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  • 1,140 tariff variations
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Private health insurance offers a variety of different options. It pays for additional benefits that are not covered by statutory health insurance. Single or double occupancy, alternative treatment methods, free choice of doctor and hospital, sanatorium cover, compensation for meal cost deductibles, outpatient treatment with private doctors, psychotherapy costs and much more are available.

The Risk CHEGG gives you an overview of this huge variety of products. He compares the services and costs of the individual health insurance companies in detail and thus finds the optimal and cheapest product for you. You can easily select the desired additional services and advantages and get a tailor-made solution at the best conditions. The amount of the premiums mainly depends on the age of accession, gender, social security institution, federal state and health status of the insured. Premiums can be significantly reduced by restrictions on a federal state and / or the assumption of deductibles. With you get a comprehensive initial comparison of the different health insurances. We rely on personal advice so that you can really find the ideal insurance for yourself and your family. With you have one of over 1,000 competent insurance brokers in your area. He answers all your questions and finds the best product for you.

  • Save up to 40
  • Compare all Austrian providers
  • 140 tariff variations
  • Professional comparison with Risk CHEGG
  • Consultant in your area

What are the benefits of private health insurance??

In Austria, most people are insured under the statutory health insurance system and are therefore entitled to a whole range of benefits from the state health system: visits to doctors with a health insurance contract or elective doctors, outpatient clinics and care in public hospitals and rehabilitation facilities. Although this statutory insurance covers basic care, additional private health insurance brings significant additional benefits and additional amenities – depending on the type and scope of the insurance package chosen.

The benefits of statutory health insurance are being reduced more and more – with private health insurance you can choose for yourself and your whole family from the following areas or combine them:

Special class – this variant is often referred to as private insurance, hospital costs or supplementary insurance, etc. It offers more comfort and better medical services in connection with a hospital stay.

  • Free choice of doctor and hospital (external doctors can only be taken in sanatoriums).
  • Direct settlement with the hospital
  • In the case of surgery, free choice of surgeon (LKH: choice of primary or senior doctor)
  • Faster allocation of an appointment for operations (special contingents are reserved for special class patients).
  • Protection of privacy (e.g. single room)
  • Accommodation in rooms with a maximum of two beds, private bathroom, television, telephone, wardrobe and similar amenities
  • Possibility of receiving a visit at ANY time.
  • Replacement daily allowance if class is not used e.g. in the accident hospital (depending on the tariff max. 125 euros)
  • Birth expenses allowance if class is not used or at home
  • Health promotion measures – such as preventive examinations, smoking cessation etc.

Outpatient treatment – assumes the costs of treatment as a private patient, e.g. also for alternative healing methods such as Homeopathy, TCM, acupuncture, medication costs, therapies, medical aids such as Glasses and much more. Not for dental visits. An outpatient tariff can be concluded either alone or in combination with an inpatient tariff for hospital stays.

daily hospital allowance – offers a chosen amount of money for each day that has to be spent in the hospital. This can be used to compensate for either the meal allowance in the hospital or other loss of earnings (tips, commissions, etc.).

additional tooth – includes services for dental treatment and dentures. The tariffs for dental treatment can usually only be concluded in conjunction with special class tariffs. As a standalone product, a degree is currently not possible in Austria.

For whom can private health insurance be taken out in Austria??

For individuals (1 adult or only 1 child)

For several people (couple tariffs, tariffs for families, single parents with child, several children together)

The cost of private health insurance can be affordable for everyone!

The amount of the premium largely depends on the age of accession, the statutory social insurance institution, the federal state chosen, the state of health of the insured when the contract is concluded and the scope of the insurance coverage chosen. Basically, the younger and healthier, the lower the cost of private health insurance.

You can save a premium e.g. by

Special class with regional tariff: In addition to the so-called Austria tariff (also the Vienna tariff), the insurers also offer cheaper federal state tariffs. For hospital stays outside the selected federal state, however, additional costs are incurred, usually in the form of deductibles. If you are only considering treatment outside of your home country in exceptional cases, this is certainly a good way to reduce the premium.

Couple or family contracts: The co-insurance of the partner and the children in a contract is the far cheaper option compared to the conclusion of own contracts. If couples insure themselves, there is a 5-10% discount on the premium.

deductible: By taking a deductible in the event of illness, the premiums can be reduced considerably. The deductible is usually a few hundred euros and varies from product to product. This is only invoiced once a year and is usually completely omitted if you are hospitalized after an accident. In the event of illness, the insurance only pays the costs that go beyond the deductible. Those who only have to go to hospital treatment every few years usually get cheaper with a product with a deductible.

Group Health Insurance: Group health insurance is offered to employees and members in many larger companies, by some professional representatives and public employers. The employer often pays part of the premium as a company social benefit. Compared to individual insurance, some euros can be saved here. Therefore always ask or think whether you can benefit from group insurance.

premium refunds: Some insurers provide a reimbursement of 1 – 2 monthly premiums if the insurance has not been used for a certain period (e.g. one or two calendar years). This is called a premium refund.

