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No matter whether you buy the stroller or the buggy new or used – it will be used frequently and will have to endure a lot. Again and again it may be that you need one or the other spare part or simply want to replace something. It is therefore always an advantage to find out enough about the possibilities that a pram model has to offer.

Stroller and buggy spare parts test 2019/2020

Spare parts must also be of high quality

Some areas of the stroller are particularly stressed. These include, for example, the straps or the tires of the stroller. Just like the brake. Basically, you can assume that your stroller or buggy is of good quality. Especially if you rely on the test winner or on high-quality models, such as from Hartan or Teutonia, Emmaljunga or Bugaboo. Manufacturers often offer a guarantee. This is important if spare parts or accessories break down quickly and through no fault of your own. Nevertheless, many different parts are also subject to wear. Repairing the parts is often not worthwhile and it is easier to invest in new spare parts straight away. This saves you money on repairs that may not even be worthwhile.

Which areas are heavily used?

There are some parts of the stroller or buggy that are exposed to heavy strain every day. This includes:

  • the tires
  • the axis
  • the temples
  • the handle
  • the brake
  • clips
  • the belt
  • the frame

Depending on the type of tire your pram has, it may be sufficient to use a spare pram tube. The hose set is usually available directly from the manufacturer or can be bought in stores. You can use the spare pram hose yourself or go to a bike shop. The tires on your stroller are like new and can withstand many trips into the city or the forest.

The axis is also subject to heavy loads. The axles are loaded by the weight of the child, the stroller bag and also the carrier bag or the attachment. At the same time, however, every bump and every uneven road is a danger. They usually endure a lot. Nevertheless, after a certain time, the axes may no longer function properly or even break. In this case, an interchangeable axle is a good choice if the car is otherwise in good condition. The change axis can generally be used quickly and easily. You can also involve a professional here if necessary. Sometimes it can also be an advantage to replace the frame immediately. This is often done when you buy a used stroller and the frame shows heavy signs of wear.

Hardly anything is as important as the brake. Whether on the bus or train, outside or in the stairwell – if you stop and take your hands off the handle, you should always apply the brakes to be on the safe side. If this no longer works, do not put it off for long but rely on safety. Buggy spare parts like the brake are usually not a big investment, but are still very important.

The adapter is also an important pram spare part. It can be used to place the carrycot or sports seat on the frame. If something breaks off here, the safety of the entire model is at risk. So it’s best to buy an adapter directly as an accessory and replacement. So you always have it at hand and can make a change if necessary if problems arise.

Also a lot in use – handle, strap and strap

The handle of the stroller or buggy is heavily used. Here the models are equipped with different accessories. The handles are often covered with a rubber cover, but often also with a leather cover. Sometimes the entire handle does not have to be replaced. It is enough to buy a new cover. If you want, you can also change the whole design and make it different.

The belt and front bar ensure the safety of your child, especially in the sports car or buggy. Your baby is strapped in with the belt and cannot slip out of the car. The front bar is an additional security. Children like to play around with the individual parts of the car, pull on it and break something from time to time. It is good to know whether it is possible to replace the front bar and the belt. It is often enough if a clip breaks. Sometimes you only need to replace the clip, but sometimes it is better to invest directly in a new belt. Often there is a strap and clip directly in the set.

Pay attention to reviews

Of course, first and foremost, you want your pram or buggy to do one thing above all: hold on. Therefore, pay attention to the test report before buying and use the comparison from renowned institutes or our website to see which model does particularly well. Good and cheap need not be mutually exclusive. The most expensive brand is not always the best. You can also rely on the testimonials from parents. Who has experience? with the stroller or made the buggy? Are stroller spare parts needed? Is it necessary to buy additional accessories? Of course, the statements are no guarantee that nothing will break with you. But they are an important basis for the decision.

If you have to buy spare parts for buggies or spare parts for strollers, take your time and compare the prices. Price comparisons are also always offered for individual parts. You can often save if you buy several spare parts in one set or place a larger order. It is worth investing the time and looking for different options. In some cases there are also universal accessories that can be used by several brands.


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