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Professional teeth cleaning in Frankfurt

Why is a professional tooth cleaning really useful?

No matter how often you brush your teeth, you will never be able to remove all deposits. Some places are difficult to reach with a brush or floss, even if you take plenty of time for daily oral hygiene every morning and evening.

The hard to reach places include the wisdom and molars, but also gum pockets and parts of the interdental spaces. Experts and dentists estimate that you can effectively clean just 60% of your teeth with home-based dental care. In the other places, it will accumulate and harden over time to tartar. And it’s not just that it’s unaesthetic, it also causes disease.

Especially at the gum edge, the pasty substance collects. The mass consists of chewed food leftovers and millions of microorganisms that take up the remains. The mass hardens to tartar. Coffee, tea or tobacco smoke can also dye the deposits brownish – then it looks even more unappetizing. Plaque and tartar are not only unaesthetic.

Much worse is: they cause

  • halitosis
  • Caries
  • Gum inflammation and
  • periodontitis

For this reason you should have a professional tooth cleaning twice, but at least once a year. In the following, we will explain exactly what consequences dental plaque has, how professional dental cleaning works and whether there are risks in professional dental cleaning.

Important questions answered quickly

How often is a professional cleaning of the teeth useful??

We recommend the PZR at least once a year, but better 2-3 times a year.

How long does a tooth clearance usually take??

The duration of a PCR in adults is usually between 45 and 90 minutes.

What costs should I expect?

The costs depend on the cost of cleaning the teeth. In our price overview, however, you get a rough overview.

Is the cleaning of the teeth associated with pain??

The PRC is usually not associated with pain. After tooth cleaning, temporary hypersensitivity may occur in some cases.

Appointment for dental prophylaxis at your dentist in Frankfurt a. Main

If you are interested in a professional dental cleaning in our dental practice in Frankfurt am Main, make an appointment via our online form or call us on 069/130 146 880.

If you would like to visit our dental practice in person, you will find our dental dentist practice in the doctors and laser center at Rossmarkt 15, directly at the Hauptwache / Goetheplatz in 60311 Frankfurt am Main.

Dental health and general health related

The goal of modern dentistry is to keep teeth as long as possible. It is tried as long as possible to dispense with dentures and to promote and maintain the dental health with various prophylactic measures as best as possible.

This also includes diseases of the oral cavity, such as tooth decay or periodontal disease, to recognize as early as possible, or to prevent these diseases. In addition to a healthy lifestyle and thorough home-based oral hygiene, professional teeth cleaning is highly recommended for dental health.

As mentioned earlier, you can achieve just 60% of your teeth with home-based dental care. The hard-to-reach areas are unfortunately left out, so that stubborn deposits form, which not only look ugly, but also significantly and negatively affect the health of the teeth.

Professional teeth cleaning can effectively prevent tooth decay and periodontitis. But what many of our patients do not know:

Dental health has a major impact on overall health and, unfortunately, relationships to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal disease and lung disease are detected too late or not at all. With the professional cleaning of teeth (PZR) you can thus make an important contribution to the prevention of general medical diseases.

Process of professional dental cleaning (PZR) Frankfurt

In the first step, we first make a general examination of your tooth state. Subsequently, the tartar is loosened and blasted off by means of ultrasound. Mini sandblasters remove paint residue from coffee, tea or tobacco. With special hand instruments, dental floss and small brushes, dirt is also removed from the periodontal pockets and the interdental spaces.

Then the enamel is strengthened and the teeth are sealed using polish and fluoride gel. After about an hour, your teeth are again radiantly clean and smooth. On the clean and smooth surface of the teeth, plaque can now settle worse.

Did you know that crowns and bridges last much longer if you have a regular professional tooth cleaning?

Dentists and experts, and also in our dental practice in Frankfurt am Main, receive the advice twice a year to have a professional tooth cleaning. This period of time has proven itself to prevent dental diseases and / or to recognize and treat dental diseases in good time.

If your teeth are perfect, an annual tooth cleaning may be enough. We are happy to give you your very personal and individual recommendation.

Risk periodontitis – regular prophylaxis pays off

In addition to tooth decay, periodontitis is one of the most common diseases in the dental field. The inflammation of the dental bed is triggered by bacteria that are in the oral cavity and as dental plaque between the teeth.

Unfortunately, periodontitis is usually painless in the early stages and is therefore often recognized and treated too late. The biggest risks include poor dental care and irregular check-ups at your dentist, smoking, improper diet and tartar.

Infecting pathogens into the bloodstream and the tissues may influence the risk of cardiovascular disease and promote a heart attack. Besides these general medical risks, periodontal disease can lead to tooth loss.

First signs may be bleeding gums, inflamed gums, swollen or reddened gums and retracting gums. In the later stage bad breath can occur and the teeth begin to relax.

In many cases, it is sufficient to thoroughly clean the surface of the teeth and to inform you in detail about the subsequent home-based dental care as a patient or patient. With the treatment of cleaning the tooth surface, the bacteria are eliminated as causes and the inflammation can be stopped. In severe cases, diseased tissue must be removed and the teeth are cleaned up into the gum pockets.

Take over the health insurance, the cost of professional teeth cleaning?

Unfortunately, the statutory health insurance companies do not cover the costs of professional dental cleaning in most cases. However, some health insurance companies offer cost subsidies if you behave healthily and reward you with grants.

Check with your health insurance in any case. If you have completed dental insurance, professional dental cleaning may be included in the insurance benefits.

The private health insurance companies cover the costs more often, but here too it depends on the individually agreed services. If you have read through the many benefits we have described to you in detail, you will soon discover that professional teeth cleaning pays off for both the aesthetics and the health of your teeth. The cost of dentures in case of tooth loss, are later significantly higher.

Are there any risks that need to be considered??

Critics are always and for everything. In the case of professional teeth cleaning, it has long been claimed that tooth cleaning attacks the teeth. Certainly the used powder blaster can roughen the tooth surface a bit. However, the teeth are then polished and calmed down by the later applied fluoride varnish.

There are no significant risks. Please tell your dentist about blood thinning medications, a pacemaker and artificial heart valves. We also create a detailed anamnesis sheet in our dental practice in Frankfurt am Main and record your state of health.

We are happy to advise you in a personal consultation in detail on the professional treatment of teeth cleaning. Make an appointment via our online form or call us on 069/130 146 880.

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