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Prophylaxis and Professional Teeth Cleaning in Hannover: Provision in the Dental Office!

The health of your family is close to our hearts – in the truest sense of the word!

Today, when we talk about prophylaxis, it’s more about the teeth and gums. The dentists in the PODBI344, your holistic dental practice in Hannover, always have the people in mind.

It is primarily the bacterial infections in the mouth that can stress the body, challenge the immune system on a daily basis, and unbalance our overall health.

We use preventive concepts to keep our patients’ teeth healthy by recognizing risks in good time and acting accordingly!

Prophylaxis in the PODBI344

Our specially trained team offers you and your family dental care with many benefits for your health and quality of life.

  • Regular checks of teeth and gums: recognize risks to health and act in a timely manner!
  • Risk-oriented dental prophylaxis: The special roadmap for optimal oral health!
  • Professional tooth cleaning: Remove bacterial deposits to avoid inflammation, discoloration and halitosis!
  • Hygiene tips for everyday lifeWith proper care and a healthy diet, teeth and gums remain healthy!

The prophylaxis professionals of the PODBI344 are looking forward to hearing from you and are happy to answer your questions 0511 562525.

Healthy teeth – healthy people: prevention is more than caries prophylaxis

If the teeth are healthy, not only the human is happy. The dentists in the PODBI344 are also pleased with patients with healthy teeth and healthy gums. Then we know that we have done a lot together – for the health, quality of life and performance of our patients.

Bacteria and their main role in biofilm

The effects of oral health on the whole organism are great – this has been scientifically proven. Diseases such as periodontitis are triggered by bacteria. The chronic inflammation of the periodontium is a common disease and the most common cause of tooth loss in adults. Bacteria and germs enter the body via the bloodstream and become, for example, the risk factor for

But even the painful caries holes are responsible for the bacteria. These feed on sugar and convert it to acid. Acids attack the tooth enamel and soften it: caries bacteria have such an easy time and begin their destructive work!

Less bacteria, less risks, less pain, less bad breath = more laughter, more desire, more joy of life!

The joint task of dentists and patients is clear! We have to remove bacterial deposits thoroughly. Because of the biofilm over time tartar, which can spread to the depths of the tooth roots. Inflammation, toothache and tooth loss can be the consequences.

Most bacteria in the mouth are harmless and important for a good oral flora – we do not give the others a chance with regular prophylaxis!

Sarah Lugonic, Dentist in the PODBI344 Hannover

“Good dental prophylaxis is more than removing tartar, avoiding tooth decay and polishing teeth. We start with the provision already with the expectant mothers and fathers. In order to keep oral health at the highest level from the first tooth to old age, we clarify our patients and offer individual prophylaxis – the personal roadmap for your health! “

A clean tooth rarely falls ill and we help you to stay healthy with our prophylaxis concept! Dates under 0511 562525.

The dental prophylaxis: Our dental hygiene program

The prophylaxis department of the PODBI344 in Hannover is the health engine of our dental practice. Here patients should make an appointment at least twice a year, depending on the health situation more often. The age or treatment of our patients is irrelevant: regular monitoring by our prevention professionals reveals risks to health and gives us the opportunity to act.

According to current study of the Hannover Medical School Inflammation in the vessels may favor atherosclerosis (vasoconstriction). Thus, bacterial inflammation in the mouth could pose a greater risk than z. B. elevated cholesterol levels.

Now you know why we look at the human being as a whole. We do not see diseases in the mouth in isolation, but always in the context of the health of the whole body.

Whether dental prophylaxis for children or adults: A modern prophylaxis involves several important steps, which we carry out according to precisely defined standards.

1. Medical parameters

The medical parameters – such as bleeding tendency or the depth of the periodontal pockets – give indications of your current oral health. We recognize the individual risks of tooth decay or periodontitis and can act accordingly.

2. Measures

With various measures, our trained prophylaxis professionals remove the bacterial deposits. Especially where home care reaches its limits, we can help and create the foundation for optimal oral health. Polished and fluoridated teeth are longer clean and healthy. To keep it that way, we’ll explain the basics of healthy tooth health and optimal nutrition.

