published in advance. Administrative work has the second largest share of medical and psychotherapeutic working hours after the patient consultation. “Every minute more bureaucracy is missing in patient care and frustrating the doctors,” Dr. Thomas Kriedel, Member of the Board of KBV “Here you have to start, if you want to generate more treatment time.” The goal must be to reduce bureaucracy continuously and not – as the regulations of the appointment service and pension law fear – continue to increase. More than half of the doctors and psychotherapists surveyed said they did not have enough time for their patients.
For the survey, around 11,000 contract physicians and contract psychotherapists were surveyed throughout Germany on practical issues. All results will be presented in October.
Source: KBV, FVDZ online 11.9.18

17./18.09 .: Dr. Reißmann takes over the emergency service of a colleague in the ZZN from 8 pm and is there for you until 6 o’clock in the morning.

August 2018

During the school holidays we have in the period from 30.7. until 21.8. just a day shift (Mon, Tue and Thu from 9am to 5pm, midday and Friday from 9am to 3pm) as our staff with children and our trainees need to use the school holidays for their annual holidays. Thank you for your comprehension!

01.08 .: “Au-Backe” toothache on vacation. No one wants to have them and if it does happen, you can find more information here under this link and you can download the flyer from prodente directly here.

04.08 .: Family party at Fortuna on Flinger Broich.
Our practice was in spite of the heat from 11 clock at the booth of the SDZ (“Find your dentist“) with Dr. Ing. Reißmann represented.
The Fortunafans also seem to be resistant to heat, so great was the response and the row in front of the idler wheel long and longer. The highlight, of course, was the autograph session with Aymen Barkok – Fortuna’s “loan” from Frankfurt. Photo impressions below.
And the football match against Fiorentina went well with a draw for Fortuna – let’s take that as a good omen for the next season.

10.08 .: Young people trust in health tips Google, youtube and Co. More about this study in the pressetext article …..

15.08 .: After the construction company was unsuccessful at the first appointment, they will now try to get to the bottom of the water damage on the following Wednesday. We will therefore have to close our practice again because we are not allowed to produce wastewater. A representation is still named. From 4 pm you can also visit colleagues from the ZZN (Florastr.

22.08 .: Whether you clean with the electric or with your manual toothbrush – the decisive factor is your “cleaning type”. More in the ZWP article here …..

31.08 .: Apparently also bacteria in the mouth have an influence on atherosclerosis. More in the DT article about this link …..

July 2018

4.7.18: What Alternatives We Dentists Offer You For Amalgam, Please refer to the ZWP online article

Association between oral and tongue piercing and periodontitis revealed by Dutch researchers. Read more under this link

10.07 .: Citric acid in saliva stimulates the immune system. Read more in the Dental Tribune …..

11.07 .: Cornflakes lack many healthy ingredients. This showed a US-American investigation. More in the article of the press text …..

13.07 .: The nutritional advantages of the Mediterranean diet are well known. That it can now be used against osteoporosis, English researchers have discovered the East Anglia University. More on this link ….

14.07 .: The infinite telematics discussion continues. In the meantime, politics also seems to have understood that, funny enough, 200,000 practices can not be switched over to computers in a few months. And there are only a few benefits – apart from the participating companies, which earn about 3000 – 4000 € per practice -. The second message, however, can be heard and recognize the direction in the industry, politicians and health insurance companies want to go … namely your data – so defend yourself!

