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Fruit factory Siebenstein helps school children in South Africa

"You can’t get any change back?" Wondered the six-year-old Amelie. Together with the other “Maxi children” from the Klein Ilseder kindergarten in Siebenstein, she sold home-made jam and homemade apple pie in September last year and was very business-minded. As part of the PAZ campaign "We make children’s hearts beat faster", the Siebensteiners had organized the sale to parents, grandparents and other adults who were just in kindergarten. Although the buyers were able to determine the price themselves, the charm of the small sellers was usually stronger – 221.89 euros total revenue was the honorable success of the campaign.

The money has already been paid into the school fund of the partner church district of Peine in South Africa, Borwa 2. This has enabled children to pay school fees of between 10 and 30 euros for one year since 1995. The contact to the southern tip of the African continent came about through the chairman of the partnership committee, Wolfgang Klingenberg.

A partnership Sunday with a church service in Edemissen took place last autumn. Heidrun Kutzner, educator in the Siebenstein kindergarten, met Refilwe and her three-year-old son Rorisang, who invited them to Klein Ilsede. During the visit to the kindergarten, theology student Jan-Philipp Behr interpreted, whose family Refilwe and her son were guests.

The maxi children had prepared questions for the guests, such as what police cars look like, what pets there are, and they learned that the Setswana Language is spoken in the Borwa 2 church district. Refilwe, called "Fifi", brought Pap, the national dish of South Africa made of corn, for the hosts. The subsequent exchange of addresses with Rorisang’s kindergarten gives the Siebensteiners hope for an upcoming pen friend.

Visit from Borwa

Visit from Borwa

Report from a doctor from Borwa II parish

Report of the doctor Angelika Krug from the Borwa II church district (South Africa)

AIDS Committee in B .. We are 26! Mrs. M. had not come for a year because of a serious accident, today she can walk with a crutch! She prays for Malachi 2, 5-6:

“The importance of our covenant with God: He has given us the relationship with Jesus Christ, freedom from fear and from the power of death and evil. Our answer to the federal government is that we help the sick. He will support us in this with his peace and hope that we should bring to people. "

Mr M. from B. and Mr K. from M. are also there and ask many questions about our work. Mr M. says then also:

“The AIDS epidemic shows, that God believes that we can learn to deal with this great crisis. Can this terrible illness awaken vocations? It is a great task for our people. I don’t want to keep spending all Saturdays in the cemetery. What does God say to us through this disease? How should we respond to this suffering? What can we do with his help? "

Men have a fighting spirit. How can we men get involved in this work? Because actually we need a fighting spirit now.

The women talk again about the march in Nauwpoort on September 20, which was very well attended. On the way from Uitkyk to Nauwpoort they made four devotions, like on a way of the cross.

They also shared information: about the treatment for AIDS, about the various blood tests, about home care, about self-acceptance if you are HIV-positive. Everything was very well organized by S..

The reports from the communities are e.g. T. shocking: Because poverty is so great, babies can only get water with a little flour instead of milk.

(SA has lost 500,000 jobs as a result of the global economic crisis = 500,000 families are affected). But Ms. M. from M. at least got a woman out of this situation and is now monitoring her medication intake. Many families are deeply in debt.

The food packages of the AIDS committee have helped a lot again, also for our women, that they don’t feel so powerless when they help.

Today P. is chairing the minutes (minutes) and Ms. M.; I am happy that it is going so well.

That is special today Graduation of the four women who successfully completed the Lifeline courses. Everyone is very moved, the women themselves very grateful. M. speaks about Ps 109, 30, praise to God.

Ms. S. emphasizes how these courses made up for the stricken name of the Lutheran Church in K. How they got self-esteem and through this work develop and be respected as personalities.

We are planning the next ones weeks, again food packages for the orphanage in M. .

Another addendum: We just had a meeting with our health minister:

"The global economic crisis will reduce tax revenue in SA by 35% and the health budget has been reduced accordingly."

But we will not give up!

Report by the doctor Angelika Krug

from the church district Borwa II / South Africa

partnership meeting

Dear employees in partnership with Borwa II

Everyone is cordially invited to our next meeting in the Partnership Committee on Tuesday May 27, 2008, at 7.30 p.m. in the parish hall of the parish of St. Jakobi Peine


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