Pregnancy Update, 10

Pregnancy update | 10th month of pregnancy

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Very slowly, I am ready for the birth and even longing for her. A month ago, I was still a long way from having a baby in my arms soon – but honestly, I can not wait to see that. The name is still a small problem. For months, we have had four names that we particularly liked and that are available for selection. I assume that we will decide in the delivery room. Slowly I am also thinking more about the puerperium. Last time, everything went a bit out of hand. We had too much visit. I will also write separately about the topic, because it really goes down many times. I’m really looking forward to the A., dad, baby and mom time. A. addresses the baby bump each time with a new name. I’m really curious how he will record everything. I will order the days a little baby doll who will bring him the baby as a gift. Hach, I’m happy.

increase in weight

The last time I put myself on the scales a fortnight ago. 80kg. Even my doctor said that I now hold the weight super. The little one would have to stay in me for another 4 weeks and I can not imagine that much will happen. I am happy. Maybe next pregnancy I will only be 70kg? Any pregnancy 10kg less would be a dream &# 128540 ;. For baby no. 10 then 0 kg.

New and old

The ordered Kids Mill playpen would have to arrive soon, otherwise we have everything together. We have all the clothes together, the nursery stands, all nursing utensils are there, we also have baby carriages and stretcher. We are perfectly equipped and pack the days of the clinic bag.

Last week came a few gifts and most importantly, the baby seat. Since we are a long time partner of the company Joolz, we were surprised with the new Joolz Day2 * in the color Blu. In addition, there was the matching baby seat by BeSafe in the Joolz Edition *. This will definitely be taken to the clinic and our little sweetheart will experience her first car ride in her. I’ll tell you more about the stroller and the shell next month.


The Lidl hype did not pass us either – we decided on the cute bird jacket in beige. Unfortunately, the sleeves on one side are 2cm longer and that means for us: Next time we have to take a closer look.

Since we already have the great gauze towels of aden + anais with the giraffe print, it was absolutely necessary to move in the matching blanket *. A.’s greasy blanket by Lässig is still a faithful companion and that’s why Baby 2 has to have its own. I just love muslin stuff. In addition to the blanket is also a small Romper * for the summer time moved. He liked us so much, that I had to have him now, in size 68, for the spring / summer, before he is sold out.

Tom & Jenny

We also have the new Bodysuits from Tom & Jenny * under the magnifying glass. Tom & Jenny specializes in high-quality baby bodysuits in sizes 46 to 98, which can be ordered individually or as a subscription. Bodys in a subscription? Yes, you heard right. Always the right size at the right time in a high and consistent quality. White and simple, made of 100% Egyptian fairtrade organic cotton (GOTS certified), very breathable, washable up to 95 ° C, dryer-proof, made in interlock knitting technology and no sign in the neck – everything was considered here.

The very small sizes are available in the winding design (baby does not have to be pulled over the head), they are long-sleeved, have a scratch protection (perfect for small sharp baby nails), are equipped with push buttons for sub buttoning, have rounded leg openings and the flat seams do the Bodysuits perfect.

My dear blogger colleague Lisa von maunzimadame has sent us a Christmas package with her TWELVEfirst baby box.

I am in love with this baby box *! TWELVEfirst is a great idea as a first gift to new parents. The selected gifts are not just for the newborn, they are also perfect for mom. True to the motto “For a happy first year”, the TWELVEfirst team has beautiful products for the first year.

You can order the box in small (three products), medium (4 products) and in large (consisting of all five selected products). Perfect as a gift to friends, family or his baby and yourself. The current box is made up of baby shampoo from ALMA Baby Care, a bandana bib from aden + anais, a book to fill in “The Life of Mom and Dad” by Ms. Ottilie, a teething ring by POOFI and an Energizing Mint by Waltz7.

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