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Dental health is essential to the human body and should not be neglected. The care of the teeth must be done regularly at home to keep the bacteria in the oral cavity as low as possible. Through a professionally performed prophylaxis by the dental team in Hanover, the teeth are thoroughly cleaned, as you can not achieve at home with a commercial toothbrush.

We are happy to answer all your questions about prophylaxis in our Hanoverian dental practice as well as on our informative subpages. As a patient from Hanover and the surrounding area, you have the opportunity to take advantage of our dental services and to be individually advised and treated by us. We are looking forward to your visit.

What is a prophylaxis?

What is meant by prophylaxis?

The preservation of dental health is in the foreground with prophylactic measures and is carried out by qualified specialists in our practice in Hannover Mitte directly at the Kröpcke. The risk factors such as caries or periodontitis are avoided with the help of regular prophylaxis or the risk is reduced. Preventing a caries infestation can not be completely prevented by prophylaxis, because here the patient has to thoroughly follow the dental care from home. The removal of the bacterial biofilm on the teeth and discoloration is one of the measures of a prophylactic treatment. As a finishing touch, gels and varnishes are applied to the tooth surface, which leads to long-lasting protection.

When should a prophylaxis be carried out?

When should you as a patient from Hannover for prophylaxis go?

Prophylaxis is used today as a precaution and to preserve the teeth so that they should be performed by a dentist regularly from childhood. As a patient from Hanover, you should not only visit the dentist for acute dental problems, but also go for prophylactic prevention. The average visits to a prophylaxis amount to at least twice a year. Depending on the condition of the teeth, prophylaxis should be performed more than twice a year by qualified professionals. Even with special dental diseases, it is advisable to take the prophylaxis several times a year.

The range of services

Our range of prophylaxis in Hannover

The preservation of teeth is always in the foreground of our team in Hanover, so that we are intensively involved with prophylaxis and treat you as a patient from Hannover always with the latest techniques and innovations. A professional prophylaxis is characterized by a thorough tooth cleaning, which is realized by a specially trained specialist. In order to be able to offer our patients the best possible dental care, we will create an individual treatment plan for you that they can orient themselves to.

children prophylaxis

At the age where the dentition still consists of deciduous teeth, ie at the age of six to twelve years, we offer a child prophylaxis for their child. For this we offer a professional team, which adjusts to every single child and knows what is important. In the prophylactic visits with children, we practice together with the little patient from Hanover, the right brushing teeth, so that in the future, no strong deposits or discoloration of the permanent teeth. In the case of child prophylaxis, the milk teeth are also fluoridated and polished, so that the caries does not subsequently infect the permanent teeth.

youth prevention

From the age of twelve, most people have their permanent teeth preserved and should be carefully cleansed by regular prophylaxis. In some cases, orthodontic treatment begins at this age, as the teeth may misalign at this age and may result in an unfavorable tooth position over the long term. In Hannover, we are the right contact for young people with prophylaxis questions. Should we find that orthodontic treatment is needed, we refer the patient to a professional orthodontic practice in Hanover.

adults prophylaxis

Compared to adolescent teeth, adult teeth show some discoloration. Furthermore, bridges or crowns are often used in adults. Here it is important to take special consideration in the prophylaxis in Hanover, as crowns and bridges need to be cleaned differently than the usual teeth. Accordingly, adult prophylaxis takes more time than in children and adults. With us you get valuable tips in terms of dental health, so you can give your teeth the right care from home.

Our advantages for you

Practice Dr. Gahmlich & Colleagues – benefits of prophylaxis

In our practice in Hanover you will receive a professional advice and an individual treatment that is fully tailored to your dental health. Our prophylactic team regularly attends training courses to offer you professional prophylaxis in Hanover. In addition to trained professionals, we use the latest technology and proven treatment procedures.

Every day, the team comes to Dr. med. Gahmlich in the Hanoverian dental practice, in order to bring back to the patient’s well-being. The focus is on the dental health of patients, as oral diseases usually affect the rest of the body. We from practice Dr. med. Gahmlich & Colleagues in Hannover Mitte are anxious to bring a healthy and beautiful smile to your face.

patient information

The development of prophylaxis

As in all medical areas, dentistry continues to evolve, so there are constant innovations or new remedies for prophylaxis. In the last twenty years, a lot has changed in this area, because the demand for regular and professional prophylaxis has also increased significantly. This has now also guided research and development and developed new devices so that prophylaxis can be used more quickly and efficiently in patients. The new innovations are developed in such a way that the fabric as well as the material to be applied is spared much more. This allows a multiple use in the year to maintain the dental health in the long term. The costs for the patient are kept as low as possible, so that the multiple prophylaxis in the year remains affordable and diseases can be avoided.

Who pays the prophylaxis?

For privately insured patients, the entire treatment costs are paid depending on the type of insurance. With the legal health insurance companies there are certain gradations. Hereby the whole costs are taken over from the 6th to the 18th year of life. After the age of 18 the costs have to be paid by yourself. Adults get scaling every year.

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