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The patients come first in our practice

Our focus is always on the patient. We attach great importance to meeting you at eye level and to make all decisions regarding a possible therapy by mutual agreement. Therefore, we always take sufficient time to provide you with comprehensive information on findings and illnesses. Differences between legally and privately insured patients do not exist in our dental practice – we treat each patient to the best of our knowledge for maximum therapeutic success. The most important goal is the long-term maintenance or restoration of your dental health and well-being.

Our dental practice offers you.

  • Professional treatment according to individual concepts
  • Competent and motivated practice team
  • Friendly rooms with feel-good atmosphere
  • Equipment with the most modern techniques
  • Practice-owned dental laboratory with highly qualified dental technicians
  • Close cooperation with specialized outdoor laboratories

Qualified and motivated practice team

Thanks to our motivated and dynamic team of employees, you will experience understanding in all areas of the dental practice for your situation as well as a trusting meeting of your counterpart. Also in dealing with children our experienced staff is well trained. In order to provide you with optimal advice and treatment according to the current state of research, a continuous scientific education for our dentists is a matter of course.

Both physicians have special certificates in the field of implantology, so that patients with the need for a gentle denture are at the right place. Another focus of Dr. med. Kossel is Periodontology, which deals with diseases of the periodontium. Dr. med. dent. Stefan Krebs, on the other hand, is particularly well-versed in the field of oral surgery and prosthodontics. Since prosthodontics and implantology have been of outstanding importance in dentistry, our dental technicians in this area are excellently trained. So you can safely go into the hands of our practice team.

Information about the equipment of our dental practice

Of course, the premises of the practice make an important contribution to a pleasant treatment atmosphere. Therefore, we have undergone multiple dental renovations over the years. Bright colors, lots of light and cheerful decorations now spread a friendly atmosphere.

A special feature of our practice is the separate prophylaxis room to call, which is reserved exclusively for professional teeth cleaning and prophylactic examinations. In addition, since the end of 2013 we have changed our documentation to digital patient records. In this way, your data can be retrieved quickly and easily in any practice room – leaving more time for close-knit supervision.

The technical equipment of our practice also meets the latest standards of science and leaves nothing to be desired. For example, digital x-ray devices and the intraoral camera make accurate diagnostics easier, while innovative methods such as iconic caries infiltration and laser treatment are popular minimally invasive alternatives to traditional therapies. Techniques such as air flow and piezon scaling have also revolutionized the possibilities of prophylaxis. Further information about our most important technologies and tools can be found in our technical category.

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