Prams with air chamber tires are the winners in comparison

Comparison of strollers with air chamber tires

The air chamber tires are a practical alternative. They actually look like real bicycle tires. However, the material is made very thick to maintain the shape. The air chamber tires have only a small cavity in which there is air, on the bicycle there is the inner tube. However, the air does not dampen, but the material can escape into the open space when loaded and can therefore absorb shocks.

This tire variant dampens better than hard rubber and is almost puncture-proof. From time to time, however, smaller stones or sand can sneak into the empty space of the tire and then clatter around. But you can easily vacuum them with a vacuum cleaner from the air chamber area.

The all-rounder when it comes to baby transport

Combined stroller with pneumatic tires and suspension

The biggest sales drivers for the specialized trade are the combination strollers. Parents would like to have baby mobility solved with just one purchase. That is why the combi strollers are so popular. They are versatile and versatile.

Baby carriage with air chamber wheels

From birth they can be used as a first car. Later in the sitting age, this stroller can be converted into a buggy or pushchair. Another form of combi stroller has established itself on the market – the travel systems. They can also be used from birth and can be used until kindergarten. They also form an interface to travel mobility by car.

You have to pay attention to a minimum lying dimension for the tub attachments

The pram comparison in February 2016 reminds that not only the processing quality and the functional parts play a role.

When choosing a combi stroller, parents should keep an eye on pollutants, seat parts and bags that are too tight. The Test Foundation has discovered a weak point in the station wagons.

With a few exceptions, the tub attachments are too narrow and too narrow. These are then below the recommended limit of 35 x 78 cm.
The standards that the manufacturers rely on are usually actually complied with. But the strollers are only suitable for children if they reflect the reality of life.

That means that when buying a stroller with pneumatic tires, you should pay close attention if you have a winter baby who also wants to have enough space in the carrycot or if you expect a stronger child. Only a few stroller models currently meet the requirements. For example, the Voletto Sport from Knorr-Baby or the Go from Britax Römer. But also Zekiwa, Gesslein, Hartan, Emmaljunga or Trille (Danish brand) put quite spacious prams.

Space and space requirements in everyday life – a compromise

Above all, the multi-purpose strollers are versatile and can be used for several years. But that also means that such a stroller has to be able to do a lot. The all-in-one strollers are always a compromise between space and space requirements. You can only do a little bit of everything, but nothing really right. she go with restrictions in all individual disciplines.

Unrealistic trunk dimensions, chunky appearances, little flexible seat parts and missing supports for the child are perceived as annoying and faulty. The manufacturers also venture into the hands of parents with no adjustment options for the push rod. Swivel slides, height-adjustable and foldable handles, convertible seat units have become today as a technically valid standard. Parents naturally take this for granted in their usual freedom of mobility.


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