Pregnant despite the period – it can be

I have get my days even during pregnancy." For real? Why a pregnancy is not possible despite a period and which bleeding is normal: the fact check!

Pregnant despite your period? That does not exist. Although many women report having had their periods well into pregnancy, there are other causes of this bleeding. Because pregnancy and menstruation could not be more different.

Pregnancy despite a period is not biologically possible

Period and implantation bleeding are mutually exclusive. During the period, the uterine lining that has built up during the cycle is shed with bleeding. It is no longer needed. Exactly this uterine lining is used in the case of fertilization, because the egg cell nests in it. Once you are pregnant, there is no more ovulation – this also makes the period unnecessary.

Light bleeding at the time of implantation, on the other hand, often occurs – and is just as often mistaken for normal menstrual bleeding, even if it is weaker and usually shows up as spotting. Why does it bleed at all? After fertilization, the blood vessels of the uterus enlarge in preparation for pregnancy. These can be injured during implantation and this leads to slight bleeding.

Bleeding in early pregnancy is not uncommon

Now you might think: well, the implantation bleeding is one bleeding – but What is with the women who continue to get the period despite pregnancy? The clear answer is: here too Not around menstruation. Slight vaginal bleeding occurs especially in early pregnancy – and is not a cause for concern.

The cause is usually the hormone change, the body adapts to pregnancy and until everything runs smoothly "set up" it can bleed sometimes. This bleeding can also occur cyclically so that it is easily confused with the period. In this case, however, they are much weaker, mostly just spotting or a few drops. Bleeding in early pregnancy is often difficult to distinguish from the period if hormonal contraception (e.g. with the pill) was previously used, since this often reduces the duration and strength of the menstrual period.

As mentioned earlier, light bleeding during pregnancy is harmless in most cases. However, if the bleeding becomes more severe or persists, pain or additional symptoms occur, one must ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage be excluded. That’s why you should definitely get a medical examination. Whenever you’re worried that something isn’t right is – prefer to ask too little more than once.


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