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It’s hard to imagine that thieves are also targeting strollers these days. Unfortunately, not only the number of bicycle thefts has increased in recent years. High-quality strollers, which can be worth up to € 1000, are also very popular. Carelessly parked in front of the café – and he’s gone. We’ll show you how to secure your pram with a good pram lock and code, and when your household insurance will also help if the pram is stolen.

Which stroller lock is recommended?

The purchase of a pram lock is always advisable. Also If you Having only a cheap stroller without luxurious equipment, it is annoying if the stroller is stolen from you. High-quality stroller locks are already available for € 20.
When shopping, pay attention to the functionality, flexibility and weight of your pushchair lock. A steel cable lock serves its purpose because it is very long and you can also close it by several wheels. However, it is easy to cut with a bolt cutter. Therefore, it is particularly recommended for a more expensive stroller high quality cable lock. You have to use a simple cable lock with a separate padlock. The manufacturer Abus offers you e.g. but combination locks that are easy to handle, transport and store. The locks are available either with a key or with a combination lock.
The key advantage of a cable lock is that it is the special requirements of insurance companies Fulfills. Incidentally, this also applies to parking the stroller in bike cellars that are shared in the house, to which other residents also have access.

Coding to protect your stroller

Coding from letters and numbers used to be common only for bicycles, but you can now also use yours To have a special code on the stroller. The code identifies the stroller as your personal possession and is easy to read for both the police and laypersons. The code for your place of residence is at the beginning of the coding, the following number shows your exact address, and your initials are recorded at the end. The code is milled into the stroller handle or attached with special adhesive films.
Contact the local police and register your stroller. If you’re lucky, the police are offering one free coding campaign on. Even in normal cases, the costs are kept within limits: You can get your personal code for only around 20 € and protect yourself against theft.

The advantages of coding are obvious: A coded stroller is easy to identify and the chances of you getting the missing item back are significantly higher. In addition, codings generally deter thieves, since marked strollers are much more difficult to sell.
Do you want a used one Stroller with Acquire coding, check the seller’s ID and, in addition to handing over the proof of purchase, be sure to request a written purchase contract!

How to insure the theft of your stroller …

So you get financial compensation for that Loss of a stroller only home insurance helps. Every household insurance protects the stroller when it is at the place of insurance was stolen by burglary. That in your own apartment, in your own basement or in the associated storage room.
Of housebreaking one speaks when someone in a closed room, like the hallway or basement of your home, or using a wrong (illegitimate) or stolen key.

… with simple theft

Will you give the stroller in public space (e.g. in front of the train station, a café or in a friend’s house), Household insurance does not normally apply, because it’s simple theft.
Simple theft exists when the culprit turns the thing not through burglary or violence appropriated. Therefore, simple theft is usually not included in the household insurance.

The best thing to do is to ask your household insurance about theft protection for prams – with some tariffs this can be added and the premium increases slightly depending on the amount insured.
However, there are also some good tariffs that the Insurance protection for simple theft already include. Then your stroller would also be secured if it was parked in the public space and stolen there. These tariffs are usually a little more expensive, but also include maximum protection for the theft of prams, bicycles, wheelchairs and theft from a hospital room. There are such tariffs at Friendurance z. B. from InterRisk, VHV or the Haftpflichtkasse Darmstadt. You don’t know if it’s worth it for you? With the damage-free bonus from Friendsurance, you can do this without damage receive an annual bonus payment. You can find more information about these household tariffs in this blog article: The best household insurance for your family

Our tip: Be sure to inquire about the insurance terms. As with bicycle theft, insurance companies require the use of a lock. Otherwise you would lose your entitlement in the event of an insurance claim. If you report the damage, the theft must always be reported to the local police, even if it is stolen.

Conclusion: combination solution for full protection

Only with a combination of different solutions are you effectively protected against theft of your stroller. You need one in any case high quality stroller lock, without which your insurance company will not cover the damage. Connect one Household insurance with additional services to enjoy full protection and opt for the cheap coding Of your stroller.

Katja Nauck was Social Media Manager at Friendsurance until November 2016 and was responsible for the content on the Friendsurance blog. She already gained experience as a blog editor and Social media Responsible for various startups and publishers.


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