Press the gas pedal: natural gas mobility in constance

When the red light on the fuel gauge lights up, joy seldom arises. The latest is that the trip to the cash register has recently become much more unpleasant, as the prices for gasoline and diesel at german gas stations have recently climbed again significantly.

Good that there are far cheaper alternatives. With a natural gas vehicle, you don’t just save money at the gas station. The nearest gas pump can also be found quickly thanks to the well-developed network of filling stations, and with our renewable bio natural gas you are making a significant contribution to protecting our environment and to the energy transition.

Change over now and start enjoying the benefits of your natural gas vehicle!

Gas in the tank: more than just an alternative:

  • Saving costs: filling up with natural gas is unbeatably cheaper and more cost-efficient than super or diesel.
  • Protecting the environment: natural gas produces hardly any particulate matter and significantly fewer CO2 emissions than conventional fuels. Your good conscience becomes your passenger.
  • Easy to refuel: natural gas refueling is not only fast, but also possible at over 900 pumps in germany.
  • Save on taxes: thanks to the low CO2 emissions of CNG cars, you can save a lot of money: up to 60 euros on comparable engines.
  • Safety first: natural gas cars are particularly safe and can easily withstand unexpected stresses, such as those that occur in accidents.

Questions about natural gas mobility

In our question and answer section, we answer many questions about natural gas mobility.

Our bio natural gas station

Here you will find all the information about our natural gas filling station in max-stromeyer-strabe.

Filling up even more cheaply

As the owner of our tank chip, you save even more cash at our bio natural gas filling station.

For your perfect new start

For an even better start to natural gas mobility, we’ll help you buy a new car.

Climate protection has many aspects. In addition to 100 percent green electricity and environmentally friendly natural gas, alternative mobility based on renewable energies is also essential for the preservation of our unique earth. That’s why, as a regional energy supplier, we support natural gas mobility in Constance: we’ll be happy to advise you on all aspects of the topic and support you with attractive subsidies for the purchase of your new CNG vehicle. With us as your co-pilot, you’ll be on your way to a more climate-friendly and cost-efficient future.

Your contact

Moritz ganb/reiner hofer

Energy consultant stadtwerke konstanz

Cheap bio natural gas

At our natural gas filling station in max-stromeyer-strabe, you can not only fill up at a particularly low price, you can also do something good for the environment with our 100 percent climate-neutral biogas and drive the traffic revolution forward with us.

Get smart now and switch to natural gas.

As a member of the association the future of mobility in baden-wurttemberg let’s get natural gas and electromobility on the roads in the region. With the focus on successfully shaping the transformation of transportation, the goal of zukunft mobil baden-wurttemberg is to increase public awareness of environmentally friendly fuel alternatives.

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