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Price list - alldent-zahnzentrum

Price List

Information about the prices

Please note that these prices are price examples. These serve as a guide to give you an idea of ​​the costs associated with treatment. The exact costs can only after an investigation be determined.

Legally insured patients

The numbers in the table represent the part of the costs that the patient usually has to pay by himself. Private supplementary insurance may participate in the costs, depending on the tariff.


Ceramic, fully veneered
(including functional analysis)

Ceramic, fully veneered
(including functional analysis)

Professional teeth cleaning (PZR) according to recommendations
the Stiftung Warentest
incl. Prof. Zahnreinigung! 309,- * 4
Tooth filling (per tooth) Var. 1: nano-composite
Var. 2: ceramic inlay
Root canal treatment Var. 1: state-of-the-art instruments
Var. 2: like var. 1 + microscope


* 2
* 2
inlay ceramics 450,- warranty
Veneer ceramics 650,-
Crown 400,- * 1 warranty
Bridge (3 links) 910,- * 1 warranty
Bridge (5 links) 1450,- * 1 warranty
Implant (including crown!) Ceramic crown,
fully veneered
1690,- * 1 warranty
Partial denture (K.A.) * 1.3
Telescopic prosthesis (3 telescopes) (K.A.) * 1.3

For private patients

The price list does not apply to private patients. With private patients the bills are usually higher, since no achievements can be settled directly with the insurance and thus everything appears on the calculation. As a private patient you always receive an invoice for the total costs. By contrast, legally insured patients only receive an invoice for the costs that are not covered by their insurance. Here the own contribution is easy to determine. For private patients, the own contribution is based on the individual insurance tariff. These are very different. Please ask for a quote in advance. Your private insurance can then check these in advance and inform you of your own contribution.

Example: The invoice for a professional dental cleaning including accompanying services for private patients is usually about. 98 euros. You will receive a receipt and, upon request, a detailed invoice. In most cases, this bill is 100% reimbursed by the private insurance companies, so that, in contrast to legally insured patients, there is no own contribution. Please clarify this in advance with your insurance and ask us anytime.

General remark

These prices are non-binding estimates. A precise planning of the treatment as well as cost estimation can in principle only be done after a personal examination on the spot and after completion of the treatment. Finally, they arise from the difficulty and expense of the individual case. In most cases, these can be adhered to for the specified treatments, or a more accurate estimate is possible in advance. The individual peculiarities are therefore discussed in detail in each case before the start of therapy.


1 : All works “Made in Germany“. Most of the dental work is produced in the in-house master laboratory using state-of-the-art technology. Some intermediate steps may take place in a state-of-the-art dental laboratory in the Munich area. We are happy to inform you in a conversation about the exact procedure.

2 : The amounts given refer to a root canal. Anterior teeth usually have one canal, small molars one to two, large molars three to four. More about this under Root Canal. These are dependent on the particular tooth and its prognosis and can therefore only be given as a guideline here. As a rule, the prices quoted are not exceeded. In many cases, the var. 1 also connected with no additional costs and is completely taken over by the health insurance.

3 : The patient’s own contribution is heavily dependent on position, condition and number of remaining teeth. For this reason, no price benchmark can be specified here. We are happy to provide you with an individual offer free of charge, after we have seen the situation in our dental center. We are pleased, if we can convince you with these supplies of our price / performance ratio.

4 : Before you need a professional tooth cleaning in the AllDent dental center. This will be done in advance in a separate appointment. The price for the reduced when used after the professional teeth cleaning within three weeks to 250 euros.


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