Prize winners have been chosen

Prize winners have been chosen

Who has done the most for peace and disarmament this year? The jury for the Nobel Peace Prize honors two human rights activists and their fight against violence against women. Missio Munich appreciates the honor as an "important sign of solidarity".

The 2018 Nobel Peace Prize goes to Congolese doctor Denis Mukwege and UN Special Envoy and Iraqi human rights activist Nadia Murad. The human rights activists receive the award for their efforts to end the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war, as the Norwegian Nobel Committee explained in Oslo on Friday. Both would have been outstanding in fighting against these war crimes.

Missio Munich honors Nobel Peace Prize winner

The president of missio Munich, Wolfgang Huber, sees the award as an important sign of solidarity with victims of war and violence in Congo. In addition, the award strengthens religious minorities in the Middle East, Huber said Friday. The Yazidi Nadia Murad gives her people a face and a voice. Yazidis may have lost their homeland forever, missio president says. "A similar fate threatens the Christian minority in Iraq and throughout the Middle East." The situation of refugees in Lebanon, Turkey and Greece is also dramatic, he said.

Denis Mukwege from the Congo is a man who fearlessly supports victims of war and violence. There has been an unresolved conflict in the central African country for years, he said, and Europe should not be indifferent to it. "It's about raw materials like copper and coltan, which are also used in our smartphones, for example," Huber said. "Congo may be far away, but we are directly affected."The church is committed to a peaceful transition of power in the country after President Joseph Kabila's term in office came to an end. On 23. December, there are to be parliamentary and presidential elections.

A total of 331 candidates

Experts had struggled in advance to predict a Nobel Prize winner. Shortly before the announcement, however, the names of Mukwege and Murad had been trading higher and higher – also as a tribute to the #metoo movement against sexual harassment. The Oslo jury had to choose from 331 candidates – 216 individuals and 115 organizations were nominated for the prize. Only a few nominations were known in advance.

Murad, now 25, survived a three-month IS captivity and had subsequently come to Germany, on the initiative of Baden-Wurttemberg's Minister President Winfried Kretschmann (Greens). She lives in Baden-Wuerttemberg and, as a special ambassador for the United Nations, draws attention to the torment of IS victims.

Last year, the prize went to Ican

Last year, the five members of the Nobel Committee awarded the prize to the International Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (Ican). The organization received the Nobel Prize for its "pioneering efforts" to ban nuclear weapons by treaty. In doing so, the panel also explicitly called on all nuclear powers to honor their commitments to renounce these weapons.

Ican had been instrumental in the UN treaty banning nuclear weapons, which is supported by 122 states. The presumed nine nuclear powers, as well as almost all NATO countries – including Germany – had boycotted the negotiations, saying they did not believe the treaty would work.

Awarded on 10. December

Like the Nobel Prizes for medicine, physics, chemistry and literature, the Nobel Peace Prize, which is endowed with nine million Swedish kronor (about 860,000 euros), will be awarded on 10 October. The prize was awarded on December 12, the anniversary of the death of the prize donor Alfred Nobel. Unlike the other Nobel Prizes, however, the award will not be presented in Stockholm but in the Norwegian capital Oslo.

It is not known why Nobel decided this at the time. In his will, the dynamite inventor stipulated that the award should go to the person who has worked "most or best for the fraternization of peoples and the abolition or reduction of standing armies".

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