Probe Cessation: with notube learn to eat children

Probe Cessation: with notube learn to eat children

NoTube – We help children learn to eat!

Probe Cessation and Early Childhood Eating Disorder: The child directs the therapy. Parents and therapists accompany it on its way.

What is NoTube?

The founders of NoTube Univ. Prof. Dr. med. Marguerite Dunitz-Scheer and Univ. Prof. Dr. med. Peter Scheer has more than 30 years of clinical experience in the treatment of early childhood eating disorders. They developed a highly effective and internationally recognized treatment model, the “Graz Model for Probe Cessation”. This comprehensive model follows a multidisciplinary, child-centric approach and addresses your child’s physical, sensory and psychological challenges. To become more independent, you as a parent will also learn how to help your child successfully transition to a normal eating habits. NoTube specializes in probe dependence and other eating disorders in infancy and childhood.

Children with feeding tube

Thanks to a feeding tube, children can be provided with sufficient food in the event of serious illness or during critical development phases. As soon as tube feeding is no longer necessary, it is usually possible to switch to oral nutrition. However, if this is not the case, therapy-guided weaning from the feeding tube should be considered, as otherwise unwanted side effects such as persistent vomiting and oral aversion may occur. These can become a heavy burden and have a serious impact on the child’s future development.

Here as well as other early childhood eating disorders such as “picky eating” (highly selective eating behavior), infantile anorexia, delayed development of eating behavior or post-traumatic eating disorders NoTube offers help.

What does NoTube do??

ON-LINE: NoTube’s telemedicine offering includes web-based advice for parents and their children. The idea is that the afflicted children should be supported in the environment in which they feel most comfortable and secure – at home! This leads to a high success rate and reduces the risk of hospital infections and other traumatic experiences – and is even cheaper.

NoTube Eat Campus

ONSITE: In our Esslernschule in Graz (Austria) courses for children and their families take place in small groups. Working with a team of therapists from different areas, as well as the interaction of families and especially of children are our basic success factors. Our team of experts has in-depth clinical experience with early childhood probe dependence and other eating disorders.

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Contact us:

If your child has a feeding tube or other eating problem, or if you, as a therapist, treat an affected child and have questions about our treatment programs, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or phone. In a free, non-binding Skype conversation, we’ll give a first assessment of the situation and let you know if we see any way to help you.

To our success stories, here along.

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