Private supplementary dental insurance comparison with the online calculator from

Private supplementary dental insurance comparison with the online calculator from

Private dental supplement insurance comparison

Save up to 50% in premiums and put a smile on your face

"If you can’t smile, you shouldn’t open a business" is an old Chinese proverb that has lost none of its meaning to this day. But whoever smiles shows teeth. Surveys confirm that, today more than ever, beautiful teeth are part of a well-groomed appearance and therefore an important factor of sympathy and success. But it is not only the appearance that is decisive that more and more people are undergoing extensive dental treatments. Healthy and beautiful teeth are also an important contribution to general physical and mental health. Bad teeth make you sick.

An appointment at the dentist is horrible for many people. Not alone that many people experience discomfort or even fear when they think about dental treatments. Even the financial aspect of extensive tooth restoration can drive sweat beads onto your forehead. And sooner or later everyone has to deal with the topic of dentures.

Get a grip on costs with private dental supplement insurance

With private dental insurance, the costs of extensive dental treatment can be planned. However, the products offered by dental supplementary insurance are varied and a comparison of the benefits must not be avoided.

There is a special feature in Austria: A private dental supplement insurance is not available as a separate product, but only as part of a private health insurance.

The minimum tariff combinations required depend not least on whether only one person or possibly the whole family is insured. Our expert network throughout Austria helps you to find the right product for your personal needs and knows all the ways to make the costs of your private health insurance with dental insurance absolutely affordable.

In any case, you should get good advice before taking out dental insurance.

With the help of our comparison calculator for health insurance, you can get a quick overview of the premiums and benefits for private health insurance with an additional dental tariff. Our RiskChegg gives you an overview of the huge tariff jungle. It shows you whether the performance of a product matches your requirements. So you get the best performance for you at the best price. The savings potential through the correct structuring of the contract is enormous. The amount of the premium is influenced by the age of entry, the social security institution, the federal state and the state of health.

The benefits of the statutory health insurance only cover basic treatments

Statutory health insurance in Austria naturally also covers basic care in dentistry.

Since there are different statutory health insurance providers, the benefits here again and again differ slightly. Basically, however, dental treatments can be divided into three major areas:

  • preservative and surgical dental treatment,
  • orthodontic treatment (jaw regulation)
  • dentures

Conservative-surgical dental treatment

Conservative-surgical dental treatment is free of charge for contract dentists of the respective health insurance fund upon presentation of the e-card. With conservative dental treatment, existing teeth are preserved e.g. through fillings (also better known as "seals") or root canal treatments and tartar removal. With the fillings, however, the question of costs arises for the first time. If you choose plastic instead of amalgam for various reasons, you have to dig into your pocket. Plastic fillings currently cost between 40 and 80 euros per tooth.
Surgical dental treatment means extractions (tooth extraction), surgical removal of teeth and root tip resections. You also have to pay for the popular anesthetic injection when simply sealing a tooth.

Kiefer regulations

The health insurance company only pays the full amount of removable jaw regulations if there is no medical indication.

In the case of fixed jaw regulations (brackets), a max. 50% of the costs paid. The 2015 tariff is around € 850 per year. For purely cosmetic reasons, these jaw regulations must be paid for in full. For a jaw regulation over 3 – 4 years that comes together € 6 – 7,000.

Only for children and adolescents with severe tooth misalignments has there been a free jaw regulation that is fully borne by the health insurance companies. Treatment may only be performed by contract doctors and must be started before the age of 18. Also, no cosmetic braces (white brackets) may be used.

Dentures in particular are expensive

Removable dentures

Only part of the tariff costs for removable dentures (plastic and metal framework prostheses) are covered by the cash register. However, the approval of the cash register must be obtained before the dentures are made.

Contract tariffs are negotiated with the contract doctors. The fund pays 60% of this contract tariff for plastic prostheses and 50% for metal framework prostheses. And this only every 6 years, unless there are serious changes in the tooth status.

Fixed dentures

Funding for fixed dentures (crowns, bridges, abutments and implants) is generally not borne by the health insurers unless there are certain medical indications (cleft lip and palate).

How much do dental treatments cost in Austria?

For a dental implant, an Austrian dentist already pays more than € 2,000 with all the trimmings. If you need e.g. a major renovation with 4 implants and 8 crowns will cost € 12,600 and more. It is not for nothing that one often speaks of a "small car in the mouth".

What costs does private dental supplement insurance cover??

The exact performances of the individual products are very different, but they all have one thing in common: max. 80% of the cost of the dentist visit replaced. At least 20% must always be paid from your own stock exchange. The percentages vary from product to product. (50%, 60% or 80%). In addition, there are annual peak performances that vary in amount in the first 3 to 5 years. Insurance companies endeavor to retain their policyholders in private dental insurance for a few years, which is why they offer increasing annual benefits in the first years after they have been concluded.

  • 80% of the costs up to max. 400 euros from the 1st year of insurance
  • 80% of the costs up to max. 800 euros from the 3rd year of insurance
  • 80% of the costs up to max. 1200 euros from the 4th year of insurance
  • 80% of the costs up to max. 2,000 euros from the 5th year of insurance

This ensures that dental insurance is not taken out for 1 or 2 years and then canceled immediately after the restoration. This was possible in the past and has meant that dental supplement tariffs have not been offered in Austria for several years.

So if you are planning a denture restoration and do not want to fund all of it yourself, it is a good idea to plan a few years in advance and also take the waiting times after completion into account. These range from 0 to 8 months, depending on the provider.

The costs for jaw regulation are also limited in the supplementary dental insurance with a differently designed maximum annual benefit (e.g. 80% of the costs max. 750 euros per year).

What did private dental insurance cost??

Since the amount of the premium is largely determined by the age of entry into private health insurance and the chosen benefits, this question is not easy to answer. The additional premium for the dental supplement tariff ranges between around 30 euros and 80 euros per month, depending on the scope of services.

For a 40 year old with a hospital cost tariff and a dental supplement tariff, the total premium starts at just over 100 euros per month in the cheapest variant.

So quite affordable. A single provider in Austria has included services for visits to the dentist in its product for outpatient treatment. This is certainly the cheapest option and can already be had for less than 100 euros a month. Ask our experts at your site whether the level of services matches your needs.

In a personal consultation with our independent insurance broker, possible product combinations are compared according to your wishes and focus, and the right product is found for you at the best price. So you can be absolutely sure that the bright smile will not go away even when the time of the 3rd teeth has come.

The following insurance companies offer dental insurance:

  • Allianz insurance
  • Donau insurance
  • Generali insurance
  • Mercury insurance
  • Wiener Städtische insurance
  • Uniqa insurance

Why do I need private health care??

The benefits of statutory health insurance are often not just what is possible from a medical point of view, not only when it comes to dentists, and which patients can only consume against private fees. If you are interested in health and private provision, we offer you a lot of information about private health insurance here .

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