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Freshly baked parents are not only very proud of their offspring, they also want them to be well looked after. Especially when it comes to the baby’s health, parents should make no compromises and comprehensively secure the child at an early stage in the event of illness, accident and other medical treatment needs. If the baby is co-insured by the parents’ statutory health insurance, adequate medical care is guaranteed, but special services such as chief physician treatment, alternative practitioner treatment or worldwide travel protection are not covered by health insurance. If you wish to have these additional benefits for your baby, you can supplement the existing insurance cover with a private Baby supplementary insurance.

Why is it worth taking out private supplementary baby insurance?

A private baby supplementary insurance is worthwhile because it allows you to claim a large number of possible additional benefits and gives your child the status of a private patient despite statutory health insurance. Those who already take out a private supplementary insurance for their baby benefit above all from a particularly favourable contribution. The following applies: The younger the age at the conclusion of the contract, the cheaper the policy is for the private Baby supplementary insurance, provided that the child is not previously burdened with health problems.

What benefits does the private Baby supplementary insurance offer?

Many private health insurers offer private Baby supplementary insurance on the German market – the selection for private Baby supplementary insurance is correspondingly large. As a rule, there are special children’s tariffs that are not explicitly aimed at babies, but can be individually tailored to the needs of a young child according to the modular system. Some insurers differentiate in their tariffs for private supplementary insurance between the following areas

  • outpatient treatments
  • inpatient treatments
  • dental treatments
  • Sickness and hospital daily allowance

Other insurers, in turn, offer coordinated tariffs for a private Baby supplementary insurance policy that covers benefits from all areas. Benefits that are often included in a private Baby supplementary insurance are:

  • the cost of billing above the maximum rate laid down in the Rules relating to Fees for Doctors (GOÄ)
  • the cost of treatment by a non-medical practitioner or by naturopathic doctors
  • the cost of dental treatment and orthodontic treatment
  • the cost of treatment by a chief physician in the hospital
  • the cost of accommodation in a single or twin room in the hospital
  • the costs for necessary medical treatment abroad worldwide and return transport

What does the private supplementary insurance Baby pay in the event of a benefit?

If insured benefits are claimed, the private Baby supplementary insurance will be reimbursed up to an agreed amount. This depends, on the one hand, on the insurer and, on the other hand, on the scope of benefits of the respective tariff for the Baby private supplementary insurance. While a basic tariff only covers the costs up to a percentage of the invoice amount or sets an annual limit, a good premium tariff for private supplementary insurance can cover the complete costs up to 100 percent. Even within a tariff, there are often different levels of reimbursement for the individual areas.

Is there a waiting period for the private supplementary baby insurance?

With regard to the waiting period, it is irrelevant for the private Baby supplementary insurance at what age the additional insurance cover is taken out – a waiting period is provided for in most areas. In most cases, this period between the conclusion of the policy and the first entitlement to benefits is three months. In the case of supplementary dental insurance, the waiting period is as long as eight months, whereas in the case of international health insurance for the private supplementary insurance baby, it is not necessary.

Tariffs for private supplementary baby insurance that generally do not require a waiting period should always be carefully checked. This is because insurers usually pay a higher premium or offer a reduced scope of benefits. In some cases, the waiting period can be circumvented by a medical certificate certifying that the baby is in perfect health. It should be noted, however, that this certificate usually has to be paid out of one’s own pocket.

Is there a health check for the private supplementary insurance baby?

What contribution must be paid for the private supplementary baby insurance?

In general, the costs for the private Baby supplementary insurance are manageable and are usually significantly lower than those for an adult tariff, as the risk of claiming benefits is usually much lower. Nevertheless, the premium for the private supplementary insurance Baby is not a flat-rate amount, but is based on criteria such as the scope of benefits, the age at which the contract was concluded, the state of health, the contractual modalities (duration, method of payment) and the general price level of the provider.

Can I cancel my private Baby supplementary insurance?

It goes without saying that a private supplementary baby insurance policy can be cancelled. Anyone who has decided to cancel should always do so in writing at the end of a minimum term and in compliance with the notice periods. The notice period for the private supplementary insurance Baby is often set at three months. If the policy for the private Baby supplementary insurance is not cancelled or if the timely cancellation is missed, the private Baby supplementary insurance is automatically extended by a further insurance year.

In addition, there may also be the option of an extraordinary termination within a term, for example, if the provider of the private supplementary insurance baby increases its premiums.

Since the valuable insurance protection for the private supplementary insurance Baby is always lost with a notice of termination, a notice of termination should always be well considered. Also a change of provider for the private supplementary insurance baby is not to be recommended without reservation – finally with the new conclusion also always a renewed waiting period as well as a health examination result. In addition the higher age of the child can affect with conclusion of a contract contribution-increasing on the new tariff for the private auxiliary insurance baby.

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