Telematics Infrastructure (TI): Politicians think extension of time is possible
The connection of the medical and dental practices to the TI is problematic and tedious. The main reason for this is the delivery difficulties of the industry. By December 31, 2018, all practices should be connected to the TI and be the first application to be able to carry out the insurance master data management (VSDM). So far, about 20,000 practices of the approximately 200,000 practices participate in the TI, so it is unrealistic that the deadline can be met by the end of the year. The Federal Dentistry Association (KZBV) has long been advocating an extension of the deadline. The KZBV calls for the abolition of sanctioning and auxiliary extension until 31.12.2019. Meanwhile, politicians also plead a turnaround. The health politician Tino Sorge (CDU) demands a “rapid rethinking” in the rollout of the TI. “The doctors are not to blame. They must be protected against unjustified sanctions, “said Sorge. He also does not believe in the set deadline. “We are at a crossroads in the TI rollout. Now pragmatism and team spirit are needed – among service providers, payers and industry, “said Sorge. Health politicians of the FDP and AfD have already spoken in favor of extending the deadline until 31.12.2019. Source: Ärzteblatt

For your info: insured master data management – sounds so huge, but is only an address check, the doctors / dentists was stopped; i.e. We do small-scale tasks for your health insurance – so you can of course save administrative costs. And a huge step for the bureaucracy and less for the people.

And the second message shows what industry, health insurance companies and politicians are all about:

Medical profession protests against cash access to practice management systems
When expanding an electronic patient record (ePA), there are currently considerations of granting health insurance companies direct access to the practice management systems of physicians and psychotherapists. Well-informed circles report that the Federal Ministry of Health is approaching the AOK model for the ePA. The Kassenärztliche Federal Association (KBV) and the Kassenarztliche associations (KVen) were outraged and vehemently reject the plans. “We will not accept systems that interfere with our practice systems, as currently promoted by a type of cash. Access by a third party is unacceptable to us, “it says in a joint statement.
Moreover, according to the wishes of Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn, members of the statutory health insurance (SHI) should be able to view their patient data via mobile phone and tablet by 2021 at the latest. According to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, the CDU politician wants to make the corresponding health insurance plans this month. Source: KBV, änd, Ärzteblatt

July 27th: Again, a study is used to do marketing on their own behalf. What’s up to the alleged fluoride hazard, read the doccheck article under this link …..

June 2018

01.06.18: even this year’s water examination of all our pipes has not yielded any negative results. The research institute DIAMEDIS has confirmed to us that all lines are free of germs and legionella and that we can treat you with a clear conscience. The test result can be downloaded here as a pdf file. Water test Diamedis 28-5-18

3:06:18: In case of pain and emergency, you can visit the ZZN during the day (8 am – 6 pm) on Sunday. Supply ripper.

04.06 .: British researchers have made another giant step: first cornea made with cheap 3D printer and with special “bio-ink” brings infinite stock for transplants. Find out more in the press release …..

08.06 .: In “Health in Dusseldorf” you will find more information about our saliva test – soon as a pool sample, so that we can check and test several implants or the entire upper and lower jaw. Link here …..

11.06 .: Unsure if you have bad breath. A new sensor promises success and saves unpleasant questions. More information in the pressetext article ….

13.- 14.06 .: Due to the conversion of the telecom lines to digital technology, we will probably not be able to reach the fixed network throughout the day! Please use in this time our mobile number 0152 52 967 978.
On 14.06. then the internal telecommunications structure as well as all computers, recipe and card readers (eGK and EC cards) have to be switched over and reconfigured. Thank you for your understanding! Everything is running again and after a tame start, thanks to Mr. Weise from Telefonbau Schneider and Mr. Härter from prosoho, we have found a quick conclusion.

15.06 .: A study by American scientists shows the connection between tooth loss and diabetes. More in the article of the Dental-Tribune ….

18:06: Australian and Russian researchers have found a way to fix drugs on nanoparticles targeted to target cancer cells. More in the press release article ….

27.06 .: A new medical patch called “Rivelin”, which sticks to the inside of the mouth, could revolutionize the treatment of diseases in this area. More in the pressetext article here …..

29.06 .: The practice is closed on Friday because of an internal QM-Hygiene training all day. A representation will be named at short notice.

May 2018

01.05.18: The new Praxisinfo is sent.

09.05 .: How 3D printers will soon revolutionize skin and trauma surgery, the article from the press text shows …

On 17.05. Due to the conversion of the telecom lines to digital technology, we will probably not be able to reach the fixed network until 3 pm! Please use in this time our mobile number 0152 52 967 978.

