Professional tips: cutting hair in children – baby and family

When cutting, it should go relatively quickly. Children often only stop for a short time

Already with the baby to the hairdresser? Many parents prefer to save the money and use the scissors themselves. Good if they have nimble hands. If the first Haircut succeeds, but not only depends on mom or dad’s cutting skills. It is much more important to get the youngsters to keep still. For some children, this works well when they get something to play with, for example their favorite cuddly toy.

"Others find it exciting when they can sit in front of a mirror and look at themselves in it", says Jackie Asaro, who, as a hair and make-up artist in Munich, often also hairdresses children. If you have a very jittery child, you should absolutely be in pairs: while one distracts, the other cuts.

Cutting hair: take away the child’s fear

In general, however, Asaro advises not to make too much of a fuss about cutting, as some of the little ones will become even more nervous. When things get serious, things have to go quickly. The patience of the children is quickly exhausted – usually no one stays still for more than five minutes.

Babies are usually not yet scared of the scissors. If the child is a little older with the first haircut, it looks different. It is afraid that the cutting will hurt. Jackie Asaro’s tip: "To take Either take your child with you once when you go to the hairdresser yourself, or cut yourself a small strand at home. So the child experiences that his fear is unfounded."

Professional scissors are a must

Better avoid normal household or craft scissors! They are too dull and break the hair. They are not particularly suitable for the fine hair of babies. If you want to play hairdressing, you should not shy away from investing in professional hair clippers.

You can find them in well-stocked supermarkets or on the Internet. "You can get good scissors for around 30 euros", says Jackie Asaro. It should actually only be used to shorten the hair, everything else makes the blade blunt.

First haircut: hairstyle is still unimportant

First of all, the first time you cut your hair, it’s not really about a hairstyle. "A baby’s hair grows very unevenly. In principle, what has to endure and disrupt must be shortened", says Asaro. Sometimes it is a streak over the eyes, sometimes over the ear or on the back of the head. One should not wet the hair before cutting; that only costs valuable time. In addition, as a layperson, it is easier to see how the hair falls when it is dry.

Cut carefully and do not cut away too much

The most important thing, even if it sounds banal: cut very carefully and do not cut away too much at once. "Firstly, hair that is too short simply doesn’t look good, and secondly, the closer you get to the scalp with scissors, the greater the risk of injury", explains Jackie Asaro. If you want to shorten it over your ear, you should hold one hand in front of it and protect it. If the little one’s hair is very luxuriant, it is advisable to use a comb. Parents of children with straight hair have to cut very carefully: here you can see a blend immediately.


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