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May 2019: Dr. Reißmann is also on the road as an instructor and has been interviewed by the Free Association of German Dentists. More here …..


As part of the Fortuna Family Day and promotion to the 1st Football League of Fortuna Dusseldorf colleague tear man was at the booth of the SDZ (search your dentist) active and has sweaty. More in the article of the Rheinische Zahnärzteblatt RZB F95 Opening Ceremony Summer 2018 SDZ Stand

03.21.17 / 21.03.18: Also in 2018 colleague Reißmann has been awarded. The editors of Focus-Gesundheit recommend him as a dentist in Dusseldorf due to an independent survey. That’s our pleasure.

The article on colleagues Grzonka, who has been active in the Düsseldorf carnival for years, shows that we are not just on the road. You can find out more here … ..Jecke Post Kath Carnival Youth Jan 2017

Even if we do not count the Bildzeitung to our standard press organs; so we are pleased with this current opinion (11.2.14) of a patient very much (and the spelling mistakes, we Besserwisser not at all):

TOP Dentist 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016
Award by “”

Also for 2016 we have been selected by the users of the website for the best Dusseldorf TOP dental practices and nationwide in the top 10 (for the fourth time in a row).

Dear Sir or Madam,

Congratulations! They were listed as TOP Dentist 2015 excellent.
The entire team would like to thank you for your outstanding

Commitment to the well-being of the patient and looking forward to continuing
good cooperation. ….
Best regards
Kilian Link

How this verdict comes about, we have taken from the homepage of the makers of the dentist recommendation pages:

“How patients get a better picture of the treatment spectrum at the dentist

A few days ago it was time again. In the middle of May the TOP Dentists were honored on
What the award TOP Dentist means for patients?
In the evaluation of the TOP Dentist 2013, the first 10 percent of all dentists listed on were awarded. There were criteria such. B. number of qualitative posts in the forum, tips, various articles and of course, recommendations of satisfied patients with a. Thereby the widest possible range of medical advice and help in the field of dentistry should be displayed for each visitor to the site.
With the TOP Dentist Logo on not only particularly dedicated dentists should be appreciated, but also a better orientation aid for patients should be offered. In this way, patients can find a wealth of e.g. read questions answered by other patients with some very similar problems and thereby build a first relationship of trust.
The entire team of also thanks in the name of many patients for their outstanding commitment to the well-being of health! “

We would also like to thank you for your trust and we are determined to be on the podium in 2015 as well!

Prophylaxis begins in childhood

Therefore 60 schoolchildren from the 3A and 3B of the Ferdinand Heye school in Gerresheim visited their partner practice Dr. med. Grzonka and dr. Reißmann. For further information, please refer to the following report from the Rheinische Zahnärzteblatt:

Entry into the practice

Tooth spring in Dusseldorf practices

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Picture newspaper from 17.10.2007

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On the gentle tour

Hypnosis helps anxiety patients
Article in the WAZ from 22.09.2000

The pain is strong, but the fear of the man with the drill excels the tearing in the jaw. The dentist appointment – a horror trip.
The fear is unnecessary, more and more dentists mean. They help with hypnosis.
Two hands rest gently on the shoulders. That of the dentist on the right, that of the assistant on the left. In a low, monotone voice, both talk to the patient. It seems to have plunged into the realm of dreams and opens the jaw like in a trance – the treatment begins. In the Tönisheider practice of Stefan Atzwanger the gentle tour in the dental chair is a daily business. Like 500 colleagues who have also joined the “German Society of Dental Hypnosis” (DGZH), Atzwanger tries to strip off the image of the skilled craftsman, who is still working with drills and tongs. Empathy instead of superiority, imagination instead of cool routine – the use of hypnosis requires much from conventional medicine, which should rarely impart study and training. Atzwanger emphasizes methods that paid off in terms of the patient: “Many patients are about to collapse if they only smell the practice.” However, the hypnosis hocus-pocus and show have nothing to do with the new treatment method, according to the doctor.

In a roundabout way to the treatment chair
It is often sufficient for the patient to breathe consciously on the treatment chair and to recall positive experiences and feelings with the help of the doctor. Only a minority of hard-core rationalists oppose hypnotic elements such as music and suggestion. However, DGZH doctors do not completely abstain from stun spraying. Those who suffer from bad phobias and panic from the practice, sometimes need further help. Atzwanger: “We work together with psycho-therapists.” In practice, then, the approach to the chair is “practiced” step by step. Since these methods can not be settled through the cash registers, the patient pays. Between 150 and 500 marks per session are calculated by doctors of the DGZH. – “I have a patient, he was a real phobist, and today he does everything without an injection,” says Atzwanger. Also in children recommend a kind of “hypnosis”. Jenny (4) ruined herself as a baby by continuous sucking on the sugar tea all front teeth. Although Jenny never had any fear of the dentist, “small children do not open their mouths for ten minutes,” said the doctor. Storytelling and rewarding (eg inflating balloons with the “Puster”) make the visit to the dentist a kind of game. Jenny’s teeth are now restored – and the four-year-old is proud of that.
Report of the WAZ, W107 / 03 of Friday, September 22, 2000

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