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In this article, we present the most important professions in which you deal with horses!

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Do you want to work with horses professionally? No problem, a large variety of professions deal with the noble creatures. In fact, there are so many that it is difficult to get an overview at first glance.

Besides some classics like that farrier and the activity as riding master let’s also look at professions that you don’t necessarily think of immediately.

Most professions are classic apprenticeships, but you can often achieve something as a career changer.

The five horse host disciplines

"I want to be a horse host“Says nothing on its own, because this recognized three-year apprenticeship is divided into five disciplines. He left the old profession of groom the names are sometimes still used interchangeably.

Horse keepers or grooms who have been working for some years may have learned other disciplines, because the training was revised and restructured in 2010!

We now take a look at the current directions!

Specialization in classic riding training

This focus was formerly simply called "riding". The horse host with this specialty trains both animals and humans. He judges horses and riders and prepares them for performance tests but also for leisure sports.

While many horse owners of this focus work on the classic riding stables and Train recreational riders there are also those who train the animals primarily in tournaments or training stalls.

This direction of the horse host is one of the possibilities riding master to become – but not the only one!

Specialization in horse husbandry and service

In this field, you primarily support horse owners in their day-to-day tasks. So you take care of the feeding of the horses in a pension stall, managed the associated pastures and organized generally the smooth running in the barn.

But also moving animals, that is ride and lung, is always part of everyday work, after all not every horse owner can come by every day – this is where you come in! So there is a certain correspondence with the popular ones Reitbeteiligungen, only this is about professional service.

The consultation The human customer is also an important point, the horse host organizes a suitable riding instructor or shows how to load a horse best.

Specialization in horse racing

This is about speed! The horse owners working in a racing stable take care of the care and training of the race horses. You watch over them health, nutrition and fitness of the animals and keep them happy. Participation in races is also planned in many companies.

As in the field of horse husbandry and service, this is also the case here Advice and guidance from customers an important part of the job.

Specialization in horse breeding

Horse breeders work in breeding companies and on breeding stations. In addition to the breeding theory and the teaching of inheritance is also about practical aspects such as insemination technique.

Based on the assessment of the animals, the breeding of new descendants is planned and carried out. Depending on the place of use, the foals are then raised and at breed Shows or exams presented.

In this field, there is a healthy understanding of natural sciences mandatory, equestrian talent is less in demand!

Specialty riding styles

This discipline is similar to the first focus, classic riding training. However, this is about it Westernreiter, Gaited Horses Equestrian and the associated horses.

This additional specialty therefore simply extends the existing focus by adding another special feature to do justice to the diversity of equestrian sports. After all, riders of different riding styles and their animals have different requirements!

riding master

Not every riding instructor is a horse host! In fact, children, teenagers and adults can be taught to ride completely without this training.

The prerequisites here are trainer notes, which are divided into several qualification levels. The lowest certificate is the trainer C, who is dedicated to basic training and the introduction to the competition.

Other notes are B and A, which build on C. Complementary courses offer the opportunity to further train and specialize in special areas such as children’s riding lessons.

So this job is very suitable for career changers or as part-time job for people from the social field or education.

zoo keeper

Animal keepers can work in many different facilities – ergo also with horses! There are employed animal keepers in larger riding stables or in specialized veterinary clinics or breeding establishments.

The trained zookeeper deals with the Keeping, breeding, nutrition and – clearly – the care of the animals. In relation to horses, it thus resembles the horse host in the fields of horse breeding or horse husbandry and service. He is less specialized, but also more flexible when it comes to choosing a job.


The veterinarian is certainly known to everyone. After one University degree in veterinary medicine the veterinarian can work in many different areas. In classic practice, he has little to do with horses, but the specialization in this branch is there Naturally open.

As Veterinarian for horses for example, you work in large equestrian stables and breeding stations. It is also possible to work in a specialized clinic or as a resident specialist visiting several farms.


Professions with horses that are often overlooked are the various trades. This is where the saddler first catches the eye. As the name suggests, it produces and repairs, among other things Saddles for horses. That too bridle or that driving dishes a horse usually comes from the saddler.

Nowadays many saddlers have nothing to do with saddles, they work much more on cars or boats. Saddlers who are still pursuing their original craft will therefore also with pleasure as Sattelmacher designated to have a distinction.


The farrier’s profession is surely known to almost everyone. He cares for and treats the hooves of horses, donkeys and mules, makes horseshoes and heels the animals with them. The correct job title is Hufbeschlagschmied.

In addition to the purely manual activity, it is also very much about the welfare of the respective animal. When treating laminitis, for example, the farrier should not be left out.

In the past, farriers often shod cattle claws and looked after them in many animals dental care minded. Nowadays, this is usually no longer part of the job profile.

Office jobs – merchants and more!

Many traders also have a lot of contact with horses professionally. No matter if you are in Reiterladen work or for you Manufacturer of horse feed – the possibilities are endless. The same applies to many other office jobs.

For example, a horse magazine needs Graphic artist, photographer and marketing manager who have an affinity for animals. Or how about a position as PR boss at a state stud? Here you can easily let your mind wander, there are endless possibilities!

Equine physiotherapist / osteopath

Horses are often exposed to orthopedic problems, which is why the need for equine physiotherapists and osteopaths continues to grow. As a specialist in these areas, you support horse and rider in many aspects related to the Movement of the animal have to do. They often work too Hand in hand with veterinarians.

In contrast to the classic doctors, however, here is strongly on the penniless therapy set. drug are not used, but certain exercises are carried out to improve processes. In addition to classic methods such as massage, there are also modern approaches that use ultrasound waves or light electric shocks – as is often the case with humans.

A degree is not necessary for these professions, they are classic apprenticeships.

Do you work in a job with horses or are you still looking for your dream job? Tell us about your experiences! Maybe you don’t want to combine work and leisure? Some arguments speak for others against it. We are looking forward to your comments!


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