Tax deductibility: Premiums for voluntary health insurance are generally deductible as special expenses (§ 18 Paragraph 1 No. 2 Income Tax Act) if they were taken out by December 31, 2015 (at least for the next 5 years). With the tax reform in 2016, unfortunately, the deductibility of special expenses will gradually or completely disappear.

Special class only after an accident: For those who “do not need health insurance” because they feel healthy, there is health insurance that only offers benefits if they are hospitalized due to an accident. All hospital stays due to illness are excluded from insurance coverage, so this variant is also significantly cheaper! This inexpensive variant is ideal for active people and children. It protects at home, in leisure time, at work and usually also abroad.

When a hospital stay is imminent, it is usually too late to graduate!

In general, the desire for insurance coverage is always particularly great when there is an acute event. Unfortunately, it can be too late, at least for this hospital stay. On the one hand, existing serious health disorders, if at all, are usually only insured against substantial premium surcharges and / or by agreeing on additional special waiting times. This serves as protection for the insurer against purpose-related deals. This protects the community of insured persons from excessive premiums!

The insurance coverage of a private supplementary health insurance fundamentally begins at the start of the insurance indicated in the policy. However, waiting times are sometimes hidden in the insurance conditions. A variant is a general waiting period of 3 months. Group health insurance is usually reduced to 1 month. Currently there is an increasing number of products that do not have to wait any longer. For expectant mothers, i.e. during pregnancy, the special waiting time would normally be 9 months. However, insurance companies have increasingly switched to the fact that this waiting period is almost completely eliminated when taking out family health insurance. The prerequisite for the cancellation is a minimum term of 3 years and the expectant mother, her partner and the expected child are insured in a special class tariff.

The issue of pre-contractual breach of disclosure is also closely related to the elimination of waiting times. The questions asked about the current state of health at the time of completion must be answered truthfully, since adverse cases do not require the insurance to be paid. So if there is a health impairment, or if a hospital stay is about to happen, and the application is not mentioned, difficulties can arise very quickly in the first case of damage. Findings or medical history are requested by the insurance from the treated hospital or doctor. If it can be seen from these documents that the illness was recognizable before the insurance was taken out, the insurance company will refuse the benefit. This means that the policyholder must pay for the costs of the accommodation in the special class that has already taken place.

Therefore, do not wait for the event to occur, but make arrangements in good time.

A special variant for people up to 35 years is the special class option insurance.

Options insurance is the cheapest entry-level option for young people for whom “getting sick” is only an issue later. First of all, there is only special class insurance for accidental hospital stays, at very affordable premiums. You save up to 75%. At a later point in time (e.g. in the age of 41) you have to switch to a full private supplementary health insurance at the “normal” tariff. This saves you a lot of money in the first few years before you switch, but it secures a lot of advantages for later. Immediately after completion, special class insurance is only available for accidental hospital stays, as well as for some providers even for hospital stays for well-defined serious illnesses (e.g. malignant tumors or organ transplants). During the option period, it is possible to switch to full insurance protection (accident, illness and childbirth) annually on the key date, depending on personal preference. The advantage is that when you switch to full insurance coverage, there is no further health check (illnesses that have occurred in the meantime remain insured), and the basis of the premium calculation is the age at the time the insurance was taken out. A very affordable entry premium during the option period makes private health insurance affordable for young people as well. And the same applies to later full protection: the earlier you start, the cheaper the premium. The maximum age of entry into the option insurance is around 35 years, the switch to a full hospital cost insurance must take place at the earliest at the age of 40. Some providers also allow you to switch with an older age.
Use our special service and let one of our independent insurance brokers in your area explain this or other products to you personally.

You already have private health insurance?

Health insurance policies are basically "contracts for an indefinite period".

Premium increases for existing contracts may only be made for certain reasons listed in the law: e.g. on change

  • an index specified in the contract
  • the average life expectancy
  • the frequency of using the services of those insured at the respective tariff

Higher premiums due to increasing age or poor health are not permitted. At your request, the insurer must offer to continue the contract at the same premium, but with lower benefits, if the premium increases. This is to prevent a policyholder for whom the higher premium is not affordable from being forced to completely forego private health insurance coverage.

The policyholder can terminate an existing contract annually.

Private health insurance always starts on the first of the month. This first day of the month is therefore also your annual termination date. You must adhere to a notice period of at least 3 months; sending the notice of termination is sufficient to meet your deadline. However, according to the principle of "young and healthy – cheap premium", changing private supplementary insurance often does not really make sense. If you cancel your existing health insurance, you will be treated as a newcomer to the new insurance. That means: current age and current state of health, possibly new waiting times. Illnesses covered under the old contract will be considered as a previous illness by the new insurer.

Private health insurance is a very special topic that requires extensive personal advice. Regardless of whether it is a new contract or an assessment of the sense or nonsense of changing private health insurance, our network of experts, consisting of independent insurance brokers throughout Austria, is at your side with competent specialist knowledge.

Support, both in handling the application formalities and especially in the event of damage, is part of the natural customer service of our network.

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