April 2018

05.04 .: English scientists have investigated whether there is a correlation between age at birth and inadequate oral care. More at the Dental Tribune Newsletter ….

11.04 .: The famous microbiome sends its regards – more in the press text ….

14.04 .: In the night from 14. to 15.04. (6 – 8 pm) Reißmann in the ZZN his emergency service at the EVK. If you have pain.

17.04 .: We get reinforcement. From 17.04. Our assistant dentist Lukas Stuckenberg (between the be>

Stiftung Warentest “checks supplementary dental insurance

In the meantime, more than 15 million legally insured persons have taken out private supplementary dental insurance. But the market for additional policies is not very transparent. Most insurers offer different rates with different levels of benefits. The Stiftung Warentest has taken a total of 220 dental supplements under the microscope and rated almost a third with the grade “very good“. At the first test in 2008, out of 83 tariffs analyzed, there were just three. (Paid) Information with numerous details and tables can be found at According to the goods test, “front runners” are the tariffs: “Zahn Prestige” of the Bavarian, “DFV-Zahnschutz Exclusive 100” of the German Family Insurance (DFV) and “EZL-Tarif” of the Hanse Merkur. Source: adp Aril 2018

24.04 .: Also this year will be the “Feel-good morning for the homeless and the poor” of the Maltese Dusseldorf instead of. Our practice also helps with tradition and the Maltese need many hard-working hands for coffee and egg cooking, to collect dishes and to rinse, the ladies of the clothing store need helping hands to sort and spend the clothes donations and the many other works that are successful Feel-good morning are necessary. Meeting is from 7:15 clock in the sports area of ​​St. Ursula Gymnasium for building and coffee cooking, from 8:30 clock we welcome our guests. If you also want to help, please register for the purpose of personnel planning at [email protected]

4.28 .: Tooth to tooth – the Schlossmann Cup. Düsseldorf Dentists from the SDZ play football against F95 veterans in favor of the Children‘s Hospital. Let’s start at 12 o’clock on the lawn of the university sports. Admission is free – donations are welcome. More information here ….

March 2018

5.3.18: The new practice info is sent.

4.3. – 10.03 .: We work z. Currently with the company Doctolib on a conversion of our appointment and order system. Internally it runs, even if a lot is bumpy. In the next week it will then go online – so you can 24 hours 24 hours to book appointments.

We see the great advantage in an automation of the reminder service and the great opportunity for you – outside our opening hours and phone times – to book many appointments online. So you do not have to wait on the phone anymore

Soon you will be able to book follow-up examinations for yourself and your children, child prophylaxis appointments, follow-up examinations after PAR treatments, consultation on implants, dentures and whitening, second meeting appointments and checks for gingivitis and inflammation prophylaxis for implants and of course prophylactic appointments (PZR) at our three prophylactic employees.

As a sneak preview, you can watch the contribution of the Bavarian Radio on the online appointment …..

12.03.18: Colleague Reißmann has been awarded again. The editors of Focus-Gesundheit recommend him as a dentist in Dusseldorf due to an independent survey. That’s our pleasure.

13.03 .: Human papillomaviruses (HPV) are suspected to trigger head and neck tumors. Research from the University of Rochester has now revealed why these viruses can survive unnoticed in the mouth and throat. More in ZWP – online …..

18.03 .: Supplementary insurances – in times of high dentist costs, the business of supplementary insurances is booming – but the variety is confusing and difficult for the layman to understand. The magazine Ökotest made a comparison between the common Internet comparison portals a few weeks ago (Dec. 2017) and came to rather poor results. The article can be viewed on request in our practice. Our recommendation is still a personal consultation with one of the consumer centers. However, you should be aware of what you need for treatment or need in the near future. For this you are welcome to make a consultation and diagnosis appointment with us (we will prepare a private consultation agreement beforehand depending on your temporal consulting needs).

