Protecting children from the heat : “a few minutes in a parked car can be life-threatening”

The current weather is also unpleasant for children. What parents should keep in mind when temperatures are hot.

Not only for adults are the current temperatures unbearable, but also children suffer particularly from the current heat wave. Sunburns and heat-induced attacks of weakness" are currently a frequent cause of presentation in pediatricians’ and adolescents’ practices, explains the press spokesman of the professional association of pediatricians and adolescents’ physicians (BVKJ), Josef Kahl.

Parents should not underestimate this issue, because if babies or small children are exposed to the sun and heat for too long, there is a risk not only of sunburn but also of other serious health risks such as heat stroke or sunstroke. The professional association therefore recommends that children "maintain consistent sun protection through appropriate clothing and sunscreen", even under overcast skies. Infants and toddlers under three years of age should not be exposed to direct sunlight at all, but should stay in the shade. Even in the paddling pool, children should wear a head covering and a T-shirt if possible. Just like for adults, it is just as important for children to drink as much as possible, for example water, unsweetened fruit teas or juice spritzers.

It is particularly dangerous if a child is left in the car – which should never happen. In the blazing sun, the inside of the car can heat up to 60 degrees after just one hour, warns an ADAC spokesman. From 46 degrees, it becomes life-threatening for children sitting in the car. This temperature can be reached within a few minutes in the blazing sun.

The inside of the car heats up to 60 degrees

Heat stroke in the back seat can also occur during a long car ride or when a child or teenager overexerts themselves in the sun. This is favored by a humid and sultry weather. The body of the child is then no longer able to cool itself with its means (such as sweating).

In such cases, the German Federal Center for Health Education (bzga) recommends removing the child from the sun immediately and calling an ambulance. Signs of heat stroke include a flushed head, hot and dry skin (without sweat) that is initially red and then turns gray to bluish, and a high fever. Headaches and impaired consciousness, shallow and rapid breathing or if the child staggers when walking are also signs of heatstroke.

To prevent the dangers of heat, parents should always ensure good ventilation in rooms and in the car. To reduce the heat build-up inside the car, you could, for example, cover child seats with a light-colored cloth. strenuous activities with the offspring should be postponed until the morning or late afternoon (from 16.30 o’clock) should be postponed.

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There is one good thing about the heat: eating ice cream is, of course, allowed! However, only in moderation, as the BVKJ recommends, and preferably homemade ice cream made from natural juices.

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