Protective covers test – Vergleich »top 10 in november 2019

Protective covers test - Vergleich »top 10 in november 2019


Anyone with a smartphone is careful to make sure it looks good for a long time and has as little scratches as possible. Even a falling down of the beloved smartphone can often be enough for this beautiful piece. The smartphone can be protected but with the right protective cover from some damage.

The function of a smartphone case and its advantage:

If the smartphone is simply carelessly plugged into the jacket pocket, where probably also the apartment key is, it should be urgently considered how the smartphone can be protected. Also, the smartphone should be protected from other external influences such as dirt and water. Of course, there are the appropriate protective covers for the smartphone, which guarantee a longer life of the smartphone. These covers are made of fabric or in leather. The protective cover made of leather, however, is preferred, but it also does a fabric. A smartphone worn in your pocket easily performs better with a leather protective cover than a fabric.

Even the temperature differences can harm the smartphone. Just as cold and heat affect us, they also affect the smartphone. These things can also cause damage to the smartphone. To protect the smartphone from the cold and heat, a protective neoprene case should be chosen. Although this protective cover can not prevent the heat or the cold in the long term, but can still prevent rapid temperature fluctuations.

The protective cover as a brand or no-name product?

Who puts his smartphone in a so-called mobile phone sock, will soon realize that this product was indeed cheap, but still not really the fulfillment. The smartphone usually does not fit properly in this mobile phone sock and slips constantly. But it does not necessarily have to be a brand product. There are now many no-name products that serve the same purpose as a branded product. Unfortunately, the protective covers are not included in a purchase of a smartphone.

Prices for the protective covers for the smartphone.

Here everyone who needs a protective cover can completely adapt to his wallet. Protective covers are available in many variations. Once quite simple and sometimes also colorful, made of plastic or even leather. Depending on what you imagine, the price of a protective cover can be between five and one hundred euros.

The prices for the protective covers for the Samsung Galaxy smartphone: Again, it depends on what you have exactly for ideas, as its protective cover should be. Certainly here and there can appear a cheap product, which is then also bought. Nevertheless, one should expect a price here, which is between six and one hundred and twenty euros.

The smartphone should always be equipped with the correct protective cover, wherever and whenever it is routed.

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