Prophylaxis practice, dentist hall

Prophylaxis practice

A dental practice in Halle is strong for your dental health

Here your teeth stay healthy and beautiful

We are the practice dental health hall. We deliberately chose this name because it is a program. Since the foundation of our site in 2008 at Geiststraße 32, it has been the declared goal of dentist Roger Barz and his team to put the health of your teeth at the heart of the treatment spectrum. Healthy and beautiful teeth for a lifetime – that is our claim.

This also includes the prevention of periodontal disease – the number one disease – the prevention of toothache from tooth decay and the occurrence of bleeding gums, bad breath and finally irrevocable tooth loss. No implant can be as good as Your own and healthy tooth.

We save your tooth!

To help you successfully, of course, requires some conditions. For now, of course, a dentist as a specialist who is well versed in this field and can look back on well-founded experience and is supported by a team of long-term and qualified employees. And not to forget: of course space and time.

Room for the prevention of your dental health

The patients of our practice appreciate the comprehensive care in the specially created prophylaxis department. Here, trained prophylaxis assistants ensure the well-being of your dental health.
The personal advice as well as the long-term provision of a professional tooth cleaning – also called PZR – helps to prevent painful diseases of the gums and teeth. In our specially established prophylaxis department, your teeth not only stay healthy and get less decay, they also get it her natural radiance back.

Time to take care of your dental health

The Praxis Zahngesundheit Halle is an appointment practice. We take time for advice and treatment and adapt to your personal needs. This requires an organized consultation hours and sufficient staff who can really take care of your concerns. With the help of a computer-aided ordering system will be our everyday life and your appointment perfectly merged.

Radiate more personality

But not only the health of your teeth is our focus. They should be beautiful, too. If you are not satisfied with the visual appearance of your teeth, we can also advise you on the possibility of bleaching or an aesthetic correction of tooth shapes and tooth positions through veneers and crowns. In order to achieve the best possible results here, we work closely with our master laboratory, the Halle dental studio. If you are unfamiliar with today’s modern ways of beautifying your smile, then Please approach us directly.

Healthy teeth – this is how your health insurance company supports you

Many statutory health insurance companies and supplementary insurers have already recognized the dental value of dental cleaning and actively support their policyholders. Either with attractive bonus programs or even a direct refund. This is often very different and difficult for the patient to see through. You will not only find out which health insurance companies have which offers here in our prophylaxis department. It is part of the service of Zahngesundheit Halle that we not only provide you with reliable cost transparency, but also inform you about the maximum grant from your insurance carrier. We want you to get the full benefit of your health insurance company also expected and deserved.

Talk to us in person or send us an e-mail.

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