18.03 .: Lately, cases are accumulating in which certain health insurance companies (Pioneer here is the DAK) Reclaiming money for already incorporated dentures for formal reasons. In the past it was assumed in good agreement with a repair or loss of dentures that the processing by your health insurance company went without any problems “over the stage”.
Unfortunately, in times of electronic retrievability of data, this is no longer the case. Thus the KZV Hessen writes: “Starting from the billing month January 2018 … treatment plans which are in need of authorization and whose date of incorporation lies before the approval date, can no longer be billed, because the health insurance companies regularly object to such cases in the context of a reporting procedure”.
And also in North Rhine reported only on Saturday the KZV chairman Ralf Wagner of such practices. Now, other funds such as the BKK Euregio have discovered this “playground” and demand money back for a periodontitis treatment already provided, if the prescribed X-rays are not exactly 6 months old!!
This would mean that we would not get paid for our treatment and might even have to pay it back.
If the cash register would be so bad …. but with a financial reserve of 19.2 billion euros and a profit from 2017 of 3 billion euros alone, my understanding of such harassment slowly ceases.
So far, we have always ignored this because of your emergency situation, but unfortunately this is no longer possible with the growing rage of some coffers. We weredn, however, do everything possible to keep the waiting and processing time as short as possible and the usual speed to offer you even wieterhin can. It should not fail us – but you steam your cash – you pay them eventually! IWW online 25.2.18, own research 17-3-18

23.03 .: We refresh our first aid and heart / lung resuscitation, as well as the operation of the defibrillator with the help of the Maltese in our practice, so that we can do our best for you and us in case of a case. Very much fun and instructive had our training in the best on a practice team set Ersthelferausbilderin. Many thanks.

February 2018

5.2.18: The new practice info is sent.

6.2.18: Verband der Ersatzkassen (vdek) publishes survey on medical care

The vast majority of the German population is satisfied with the medical care, this is the result of a Forsa survey of 1,000 insured persons commissioned by vdek. 30% of respondents are very satisfied with the status quo and 55% are satisfied. The majority of respondents also respect the performance principles of the statutory health insurance (SHI). Rising costs of benefits in SHI should, according to respondents, not be imposed on the insured, but should be financed jointly by employees and employers or by the state through tax subsidies. Moreover, 60% believe that additional costs for social care insurance should be financed by state subsidies through tax subsidies. Only nine percent are in favor of additional private protection.
Source: vdek / FVDZ onlinenews 6.2.18

14.02.18: How the future of tumor medicine may look like, researchers from Beijing have now shown in first attempts. More in the press-text article under the following link ….

15.02.18: We also notice it – the number of crunchers is increasing. In the Dental-Tribune article there are a few small aids. More here…..

16.02.2018: Financial test: Which health insurance company grants which subsidy to the PZR? The journal “Finanztest” has now determined which statutory health insurance companies pay which grants for professional dental cleaning (PZR). Forty-two of the 74 health insurances pay this subsidy, which usually ranges between € 35 and € 60. This is what the magazine published in its March issue. “Financial test” shows in a table, how much the respective health insurance pays the insured regardless of any pre-existing conditions for a PZR. For the grant, they have to submit the bill to their fund office and possibly be enrolled in a bonus program, but they do not fulfill any other conditions. The highest subsidy among the funds opened nationwide – a total of 60 euros per year – is provided by DAK Gesundheit, BKK VBU and Viactiv KK. For the additional payment of up to 500 euros per year at the AOK Lower Saxony, some rules apply: for example, the high budget for various extra services overall. Source: Financial Test, IWW Online News

s is official. The practice fee will be abolished again on 1 January 2013. The additional payment of ten euros, which must be paid by cash-desk patients for doctor’s and dentist visits once a quarter, is waived. To adjudicate the decision of the government coalition, the practice fee, now expressed in addition to Federal Chamber of Dentists, the Federal Dentists Association, the Bavarian State Dental Association and the German Medical Association. Read the current statements at the end of the practice fee.

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