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How important oral hygiene is in pregnancy

Oral hygiene is important – especially during pregnancy. Because bacteria can be transmitted to the child. Even if the child is born in the world, dental hygiene is essential because cuddling and kisses can also spread bacteria. In addition, deciduous teeth are prone to tooth decay, since the enamel is not yet sufficiently developed.

Protect yourself, her teeth and her newborn

Optimize your oral hygiene

Due to the hormonal changes during pregnancy, the gums can inflame, bleed and swell. Also, the teeth are more prone to tooth decay. From the fourth month they should more often than twice a day brush your teeth. For oral hygiene in between chewing gum and sugar-free lozenges for oral care have been reinforced. They activate the saliva as a natural protection and rinsing system for teeth and gums. Let your dental practice show you how to individually cleanse your teeth during these important months. Prophylaxis at the dentist is now especially important for you and your child.

Prophylaxis: In the pregnancy to the dentist

We recommend a visit to the dentist and a professional cleaning service at least twice during pregnancy (in the 2nd / 3rd month and in the 5th to 7th month). For untreated gingivitis (periodontitis) and caries bacteria are significant risk factors for premature birth or low birth weight.

Do you have questions about dental care in pregnancy?

Do you want to know what consequences X-rays, amalgam fillings or urgent dental treatments can have for you and your child? Contact us with confidence – we will gladly advise you.

Prophylaxis to protect your child

Bacteria from the oral cavity can be transmitted to the newborn. Of course, this also applies to fathers and other persons close to the child. Children are born without the caries-causing bacteria and are usually infected by adults – via cuddling, kisses, pacifiers or spoons – “licking”. Therefore, it is enormously important for the new parents to have regular professional teeth cleaning done in the dental office. This will protect your child!

children prophylaxis

The importance of deciduous teeth is often underestimated because they are replaced after a few years by the permanent teeth. But healthy baby teeth are very important! They are placeholders for the permanent teeth and thus prevent subsequent malocclusions.

Also for the linguistic development of children healthy milk teeth are urgently needed. Since milk teeth do not yet have a mature tooth enamel, they are more vulnerable to caries bacteria. In addition to the observance of nutritional rules is the regular visit to the dentist for healthy children’s teeth an absolute “must”! In our practice we offer for your children a child-friendly, joint cleaning training, the sealing of the tooth surfaces for caries protection and the local fluoridation of the teeth of your child. Children from 6 years receive a child-friendly professional teeth cleaning of about 10-20 min. On request, we treat anxious children from the age of 2 with our “magic air” – laughing gas.

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