Precautions for the dentist, kostenfalle zahn

Precautions for the dentist

Although teeth can be filled and replaced, no replacement is better than the original. Dentists advertise with increasingly better and visually appealing screening methods that patients can use.

The essentials in brief:

  • For children and adolescents between the age of six months and the age of 18, the health insurance funds pay regular check-ups.
  • Adults can take control examinations, scaling and early detection of periodontitis. As a private service saliva tests or seals are offered.
  • With the right dental care at home caries and periodontitis can be prevented.

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Why is dental care important?

The prevention and early detection of diseases has not always been the focus of dentistry. For a long time, the dental office was a repair shop where not much emphasis was placed on tooth preservation. This has changed for several decades. Because more attention is paid to healthy teeth in the population, fewer teeth are affected by tooth decay and more own teeth are available. This shows that many oral diseases are good to prevent. But the fight against the bacteria in the mouth, which can cause tooth decay and periodontitis or implants peri-implantitis, is only with regular use to win. The offers of the dentists are diverse, but the good oral hygiene at home is crucial.

What care do dentists offer??

Every legally insured person can take a free check-up once every six months. The dentist examines the dentition and the entire oral cavity and gives tips for dental care at home and a healthy diet. A paid preventive measure is the professional teeth cleaning. It removes a professional discoloration and soft and hardened bacterial remains of the teeth, from the interdental spaces and up to three millimeters below the gingival margin. Many health insurance companies participate in the costs.

Adults can take advantage of three statutory health insurance benefits: the check-up once every six months, the scaler removal once a year and the periodontitis early detection every two years (periodontal screening index).

As a private service offered saliva tests and the sealing of posterior occlusal surfaces (fissure seal). A saliva test should determine the amount of saliva or the amount of caries-inducing bacteria. However, the result usually does not allow a clear statement about the personal caries risk. Whether caries develops depends on several factors.

From July 1, 2019, new statutory benefits will be in place to prevent caries in infants. After that, children between 6 and 34 months of age are now entitled to 3 additional screening examinations. These are timed to the U-studies.

For children between three and six years, three free checkups are cash benefits, between six and 18 years, children and adolescents can go to the dentist every six months. Because tooth decay often occurs in children on the last two posterior teeth in front of the wisdom tooth, their surface can be protected from bacteria with a protective varnish (fissure seal). Also the Fissurenversiegelung pay the health insurance.

Which measures are important at home?

Twice daily, so the official recommendation, the teeth should be cleaned. It should be thorough and systematic, especially in the evening. After two minutes cleaning time, the teeth are much cleaner than after a minute. Dental floss or interdental brushes can be used as needed.

A fluoridated toothpaste protects against tooth decay. Fluoride varnishes can also be applied to the teeth in the dental office. Too much fluoride can be harmful. Therefore, one should agree with the form and dosage with the dentist. For example, fluoride tablets should only be used if fluoride is not used in either toothpaste or table salt.

more on the subject

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