Property prices in croatia »trends, development & forecast √

Property prices in croatia »trends, development & forecast √

Property prices in Croatia

The real estate prices in Croatia. A report on pricing, the development in recent years, the forecast and the latest real estate trends!

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Many have the dream of having a second home by the sea. Especially for guests from Germany, Austria and Slovenia is the purchase of a property on the Croatian Adriatic by the short arrival time and many other reasons very attractive.

Before fulfilling a lifelong dream, it is imperative to inquire about real estate prices in Croatia. Through our many years of experience with the holiday country Croatia, we would like to share here with you our personal impressions about the price situation in Croatia.

Price criteria

The real estate market in Croatia is huge and for the inexperienced it is difficult to classify the value of a property in Croatia. Before buying a property we recommend you to observe the Croatian real estate market for a long time. You will quickly notice what is important and what criteria determine the purchase price of a property in Croatia.

The most important factor for the price of a property is the location, the location and again the location! Almost everyone wants a house in the first line of the sea and this is of course reflected in the purchase price. In addition to the location by the sea, the price varies from place to place. If you pay for a house in the small village z. B. 100,000 it can easily cost twice as much in the neighboring well-known tourist resort.

Here are some criteria that must be taken into account when considering the price of a property in Croatia:

  • Location, location, location .
  • Place or accessibility (easily accessible by car, airport nearby, etc.)
  • Size of the property and layout of the premises
  • Is the balcony u. the terrace big enough
  • Parking available (often difficult in Croatia)
  • in need of renovation or new
  • Neighborhood (it is best to contact the neighbors in advance)
  • Environment (can the sea view still be installed)

Of course, everyone has their own idea of ​​his dream home in Croatia. One wants a property right on the sea, another wants a house in a rural area. No matter which property you will choose, before you buy you should have 100% in love with the property to fulfill your lifelong dream.

Price history

In the last 5 years, the real estate price in Croatia has remained relatively cheap and constant compared to other countries such as Italy or Spain. Excluded are in our opinion the cottages right on the sea. They almost always achieve top prices, because by a law of the Croatian government in a zone of 70m from the sea no more can be built and the selection of available real estate becomes smaller and smaller.

The Croatian real estate agents put high expectations in the EU accession of Croatia on 01.07.2013, because by the EU affiliation the same rights apply to foreigners from Europe as with the local Croatians. This finally made it possible to rent a property in Croatia as a foreigner. Previously, this was only possible by founding a company. The numerous hurdles and chaos in the Croatian land register, with many houses not being properly registered, prevented many foreigners from buying their dream home.

The expected boom and increase of up to 20% of the real estate purchase after the EU accession unfortunately did not materialize and the prices are currently in the basement (as of 10.07.2014). At the moment, buying a property in Croatia is very attractive and you should search for your dream accommodation as quickly as possible to get one more bargain before the real estate price rises again.

Here are some price examples from the real estate market in Croatia:


The real estate price in Croatia has been in the basement for several years and it’s worth buying! Many experts expected the EU accession to increase house prices by about 10-20%, but expectations did not materialize. Although accession to the European Union has simplified many laws and thus the purchase of real estate for foreigners, the real estate market is not getting off to a good start. Although market interest has increased and there is a slight increase, the expected boom has not materialized.

In our opinion, the real estate price in Croatia will inevitably increase over the next few years. The easy accessibility of the European neighboring countries, the crystal clear sea and the intact nature, which has been largely spared by tourism, make this small country on the Mediterranean Sea a top destination in Europe.

Anyone who has always wanted to fulfill his dream of a property by the sea should strike as soon as possible. We expect a significant price increase in the next 2 years. In particular, the selection of available properties will shrink, because the new building ban no new houses may be built within a zone of 70m to the beach. These properties are a real gold mine!

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