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Since we got scoyo, Finn has been volunteering for school! A great way to combine games and learning.

Ann K., mother of Finn

With scoyo, Pia can repeat everything that happened at school. Calmly. I think that’s really great.

Henrike D., mother of Pia

Since we have scoyo, learning has been a pastime. I hear sentences like: ‘Mommy, can I play scoyo?’

Sigried S., mother of Eleni

Do you have several children who would like to learn with scoyo? Then take advantage of our sibling discount: We grant you for every additional child you register with scoyo, 50% discount on the current standard price.

Or you can choose the 12-month subscription with the Sibling Flat. Here are Learning memberships for siblings included.

Why do my children need separate learning memberships??

The learning content is tailored to the federal state, the type of school and the class level of your child. Therefore, different learning content is displayed to each user. Learning progress is also documented individually. If your children use the same access, this is no longer guaranteed.

With separate learning memberships

  • each sibling has its own access.
  • all learning content and portal functions can be used.
  • you can manage all learning memberships in your personal parent area and track the learning progress of all children.

Continuous learning pays off

The scoyo learning platform offers you high-quality learning content that was developed by educational experts, specialist and media didactics. We are convinced of the success of our learning worlds!

That’s why we give our customers with one 6, 12 and 24 month subscription like a money back promise:

  • Your child uses the learning modules, exercises and tests regularly, but is not satisfied? Then we will gladly refund you the total amount for the currently active / current subscription. This offer is valid in the first twelve months of membership if the product has been used for at least three months.

What does "regular" mean??

  • You can see the use of the learning content for grades 1 to 7 and the learning success of your child in the parent area. Regular use corresponds to an average of 5 (five) completed learning sessions per week over a period of at least 3 (three) months.

You can use your learning membership conveniently by email, post or fax cancel. The Notice period is four weeks at the end of the contract period.

The proof of success of our learning worlds is important to us. That is why we regularly inform you about your children’s learning success:

  • E-mail about the learning status
    We will email you weekly about your child’s progress. So you always have an overview of the learning success.
  • Usage statistics and learning success in the parent area
    In your personal parent area you can see exactly how long your child has been learning with the scoyo learning world, how often your child has registered and how many individual learning stories your child has started.

In addition to the use, we also show you your child’s learning success. Find out how many skills your child has built up in the individual subjects. By clicking on the subject, you can see which learning topics your child is working on and how successfully they have completed the learning modules.

As a scoyo customer you will receive a free premium membership with our partner phase6 including a vocabulary collection per child from a textbook of your choice.

  • Practice the vocabulary that appears in the textbook
  • Optional additional vocabulary collections can be booked (fee-based)
  • Choice of 17 languages
  • Detailed reports, integrated dictionaries, mobile use possible via an app

Children learn in a protected, ad-free online environment, dive into the age-appropriate, interactive learning world and experience new adventures with friendly characters.

  • Security is a top priority at scoyo. That is why the learning platform is ad-free. scoyo is a member of several youth protection organizations such as B. the voluntary self-regulation multimedia service provider (FSM).
  • scoyo has been tested by FragFINN. Behind fragFINN is a so-called "whitelist" of child-friendly websites. A team of media educators from FSM e.V. compiles the list, supplements it and maintains it regularly.

A team of scientists, educators, teachers, computer scientists, graphic designers and many other people works with great commitment every day to develop the learning world of scoyo. Our efforts are recognized by the encouragement of our users and by awards and prizes from independent commissions. We are proud of that!

    TÜV certified

The TÜV Süd inspects scoyo annually to ensure a high standard and continuous optimization of service quality and customer satisfaction.

German Institute for Service Quality
Test winner 2017: The best learning portal for students


Winner 2013: The best learning program German – children from 10 years
Winner 2009: The best online offer for learning

Test winner 2015: Comparison of online learning portals

Comenius Edu Media

Award 2018: Edu Media
Award & Medal 2016: Edu Media: world of learning for primary school
Award 2014: Edu Media: Parents area
Award 2013: Edu Media: Adventure English (iPad app)
Award 2012: Edu Media: Grades 1-4
Award 2011: Edu Media: Grades 5-7
Award 2011: Edu Media: Grades 1-4
Award 2009: Edu Media

Test winner 2016: online tutoring

German educational media award

Nominated 2012: general education, primary school

Ask Finn-certified

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