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Measures to save energy costs

Solution for Tuesday

If it’s not like this, if you’re pious, you can look up freely. But if you are not pious, sin lurks at the door and desires you; but you rule over them.

Instructional text for Tuesday

But hunt for justice, piety, faith, love, patience, meekness!


call for donations

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Word for Sunday

Back to the present

We have a beautiful old clock in our dining room. It is an heirloom from the family.


»An educator (m, f, d,) with 39.0 hours per week

»Master gardener (m / f / d)

»An educator (m / f / d) with 27.0 hours / week.

News from the regional church

Jan Lemke starts work

Magdeburg lawyer heads the legal department at the regional church office

Old Bishop Christian Krause 80

The ceremony honors impulses for the church worldwide and in Braunschweig

New perspective of confidence

Christmas message 2019 from State Bishop Dr. Christoph Meyns

Which municipality do I belong to?

Online service for patent certificates etc..

Online contact forms for
membership certificates
Patent certificates and contacting
to the main cemetery

Events Propstei Braunschweig

Events other provinces

News and events from the provost

A new year begins with changes

Parish in St. Michaelis has been vacant since January 1st

A new year begins and brings changes with themselves. The vicarage in St. Michaelis became vacant on January 1st and now needs to be taken care of by the pastors in the pastor’s association West.
This results in changes in the services and in the groups and circles of the parishes. Look at the notices of the.

New pastor in the cross church

Pastor Sindermann takes over the pastoral care of the Kreuzkirchengemeinde

Now the time has come. The parish office in LÖW + has become smaller. We have known this for years, but it is not the same thing to know something with the head and to see something with the eyes. Even more difficult: understanding something with the heart. As pastor, I will take over the pastoral care of the Kreuzkirchengemeinde in Alt-Lehndorf on January 1st, 2020. The.

Provost collections 19.01.2020

The variety of church music is inexhaustible and church singing is the focus of the service.
We would like to continue active singing here in our provost in communities and music groups promote and support the training of our musicians in all directions of church music.

Would you wear it yourself? Bethel can "fair"!

Clothing collections in the parishes in January 2020

The “Brockensammlung Bethel” is again carrying out a clothing collection at the parishes in Braunschweig! The donated clothes are sold and the proceeds for the diaconal tasks Bethels used.
Therefore we ask you for well-preserved clothes, linen, shoes (please bundle in pairs), handbags, plush toys, furs and feather beds -.

Touch where help is needed

Ole-Laurids Zöllkau does his federal voluntary service in the Bugenhagen community

Ole-Laurids Zöllkau cannot complain about boredom. Since August he has been a so-called Bufdi, an employee in the federal voluntary service, in the Bugenhagen community and has his hands full. He drives seniors from the community to Altenkreis and back, takes care of the children in the active playground on Karl-Hintze-Weg in the afternoon, and takes care of messenger services.


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