3. Patients in everyday life

It is not possible without the assistance of our patients in everyday life. Therefore, our prophylaxis concept always includes detailed advice on home-based oral hygiene. We show the small and large patients how the teeth are optimally cleaned and which aids are suitable.

4. Prophylaxis for implants and dentures

Even if the implant, the artificial tooth root, can not really get sick: Bacteria are the most common cause of loss of an implant. Regular prophylaxis and implant cleaning prevent! For information on implant prophylaxis read here.

ParoStatus: quality and planning for your dental health

On important part of our dental prophylaxis is the scientifically proven program ParoStatus ® .de. You will not only feel the high quality of our treatment – you can also read it and take it home! Our prophylactic professionals use ParoStatus ® .de to document the state of your oral health right from the start.

This allows us to monitor the success of our treatment and your oral hygiene and to respond as needed. After each treatment, you will receive a clear and concise proof of your current situation. The program shows you the current status of your oral health and describes your individual risk of tooth decay or periodontitis.

In peace and quiet you can read the results at home and thus follow the recommendations of our team. Of course you can also find on the expression our individual recommendations for your oral hygiene products and how to use them optimally.

The Professional Teeth Cleaning: PZR in Hannover

“Why should I have my teeth brushed in the dental office?” This question is easy to answer. With the toothbrush, flossing and Zwischenraumbürstchen not all bacterial deposits are removed at home. Professional teeth cleaning in the dental practice is carried out by a specially trained team. The measures go far beyond what patients in everyday oral hygiene can afford.

Important to know: The PZR is available from us exclusively in the context of an individual prophylaxis treatment!

Check our prophylaxis professionals:

  • Is the gum firm and well supplied with blood?
  • Bleeds the gums on light touches?
  • Are the periodontal pockets so deep that it could be a periodontitis?
  • We find certain bacteria and germs in your mouth?

And these are the most important steps of our professional teeth cleaning:

  • We stain our teeth to see bacterial deposits clearly!
  • We remove soft and hard plaque on tooth surfaces, interdental spaces and on the tongue!
  • We also use ultrasound equipment and special instruments to clean the deep periodontal pockets and hard-to-reach interdental spaces!
  • We polish our teeth so that bacteria will find even less support!
  • We treat the teeth with a fluoride-containing gel to further strengthen the enamel!
  • We give you tips for dental care and healthy nutrition in everyday life!

The PZR – in the PODBI344 part of the dental prophylaxis

Please do not confuse: The PZR is not just “removing tartar”! Professional teeth cleaning is a central pillar of the prophylaxis program in your dental practice in Hanover. In the meantime, even some statutory health insurance companies have recognized this and are supporting their insured persons with targeted prophylaxis programs. In particular, the AOK Lower Saxony involved in the cost of prophylaxis treatment.

Why not compare the performance of our trained prophylactic workers with your previous PZR! You will notice the difference.

You have questions about the costs or the duration of our dental prophylaxis? We look forward to your questions at 0511 562525.

By the way: The duration and the costs of a PZR, a professional tooth cleaning are dependent on the number of teeth and the individual health situation of the patients.

The prophylaxis experts in the PODBI344

In our dental practice in Hannover, we leave nothing to chance – after all, it’s all about your health.

Therefore, we attach great importance to a sound education of our practice team: from the doctors to our trainees! This applies to all areas of PODBI344, the dental practice, the dental clinic and our laboratory!

The Dental Hygienist: Scientific Expertise in Prophylaxis

In prophylaxis, experienced and well-trained employees look after the health of our patients. Meanwhile, two of our team members have completed the Bachelor Degree in Dental Hygienist (DH) – more will follow. Through this special training in prophylaxis, we increase once again the knowledge and the level of our entire team.

Meet our prophylaxis team!

“Healthy starts in the mouth!” – that’s what our trained employees stand for. Modern technology, consistent training and a prophylaxis concept based on the latest state of dentistry: So we can go with you the way to a healthy life!

Further information about dental prophylaxis in the PODBI344 – our dental practice in Hannover: 0511 562525.

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