Private health insurance for children, check24

Private health insurance for children, check24

Private health insurance for children

Private children have to pay their own monthly contributions for each child. There is no non-contributory family insurance as with statutory health insurance. Thanks to special tariffs for families, the premiums for children are significantly cheaper than for adults.

Whether a child is privately or legally insured depends on health insurance and the income of the parents. If both partners are privately insured in a married couple, the child is also privately insured. If both are legally insured, the child receives non-contributory family insurance in the statutory health insurance.

If one partner is privately insured and the other is legally insured, the income decides: if the privately insured person earns more than the partner and his income is above the annual salary limit of 62,550 euros (status: 2020), the child is also insured privately. If the parents are not married, they can freely choose which parent the child should be insured with.

When a child is privately or legally insured

Married couple health insurance Child’s health insurance
both legal legally
both private Private
one privately, one legally: privately insured persons earn more and have income > € 62,550 (as of 2020) Private

Private health insurance is always possible

Basically, private health insurance for a child is always possible if you want higher-quality health protection and would like to forego non-contributory statutory family insurance.

Simplified admission for newborns

If a newborn child is insured through the private health insurance of a parent, it is admitted under simplified conditions. The insurance must take in the child without a health check and must not set any risk surcharges or exclusions, even if you have a disability or illness. The usual waiting period during which no benefits can be claimed is also eliminated.

Prerequisite for this: The parent has been insured with the company for at least three months and applies for membership within two months of the birth.

The child then receives the same insurance cover as the insured parent. However, if the child needs better protection, a health check is required.

Comprehensive health protection for your children

With private health insurance, your children receive comprehensive health protection that goes far beyond the benefits of the statutory health insurers. Most tariffs guarantee you free choice of hospital and doctor, so that your child can be treated by specialists in the event of illness. If your child needs orthodontic treatment, private insurance often also pays if only minor tooth misalignments need to be corrected – the statutory health insurers do not pay anything in such cases.

Find the right health protection for you and your children by comparing CHECK24’s private health insurance. Compare numerous top providers for free and secure a contribution saving of up to 70 percent!

Private health insurance for children

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Private health insurance comparison

Cheapest tariff
€ 2,643.00 annually The most expensive tariff
€ 8,856.72 annually € 6,213.72 total savings per year

  • Policyholder: Freelancer, 23 years, max. € 1,000 deductible, superior dental services (at least 80% reimbursement for dental treatment and 60% for dentures), hospitalization: multi-bed room or better
  • Cheapest tariff: HanseMerkur, KVS3, 220.25 € per month
  • Most expensive tariff: Deutscher Ring, Prime, PIT, € 738.06 per month

Total savings: 70%
Source: CHECK24 comparison calculator for private health insurance, 06/2019

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