Professional tooth cleaning: process costs, mile mile

Professional teeth cleaning: process, costs, disadvantages, health insurance

For regular domestic dental care dentists always recommend one professional cleaning in practice, the stubborn residue and Remove dirt that are difficult to remove with standard toothbrushes. But: does this treatment really make sense for everyone? And how exactly does the dental cleaning work in the clinic??

Dental cleaning in practice – useful or not?

A Tooth cleaning in the dental practice should be as Supplement to daily dental care serve. Even if you clean your teeth several times a day and do it conscientiously, there is no guarantee that you will actually reach every area. Toothbrushes, dental floss and mouthwashes already do a good job, but the additional one ensures an even better mouthfeel Teeth cleaning by the professional.

In particular, those who fundamentally can benefit from this more susceptible to carious defects or Gingivitis such as plaque Deposits are. But also Children or teenagers with braces as well as the elderly can benefit from this treatment.

Not everyone needs professional teeth cleaning. However, people who are prone to dental problems should have their teeth cleaned regularly. © Lieres –

So if you basically do not have problems with your own teeth or with dental care, you do not necessarily have to rely on this cleaning treatment. Of course, you won’t harm your teeth with this therapy.

Nevertheless, dentists often only recommend that to certain groups of people professional tooth cleaning, who can also benefit from the effect accordingly 1 .

How does professional tooth cleaning work??

The teeth are cleaned either by the dentist himself, but often also by trained practice staff. advance however, there is first a basic one Examination of the bit.

Then rough with an ultrasound machine Deposits removed on the teeth. Stubborn deposits, on the other hand, require a special cleaning device in order to be able to remove them effectively.

Discoloration can also be combated as part of cleaning. A powder jet device is used for this, which removes the discolouration with a mixture of salt, water and air. Then the doctor or helper uses dental floss or special brushes to clean the interdental spaces.

The individual steps are usually carried out in a time frame of 45 to 60 minutes. With a special device The surfaces of the teeth are also polished and smoothed. This is to prevent plaque from settling on the teeth again. The finish is then a fluoride-containing varnish, which is applied to the teeth and is intended to provide additional protection.

In addition, there is also a consultation in which the professional can tell you the correct and effective dental care at home enlightens. This makes it easier for you to identify possible errors and optimize your dental care behavior.

This professional cleaning is recommended up to twice a year. This is a sensible rhythm that you can use to orient yourself and that is particularly suitable for anyone who is generally more susceptible to tooth decay or who complains about sensitive gums and other defects. However, cleaning is often not necessary. Therefore, you should refrain from recommendations that suggest recurrent treatment up to four times a year.

This is really only necessary in the rarest of cases, for example when medication affects oral health or other individual circumstances.

What are the costs??

Unfortunately, you also have to invest in your beautiful teeth, because only in the rarest of cases is the tooth cleaning completely or partially covered by the health insurance. Average are there between 80 euros and 120 euros.

Basically, the effort decides on the cost factor. Subsequent treatments are therefore often cheaper than the first treatment. Similarly, patients with stressed teeth have to expect a higher price than those who have basically healthy teeth.

Even if the health insurance company usually does not cover the costs, it is still worth asking the respective insurance provider. It depends on whether services are taken over namely of your individual insurance contract such as the offer of Checkout from. Sometimes the health insurers at least partially cover the costs, which is particularly often the case with privately insured persons.

Risks and disadvantages in professional tooth cleaning

Expectations for professional teeth cleaning are high, but they are falling >2 .

This leads to deficits in cleaning performance, especially in the case of supposedly cheap offers. Plaque, tartar and similar deposits are simply not removed thoroughly enough here, which is also due to the reduced treatment time. It is hardly possible to clean a complete set of teeth thoroughly in less than 30 minutes.

This explains the very different prices that the practices charge for the treatment. You should therefore find out in advance what treatment time the practice is planning and who will ultimately carry out the cleaning. Because just indeed trained personnel is able for a really thorough tooth cleaning to care.

150 euros for tooth cleaning are not a must, but you should ask yourself whether you can really expect a satisfactory effect from a tooth cleaning that costs only 50 euros.

You also circumvent it possible risks, that can occur during treatment. For example, it is sometimes possible that the gums are injured or implants get scratches from the cleaning devices. It is also important to inform the dentist in advance about health restrictions (pacemakers, heart valves, blood-thinning medications, etc.). If necessary, he then administers an additional antibiotic in order to rule out possible infections after the treatment.

Professional tooth cleaning can make sense. This is especially true for people who are generally more susceptible to certain dental diseases than others and who save themselves some inconveniences with the help of the professional. Nevertheless, you must of course keep in mind that dental cleaning in practice does not replace daily dental care. Rather, it is a kind of supplement and should help you to keep your beautiful healthy smile for longer.

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