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Well-groomed, naturally white teeth stand for health, attractiveness and success. Unfortunately, time often gnaws not only on the tooth, but also on its naturally white color. With professional teeth whitening, whitening, you get teeth whitening in our Essen dental clinic diPura that suits you individually – so that you can shine naturally in the shortest possible time.


In the diPura dental clinic in Essen, the most modern method of tooth bleaching is used. The optical teeth whitening as described by Dr. medic. stom (RO) Diana Svoboda is particularly gentle and takes place in a few steps.

Professional teeth cleaning should be carried out before each whitening. After an individual consultation, the actual whitening process begins.

The latest generation of whitening in the diPura dental clinic

The latest generation of gentle whitening will make your smile shine at the speed of light! The state-of-the-art teeth whitening works with a low concentration of hydrogen peroxide, takes only 10 – 30 minutes and achieves the best results without harming dental health. The secret lies in the biophotic mode of action of the bleaching gel. This process does not use the heat of a lamp, but the energy of photons in combination with special photoactivators that split the hydrogen peroxide into highly reactive oxygen so that the gel is activated in seconds. Long exposure times are a thing of the past. Whether complete treatment for the best result, the particularly gentle whitening or the upgrade after professional tooth cleaning – in the diPura dental clinic we offer you the right package for every need. The whitening treatments all have one thing in common: they guarantee stunningly natural white teeth in just a few minutes thanks to the latest photodynamic technology!

Package 1: The classic whitening for all cases

This whitening corresponds to classic in-office whitening and offers you maximum whitening in just one session. The answer to challenging starting situations achieves brilliant white results even with very strong discolouration. The bleaching treatment is carried out in a single session in 4 treatment cycles of 4 to 5 minutes each. These can be extended to up to 6 cycles in the case of particularly dark colors. The treatment is painless due to the special biophotonic mode of action and extremely gentle on teeth and gums. Before the bleaching gel is applied, an insulating gum protector is applied to guarantee maximum protection. Then the bleaching gel is activated using blue lights. Your teeth are presented with maximum radiance in a naturally beautiful white, which is also extremely durable. You no longer have to worry about annoying dietary requirements immediately after the treatment and can safely enjoy coffee, tea and other dark foods without affecting the result. Depending on your disposition and personal habits, the duration of the results may vary individually, but your white will be preserved for more than two years if you take good care of it.

Package 2: Gentle and effective lightening

The quick makeover for a radiant and whiter smile. This extra gentle whitening treatment was specially developed for those who want to shine with a perfect smile at all times. It is a professional lightening that works with a low percentage of carbamide peroxide and still guarantees convincing results. Thanks to the low concentration, there is no risk to your dental health with this treatment even if you want to be whitened at more frequent intervals. Treatment takes place in a single session in just 30 minutes. It is so gentle that there is no need to cover the gums. This package also includes a practical stick for further treatment at home, with the she the result can extend. The extra gentle whitening is the perfect choice for a radiant appearance on special occasions, if you want to impress every day with a flawless smile, or is ideal as a refresh.

Package 3: Supplement to teeth cleaning

Naturally white teeth in just 10 minutes? Our fastest whitening treatment right after professional tooth cleaning is the method of choice if you want it to be more than just healthy and clean, but you don’t want a complete treatment. This gentle whitening, which uses only 16% carbamide peroxide, ensures a surprisingly white result. The quick procedure is particularly suitable for inexperienced bleachers who want to try a gentle and uncomplicated introduction to teeth whitening. So you can always decide whether you want a deeper result and want to upgrade your smile with our other complete treatments.

Frequently asked questions about whitening:

How long does the new white teeth usually last??
If the teeth are well cared for after the whitening, the result lasts between three and five years. You can always refresh the teeth whitening with a less intensive whitening. However, the intervals between applications should not be too short.

Every tooth can be whitened by bleaching?
Whitening only lightens your own tooth structure. The method is therefore not effective for fillings, crowns or bridges. However, there are alternatives to how these teeth can be whitened. In the diPura dental clinic in Essen you will receive professional advice on whitening your dentures.

How can you keep the naturally white teeth long after whitening??
Bleached and unbleached teeth require the usual daily dental care. This includes brushing teeth, cleaning the interdental spaces with dental floss, good mouthwash and cleaning the tongue. An additional regular tooth cleaning by the expert should also be part of the care routine.


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