Prepping – 3 valuable tips for storing food

Prepping - 3 valuable tips for storing food

Prepping – 3 Valuable tips for storing food

Whether natural disasters or terrorist attacks, there are some reasons to leave the house for security reasons.

To the collective term “Prepping” is also the accumulation of emergency stocks to be able to hedge in case of emergency.

The trend towards crisis prevention comes from America, but finds more and more supporters here, also in the form of appropriate literature and prepping lists.

Below are 3 tips on how to properly prepare your food supply for a crisis.

1. Requirements for food for prepping

The amount of food reserves should be sufficient for at least 10-30 days – during this time you could find new food sources.

You do not have to order the expensive survival packages from the internet that last for years, but are useless in the closet.

To make matters worse, these packages may also contain rations that do not suit your taste.

Preserves – The classic for prepping and vitamin preservation

Better sit up varied selection of canned goods. The supply of fruit, vegetables, fish, meat and ready meals is almost inexhaustible.

sauerkraut provides an optimal source of vitamin C and is high in fiber, as well as easily digestible.

Preservation process at home

Root vegetables can be stored in sandboxes for several months, which is a good way to consume fresh food in the first time.

For home-made preserves, please pay attention to cambers (bloated cans) and the lack of “cracking” when opening or a hissing noise.

Should occur with home-made just mentioned, do not eat the contents of the preserve by any means! Dispose of this food immediately.

Dry Food – Long shelf life and fast cooked

Highly recommended is the purchase of Skimmed milk or whole milk powder, think about the supply of calcium, as well as the versatile use of milk in soups or coffee.

This is also durable through its vacuum packaging, no one has to do without this luxury.

Rice, cereal, potato flakes, pasta and crispbread are ideal for storage and for quick preparation.

You should also expect a power failure – fridge and stove are no longer working. To prepare the food you need a gas cooker and enough gas cartridges.

Most people always have these foods in the house. That’s it “First in, first out” principle – What is bought first is also consumed first, so you always guarantee the longest shelf life.

It is important to always have plenty of stock available. Estimate for yourself how high your need for food is during the week and dedicate yourself accordingly to the reserves.

Crystalline ingredients such as salt or sugar are ideal for storing. Please take iodised table salt, because iodine is essential for your health. It is needed for thyroid function and can lead to serious health problems if deficient.

Spices and dried herbs are long lasting and complement the diet considerably.

Distilled white wine vinegar is almost unlimited shelf life, even edible oils can be used in an emergency to rancidity.

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