Private kindergarten in 1110 vienna, kindergarten bayram

in 1110 Vienna

The Bayram Kindergarten imagines:

Children 0-6 years

With us, every child receives age-appropriate and individual care. We encourage the children to develop on their own responsibility and in a spirit of community..

Active learning

An important point is early language support. This is done through German lessons with qualified staff. We offer English support as an additional package.

Play and learn

We offer your child individual activities such as excursions and organize joint celebrations on different occasions.

own kitchen

As part of kindergarten care, our children receive fresh food that is prepared daily in our in-house kitchen.

Our offer for you:

Crèche children under 3 years of age do not pay any meal allowance for the care time from 08: 00-12: 00!

About us

The kindergarten serves as a supplementary family facility, that is, the child should experience can do outside the family, but not replace them.
We see the child in its entirety and give every child the opportunity to develop and develop individually. Children experience the world actively from birth and we want to accompany them from a young age through targeted educational work. Early learning is seen as the cornerstone of lifelong learning.

A child who has learned to learn can help himself in all life situations. The child learns best when it feels comfortable and that is also most important to us in order to be able to look after and support our children in the best possible way.

Our group rooms are individually designed. With this room design we create an atmosphere in which the children feel comfortable, which stimulates creativity and promotes perception.

Family and individual groups

Although we also have family groups, we make sure that all children are supported according to their age. We have a separate group for preschool children. In this group the focus is on school preparation. They improve their knowledge of German and learn everything necessary for a successful start to school.

Kindergartens are complementary and supportive facilities for families. That is why we endeavor to offer opening times tailored to the needs of single parents and working parents Family and To be able to guarantee a profession. We are a full day kindergarten and offer a childcare time of 10 hours from Monday to Friday. The kindergarten is open all year round, with the exception of public holidays.


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