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Pilgrim prayers and blessings to pray on the way

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Important texts from Scripture on the subject "make a pilgrimage"

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Psalm 121: A psalm for the way to the temple

The Book of Jonah: Escape and Maturation of a Prophet

Luke 24: 13-35: Two disciples of Jesus make a pilgrimage to Emmaus

Epistle to Hebrews 11: 8–16: Abraham trusts God as he sets out into the unknown

A travel prayer at the beginning of a trip

Gracious and merciful God, I have decided on some Time to distance myself from mine and my house. That’s why I come to you and ask you to bless my exit and entrance: in your name I want it travel line up, under your escort I want to do the same and under your protection you want to take me home again. You keeper of Israel, who you neither sleep nor slumber, be around me like a fiery wall day and night, so that no misfortune and ruin come close to me. Accompany me early and late, in forests and fields with your holy angelic power, as you guided the children of Israel through the desert with a pillar of cloud. Accompany me when I travel, stay with me when I rest, watch over me when I sleep. Lord Jesus Christ, who you traveled with the disciples in the form of a wanderer, be with me on my journey too and fill my heart with good thoughts.

(from an Alsatian prayer book, 19th century (source: Deutsches Pfarrerblatt 7/2000)

Departure in God’s creation

God our earth is just a small star in your incomprehensible universe.
You have made us people who can use their free will.
You create new awareness for all of us,
so that our hearts are gripped more and more by your love
and peace, justice and love can spread.
God, we’re making a pilgrimage today for justice and peace
– for ourselves
– for our fellow human beings
– for our mother earth
Let us enjoy your creation in gratitude along the way.
Thank you for clean air, sun, rain and wind
Thanks for animals and plants along the way
Thanks for the community

Let us know again and again in humility that God is love!
And send each of us your divine thoughts,
that also give us new impulses on our path through life,
so that we can live life,
that you meant for us.

(Ingrid Wittmann, dean’s representative in the Evangelical Lutheran dean’s office in Gräfenberg)

Pilgrims blessing:

In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
May you get to your destination
and after you have completed your way,
return physically and mentally healthy.
(Pilgrimage blessing Sain-Cugot Abbey, Vallés, France)

At the Finish

God, we thank you for safely accompanying us on the way to the goal of our pilgrimage. We thank you for being the way and the goal of our life. We are from you. We live through you. We grow towards you. We say thank you that we belong to you in life and in death, now and forever. God bless us and keep us, give us your peace. Amen.
(Sinfonia oecumenica, 352)

Let me go slower, sir.

Relieve the hurried beating of my heart
By the silence of my soul.
Let my hasty steps become steadier
With a view of the vast time of eternity.
Give me amid the confusion of the day
The calm of the eternal mountains.
Release the tension in my nerves and muscles
Through the soft music of the singing water,
that are alive in my memory.
Let me see the magic power of sleep,
that renews me.
Teach me the art of the free moment.
Let me go slower,
to see the flower,
to exchange a few words with a friend,
petting a dog
to read a few lines in a book.
Let me go slower, sir,
and give me the wish,
sink my roots deep into the eternal bottom,
so that I can grow up
to my true destiny.

(Prayer from South Africa)

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pilgrim prayer

Lord Jesus Christ,
You are the way
and the truth and life.
And we are on the way to you together.
So join us,
when we hike up and down.
Don’t just fill us with fresh air,
but also with your Holy Spirit.
Give us strength to go
and courage for them hazards, that lie before us.
Keep us from evil,
that lurks on the roadside,
but above all evil,
that lives in ourselves.
Show us where to turn,
to find the way to the truth.
We want to find you there
and worship as our Lord and God.
And finally lead us to the goal.
We want to get to you forever
and praise you,
because you are the meaning of our life.

(Author: Pastor Christoph Seydich from Havelland /
Evangelical parish Milow)

evening prayer

The light of the distance transfigured.
Sighing lanterns rise above the lake.
Everything in the hem of dreaming confidence.

It attracts the night with a friendly hug.
I drift with the stars above the moonlight
and trustingly put my prayer
in the hands of heaven.


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